Frank and Raimy deal with the fallout of changing the past

By Dalene Rovenstine
October 12, 2016 at 09:30 PM EDT
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It sure took her long enough, but Raimy Sullivan finally realizes her actions have consequences. While she and her dad try to stop her mother’s murder, they just keep making things worse. It slows them down in “Noise and Signal,” but it doesn’t stop them (because then we wouldn’t have a show).

When Frank first “met” future Raimy and learned she was a detective, he was excited about being on the job with his daughter; although that didn’t happen in Raimy’s timeline, it’s happening now. Knowing that Julie Sullivan gets killed on January 10, 1997, Raimy and Frank are dead set to team up and stop her murder together. And they have 11 weeks to do it.

In Frank’s world, Julie is alive and well. She allows him to sleep on the couch at her home after he is discharged from the hospital even though they haven’t fully worked through the issues. In Raimy’s world, her mother’s body has just been found after 20 years of her being missing (in the altered timeline). Gordo and Satch want her to grieve, to plan a funeral, but as far as she’s concerned, “She’s not dead yet.”

Raimy thinks their first step should be telling her mom she’s going to die. But Frank must first focus on the fact that someone tried to kill him. Stan Moreno is congratulating him in public and being super shady in secret. When Frank wants to go after Little Jay, Moreno tells him not to worry about it and then sends him into an internal affairs meeting.

As the tape recorder rolls, a woman and an NYPD lawyer ask Frank if he’s sticking to the story that the gunfight was part of a sting. When he starts to agree, they turn off the tape recorder and tell him that Moreno and three of his men already testified that it wasn’t part of a sting. Then the lawyer casually mentions that if Frank plays along, he’ll be able to pick any post he wants, including the Nightingale task force — which, we know, is a case he’s planning to work with his daughter on anyway.

Frank’s going to have to find another way to take down Moreno and his corrupt circle of cops, but for now he can focus on the Nightingale Killer. Raimy is doing digging in her own time, and she’s found that two years before her mother was murdered, someone named Thomas Goff was charged with sexual assault in the same marsh where Julie’s body was found. Satch isn’t so sure this means anything, but Raimy says the woman assaulted was a nursing student. Ding ding ding!

Raimy goes to meet present-day Thomas Goff, who lives with his wife and two kids in New Jersey. He says that incident was just a “youthful indiscretion” and Lisa, the victim, would totally back him up. Cut to a shaking Lisa, who very much does not agree. She was paid to keep silent when the charges were dropped and Thomas’ record was expunged. But when Raimy mentions there could be others, she decides to spill.

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The next time Raimy and her father talk on the ham radio, she explains her findings and tells him to check out past-day Goff. And then Raimy asks if Frank has told her mom about her murder yet. When he says he hasn’t, she yells at him for being selfish. I realize Raimy has years of pent-up rage at her father and she’s emotional from just making her mother vanish, but spitting out, “Hey you’re going to die in 11 weeks” isn’t exactly easy. Go easy on poor Frank, Raimy!

But Frank does half of what she says and goes with Satch to talk to Goff in Jersey. Thomas’ mother answers the door and offers to give them her lawyer’s number instead of access to her son. They start to leave, but Frank hears a power tool running inside a nearby shed. We see a young woman tied up in a bunker underneath the shed and Thomas Goff standing above her. He gets spooked when he sees Satch and Frank, so he hurriedly closes the bunker’s door and goes out to meet them. But he doesn’t latch the door properly…

Here is where the show shines: Just like the shooting scene with Frank in the pilot, the suspense builds as we cut back and forth between timelines to see if they can re-write history. As the mom shoos the cops away, Raimy finds the file for Maya Gowan, the woman in Thomas’ bunker. She went missing in 1996 and lived in the same town as Goff. She tells present-day Satch about this and he remembers visiting him with Frank but nothing came of it.

As I scream “look in the shed!” at my TV, Frank and past-day Satch leave the house. But, thankfully, Maya is able to get out of the shed and she whacks Thomas over the head and runs off into the woods. His mother is standing there watching the whole thing and asking, “What did you do?”

Raimy decides to go back to Thomas’ house to ask about Maya. (Does she think he’ll be like, “Oh, yeah, I abducted her!”?) But when Raimy gets there, someone different owns the house; he says the Goffs haven’t lived there since the mid-90s. And finally, finally, Raimy understands that everything she shares with Frank in the past affects her in the present.

So when Frank eventually tells Julie about her impending Nightingale murder and she, naturally, doesn’t believe him, he takes her to the radio — but Raimy won’t respond. Julie thinks Frank is nuts and kicks him out of the house. Raimy later tells Frank that she doesn’t want to get her mom involved, that it could make things even worse. Frank tells her he’ll do everything to save Julie. “After that, I don’t really care what happens to me,” he says ominously.

That night as Raimy is falling asleep — and Maya is simultaneously still running through the woods — she has a revelation: The shed was missing when she went back to the Goff house. So like any sane person would do, she rushes there in the middle of the night and starts clawing at the ground with her bare hands. She must be part dog because it takes her about five seconds to unearth the hidden bunker. She opens it and realizes that this mystery is going even deeper.

Timeline tidbits:

  • Do you think Maya will be able to get away?
  • Raimy took her mother’s locket from her body — it always held a photo of the two of them, but now there’s nothing in the locket now. What does that mean!?
  • We got flashbacks to when Daniel and Raimy met: Julie invited him over for dinner without telling her. Raimy was resistant, but obviously their chemistry was undeniable. He’s super adorable — which makes it all the harder for her that he has no clue who she is now.
  • Who would you rather be: Raimy whose fiancé doesn’t know her or Lucy on Timeless who has a fiancé she doesn’t know?
  • Can we trust Satch? I’m on the fence.

“It’s the ‘90s!” Musical Moments of the Week: “The World I Know” by Collective Soul, “Say It Ain’t So” by Weezer, and “Everyday Is a Winding Road” by Sheryl Crow

Episode grade: B+

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