Raimy relives her first arrest -- in both the original and current timelines
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Remember how Stan Moreno was possibly/maybe/totally a crooked cop and then we never talked about it again? Well, “Seven Three” brings that little detail back to the forefront. Stan Moreno is definitely — totally — a crooked cop.

See, Stan was Raimy’s training officer in the original timeline. And thanks to her very first collar getting out of jail and immediately getting shot in the new timeline, Raimy is able to reinvestigate the crime and learn a little bit more about Stan’s shadiness.

Here are the facts: Benny Arcaro was a heroin dealer who beat his girlfriend to death in 2008 and then fled the scene. In the original timeline, Stan and Raimy found him with two bullet holes in the back of the head. In the altered timeline — where Frank was Raimy’s TO — they found him, arrested him, and sent him to jail for eight years.

It’s now 2016 and Benny is getting out of jail, but he’s immediately shot at his halfway house…with two bullets to the back of the head. Frank and Raimy decide to use this case to expose Stan — and because Raimy has two memories in her head, she basically has two crime scenes to pull from.

But Frank has personal problems to deal with first: He goes to Young Raimy’s softball game, where he notices Julie’s not wearing a wedding ring and that she’s awfully chummy with the softball coach, Ted. He doesn’t love that, but he puts on a good face for Raimy. She says Coach Ted tells her she needs a new glove — which Frank promises to buy that weekend — and Coach Ted comes to her house sometimes. Frank really doesn’t love that.


Stan Moreno doesn’t like Raimy investigating this, and he tells Satch as much. He sees Benny as a lowlife who doesn’t deserve two members of the Nightingale killer task force taking the time to solve his murder. But Satch says they need to run down Gina’s family before giving up. Raimy then straight-up calls out Stan for personally knowing Benny, but he denies it.

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When Satch and Raimy get to the Vitales’ restaurant, they ask Mr. Vitale if he had anything to do with Benny’s death…which isn’t an unreasonable ask, considering Benny killed his daughter. But Nicky says Frank was the only thing that stopped him back then.

Raimy flashes back to her 2008 self (and her dad) visiting the Vitales to inform them of their daughter’s death. Frank tells Mr. Vitale he will make sure Benny is prosecuted. In the original timeline, when visiting the restaurant for the same reason, Stan hands off the heroin bag to someone there, makes Raimy wait in the car, and tells the Vitales he’ll do whatever it takes to make Benny pay. Classic crooked cop.

In the present, Raimy wants to subpoena the Vitales’ phone records because she thinks they’re lying — Satch isn’t so sure. But when she searches through Nicky’s file, she finds a 1994 conviction sealed by the court.

But back in 1996, the case isn’t sealed yet. Frank sees on the computer that the charge was criminal possession of narcotics. And the arresting officer? The one and only Stan Moreno. Frank sneaks out the hard-copy file and hides it in the ceiling of the Sullivan garage. While he’s there, he sees the glove he was going to buy Raimy and charges into the house. Coach Dan is there, laughing with Julie. Frank starts yelling at Coach Dan, of course, but it turns out Julie bought the glove and Dan is an EMT — they’re just taking a class together and studying. Uh-oh.

Even though she understands it, that outburst doesn’t sit right with Julie. She stops by Frank’s place (a.k.a. Satch’s garage) the next day and tells him they’re done: She sees a darkness in him now and she doesn’t want that to touch Raimy. If only future Raimy could tell her that doesn’t happen!

Things aren’t going well for Frank on the home front, but luckily things are moving forward with the case. Once Raimy retrieves the 1994 file from the rafters, she has the ammo to get Nicky to turn on Stan…or so she thinks. Mrs. Vitale offers up Nicky when she learns he actually introduced Benny to her daughter through his drug ring. Raimy and Frank were hoping Nicky would turn on Stan, since they think he’s using Nicky as a CI. For now, though, they’ll have to settle with just finding Benny’s murderer — Nicky won’t give anything up.

Knowing what she’s up to, Stan corners Raimy after she arrests Nicky. He says the only way she knew all this was through the file, and he wants to know where she got it. “What file?” she says, playing dumb. But Stan isn’t having it. He calls someone and says, “You need to keep your girl focused on more important things.” And — gasp — the person on the other line is Satch.

Okay, not that big of a gasp. It was clear Satch was in on this corruption since episode 1. But just how much does he know? And what, exactly, is Stan involved in? Is he the Nightingale?! Why did he originally have Frank killed? Should Frank or Raimy be fearful now? So many questions. Feel free to put your ideas below or tell me on Twitter @realdalener.

Episode grade: B

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