Raimy goes for broke — and it's not going to end well

By Dalene Rovenstine
January 04, 2017 at 10:00 PM EST
The Edison Effect
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“The Edison Effect” is the 10th episode in a 13-episode season — which means there’s no way everything will work out this early. But that didn’t stop me from hoping it would. And it didn’t stop me from being shocked with that horrific ending.

But before we talk about the episode, let’s talk about science. The Edison effect, for which the episode is named, was first described by — you guessed it — Thomas Edison in 1883. He noticed that when in a vacuum, electrons would flow from a heated element to a cooler metal plate, but not in the reverse. This effect was put to use in 1904 with the dun, dun, dun…radio.

Are the writers trying to tell us Raimy and Frank can’t reverse what they’ve done? Maybe. Am I reading too much into a science thing I Googled? Definitely. So, let’s talk about everything that happened in “The Edison Effect” instead.

We pick up the morning after the *hookups* — Frank and Julie are in bed discussing their future plans (Frank wants to pick up and leave Bayside forever) when Young Raimy crashes in and wants to know if daddy is living at home again. Awkward.

Adult Raimy is in a postcoital glow herself, but instead of lounging in bed with Daniel, she’s calling a psychiatric hospital for Meghan’s records.

And Meghan is having the worst morning out of everyone. Serial killer Deacon Joe has her tied up in a cabin, where he’s trying to help her. “If I am forced to save you,” he tells her, “I’ll make sure you die a good death.” Umm, what?

Frank better hurry up with his assassination plan. He tells Raimy over the ham he has it all planned out for the next night. He’ll clean out the house so it looks like Joe fled and no one will search for a body. Frank, obviously, is hesitant about this, but Raimy tells him it’s the only way to save Julie.

So, the plan is to murder Frank the next night, but when he visits her at the hospital later, Julie tells Frank that Raimy’s clarinet concert is then, too. He tells her he can’t go because of work; she’s frustrated that he’s still so committed to work, but inevitably understands. She walks off and he steals barbiturates from a lockbox on the nurse’s desk.

Meanwhile, in the present, Raimy is sorting through Meghan’s records from the psychiatric hospital in the ‘90s. As Raimy listens to the tapes, we see flashbacks of the scenes Meghan describes to her doctor: how Deacon Joe would “purify” her, her mom, and her brother by beating them. When they were really bad, he would take them up to a cabin and lock them in a shed.

NEXT: Deacon Joe is a bad, bad man

Raimy and Satch also learn Joe stole money from the safe at St. Abigail’s — Raimy radios Frank and gives him the combo so he can really make it look like Deacon Joe fled. Frank is essentially stealing from the collection box now, and he’s not feeling too good about it. But he agrees with Adult Raimy that he must do it, and then he picks up Young Raimy from school. And then she leaves her clarinet in his car. You guys, I don’t feel good about this.

In the future, Raimy is trying to track down Deacon Joe’s property with the cabin and shed, but before she can locate it, the tip line gets a call from Meghan. She used Joe’s burner phone to call for help. By the time the police get there, Joe’s shot Meghan and fled. Raimy gives chase and gets the drop on him at a nearby gas station.

Meanwhile, Frank is having a meeting with Joe himself. He attacks the deacon in his home, injects him, and loads him in the trunk of his car. Frank is driving to bury the body when he gets a voicemail from Julie saying Raimy forgot her clarinet in the car. Like me, you were probably worried he’d refuse to bring the clarinet and create an even bigger rift in the relationship when — BAM — he gets T-boned by another car.

This is not good. This is not good.

Back at the gas station, Raimy has her gun drawn on Deacon Joe. Thinking none of it matters, that Frank will reset the timeline by killing him 20 years earlier, Raimy shoots him in the chest.

This is not good. This is not good.

Timeline tidbits:

  • Also thinking it wouldn’t matter: Raimy tells Daniel not to break up with his fiancée just yet, and she kisses Kyle and asks about their future. This won’t end well.
  • Gordo spent the day at Raimy’s house while his wife and daughter were out of town. The plan was to watch football with his dad, but the Jets lost and his dad is a Grade A jerk who spent all his time on the phone.
  • Gordo’s dad is also a lawyer who happened to see Frank when he was stocking up on murder supplies at the hardware store. This won’t end well, either.
  • Granted, the body in the car of his trunk isn’t doing Frank any favors, either.

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