The Nightingale strikes again -- or does he?
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Frank and Raimy eat, sleep, and breathe Nightingale. With only a few months left until Julie’s abduction, they’re focused on nothing but stopping the serial killer.

Their latest clue is Eva Selina, a girl who escaped from a captor holding her and her mother on July 9, 1996. It is now Nov. 6, 1996/2016 — young Eva isn’t talking and her mother was never found. Frank asks Satch to re-interrogate her, but Satch says the dad really doesn’t like people questioning her anymore. Frank shows up at the house and experiences that hostility firsthand: Marco says he’s thankful for the extra eyes to help find his wife, Carmen (now missing for four months), but he doesn’t want to traumatize Eva.

Frank sympathizes; after all, he has a daughter close to that age. He swings by Marco and Eva’s house later to see if they want to go to the park with him and young Raimy. Marco agrees and the two bond over marital struggles (Julie was cold to Frank as he showed up to the park, and Marco says he and Carmen were having their own troubles before she was abducted).

Meanwhile, Raimy goes to find grown-up Eva, only to learn she went missing three days before. When she finds the detective on the case, he gives her a look. She has her patented memory flashes and realizes her alt-self hooked up with him and never called him back. But Detective Kyle (Mistresses’ Rob Mayes) doesn’t hold it too much against her. He allows her to tag along and question present-day Marco and his new wife. New wife said this isn’t the first time Eva has gone missing, but Marco insists something is wrong.

In a scene reminiscent of the intro, when young Eva stumbled out of captivity, grown-up Eva stumbles into a Red Hook bodega. She tells the owner, “Call the police. I just escaped the Nightingale.” She explains her abduction, containment, and escape to Detective Kyle and Raimy, who head to the docks in Red Hook to investigate. Just as she described, they find a room where Eva was held.


In 2016, Raimy goes to check in on Eva at the hospital. She mentions how they played together at the park once, and they bond over losing their mothers at a young age. Raimy asks about seeing the attacker when she was younger, but Eva says that time is now a blur. Then she gives Raimy info about a scar on the Nightingale killer’s hand and “crosses her heart” not to tell the press any of these details…

…But then she walks straight out to the press and tells them every detail on live TV. With forensics back, Raimy and Satch deduce that Eva was making this all up. “Please don’t be mad at me,” she says like a child. Turns out Eva was addicted to the attention she received after her original abduction. She wrote a book three months earlier about the Nightingale killer, and when that didn’t draw as much fame as she’d hoped, she decided to stage her own abduction.

NEXT: Sketches through time

Raimy explains to Frank that Eva was so desperate she starved herself for three days in that warehouse. While realizing how sad this little girl’s life turned out to be, Frank has an idea: He wants Raimy to share the transcript they have of a witness describing the Nightingale killer in the 2000s.

Frank takes the description to his sketch artist in the ’90s and then takes the sketch to Eva, who is swinging alone at school. She admits the man in the sketch is the man she saw, but pointing at the hoodie, she says “He doesn’t always wear that.” Marco shows up right then and tells Frank to get the f— out of there. (Still a little suspicious of the dad, tbh.)

In the present, Raimy interrogates Eva, who finally opens up about what she saw back then. She said she saw the killer multiple times, but because of where she saw him, she couldn’t ever reveal it or it would have destroyed her father. See, Marco was right about those marital troubles, but they were worse than he thought. Carmen was having an affair with their accountant. She would send Eva to play in the park across from the accountant’s house whenever she’d hook up with him. (WHAT KIND OF MOTHER DOES THAT?!) (Also, sorry about being suspicious of you, Marco. Poor Marco.)

Eva explains she always saw the man in a blue truck with a white camper hood driving past the park — which means the Nightingale stalks his victims for months before going in for the abduction. Frank has memories of this truck being outside the park when he met Julie. So Frank does his own stalking: He sits outside the park while Julie and Raimy are there and eventually spots the truck. But when he approaches it — badge and gun in hand — it backs up down the street and squeals off.

Frank may have succeeded in finally getting Julie to take the threat against her life seriously, but he also succeeded in tipping off the killer. In the final scene, our hooded Nightingale watches as his truck — the only tangible piece of evidence we have — burns in a field.

Timeline tidbits:

  • After finally telling Frank about Daniel, Raimy decides to move on with her love life in the timeline she has and go get drinks with Kyle.
  • If that doesn’t work out, Gordo also signed her up for Tinder.
  • Frank wants his daughter to explain Tinder to him.
  • Frank: “You got all that out of her file?”

    Raimy: “No, the Internet.”

    Frank: “Wow, your dial-up is fast!”

“It’s the ‘90s!” Moment of the Week: Young Raimy explains Beanie Babies to her dad.

Episode grade: B-

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Based on the 2000 feature film of the same name, The CW’s drama Frequency features Peyton List, Riley Smith, and Mekhi Phifer.
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