Raimy goes dark to get the answers she needs

By Dalene Rovenstine
January 18, 2017 at 10:00 PM EST
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S1 E12
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“One more line drive and we’re home.” —Frank Sullivan

One more episode and we’re finally going to have answers. Tonight’s episode was just a fakeout. Although Julie may be back in the present story line, things are probably not great in her future.

But let’s start with the near-past present to figure out why. Raimy puts Meghan and an injured Robbie in the back of her car, but she’s not in a hurry to get him to a hospital. She wants answers, specifically about the location of their mother’s body. Unfortunately, they know nothing — so she takes them to the hospital, where Raimy and Satch learn Robbie has been going by Carter Benson since he was 16. He ran away from Joe and wanted to stay away forever, but he had to return when he heard his sister was in danger.

Robbie then describes the night his mother died for the cops: She returned home from “work” with her sweater incorrectly buttoned. Joe beat her so much she died, and Robbie helped him cleanse her body for death, a.k.a. tied a rosary around her feet. But after that truly terrifying ordeal, he had no idea what happened to his mother’s body.

Raimy tells Frank over the ham that Robbie is still alive — which is good news, but Frank isn’t super thrilled because he’s had a lot to deal with recently. He tried to interrogate the deacon off the record, but Moreno saw him and next thing you know, Deacon Joe’s face is bloody and he’s claiming Frank did it. They cut Joe loose and he didn’t even give Frank any info.

Although the end goal is saving Julie, they have to work all timelines to catch this psychopath. In the present, Meghan calls Raimy and tells her about a spot in the cabin’s shed where her dad would hide a belt. Satch and Raimy go there posthaste and find a cigar box full of mementos from each of the Nightingale’s kills. Raimy jumps on the ham as fast as she can (it’s too bad they couldn’t have found a magical cell phone) and tells him the box could exist in ’96.

Frank calls on his ol’ buddy Satch, who promises to be on his side now. When Frank explains the cabin, Satch promises to check it. Then Frank takes Meghan to meet her not-actually-dead brother. They find his place of employment thanks to his alias (thanks to Raimy and the weird timeline-melding radio). Robbie is so happy to see his sister, but he immediately bolts once he sees Frank. So, Frank takes Meghan to his and Julie’s house, which seems like an odd choice.

NEXT: A happy ending?

In Raimy’s world, there’s now a full manhunt on for Joe Hurley, and the whole city knows it. It doesn’t take long for beat cops to find Deacon Joe and bring him in. Satch tries interrogating him, but Joe needs to take a bathroom break. Raimy leans fully into her dark side, pays off the guard outside the bathroom door, and beats Joe for info. They come to an agreement: She gives him her shoelaces and he gives her the location of his wife’s body.

In Frank’s world, Deacon Joe is still a free man. He goes to the cabin and pulls out the cigar box. He takes it to a diner and wipes fingerprints off all the items. When the waitress sees his little murder box, he tells her to call 911.

While Joe’s headed off to jail, Frank tells the team he got an anonymous tip (his daughter from the future, totally normal) telling him where the wife’s body was. After they find it, Frank tells Meghan she’ll have to testify, but Joe will be going away for life. Then Robbie comes over to the Sullivan house to celebrate with his sister.

But Raimy is not celebrating. Her mom still isn’t back and she wants to know why. Frank has a theory it might just take time … and it turns out he’s right!

A little while later, Raimy finds her mother in the kitchen — and, bonus, she has an engagement ring on.

Everything is happy and well… except for that super-creepy stalker wall Robbie is keeping. His target? Julie.

What does this mean? Is he really the one who killed Julie? If so, why is she alive now? Does Joe wiping the fingerprints from his trinkets mean Robbie is actually the murderer? And what was that note to Frank in Moreno’s car? Is Moreno the Nightingale?! Oh, man. That would be the best possible conclusion. I’ll be hoping for that until next week’s finale. See you guys back here then.

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