Sandra faces her biggest fear (hospitals), the AUSAs face theirs (working together).
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Our little baby bird lawyers are on their own this week! With Jill and Roger away at a conference for the day, the rest of the crew must tackle cases without the guidance of Mom and Dad. Scary, I know.

It’s especially poor timing for Sandy. Since Jill isn’t around to take on a client who was detained by the FBI for allegedly trafficking drugs across the Mexican border in his body, Sandra has to take it. It doesn’t sound like a problem…until Jill informs Sandy that Carlos is being held in a hospital, as they try to determine if he actually has drugs inside of him. You may recall, Sandra hates hospitals. Like, really, really hates them.

When she rolls up at the very busy emergency room (aren’t they always on TV?), the anxiety is apparent in her eyes. She does not want to be here. It does not, however, knock her off her game. She lets the FBI agent in charge have it. He has no warrant and cannot search Carlos. Turns out, Agent Goode doesn’t much care about the law, and had Carlos get an X-ray to see what he was packing. It was inconclusive, so they are going to do a CT scan.

Not if Sandra Bell has anything to do with it!

Unfortunately, she has nothing to do with it. Agent Goode doesn’t care about her threats. She calls Jay and tells him to go to the court and file an injunction because the FBI is performing a warrantless search. Agent Goode grabs Sandra and cuffs her to a nearby railing before taking Carlos to get a CT. Can he do this? This is awful! Sandra is having a panic attack and there’s no one around to help her…except the entire hospital full of doctors. Okay, they aren’t allowed to touch her and she’s being guarded by a cop, but come on, the girl is deteriorating rapidly!

Jay shows up with the injunction and quickly realizes what’s going on. When the cop won’t release Sandra, Jay starts recording the scene with his phone. Sandra is being unlawfully detained and the cop is standing there doing nothing — if Jay releases this video, the cop will become the face of this case. The cop does not want to go viral. He uncuffs Sandra and she and Jay book it up to the CT scanner. They arrive just in time — yay, television!

They show Agent Goode their official injunction document and he’s forced to stop the scan. The good guys have won!

Jay is still worried about Sandra, though. He brings her a disgusting vending machine sandwich, because it is the thought that counts. Sort of. Finally, Sandra opens up about her deal with hospitals. As many probably pieced together, it’s tied in with her mom. Sandy’s mom used to drive her to school and they’d have a whole car ride of girl talk. One morning, Sandy’s mom had to go in to work early. Sandy took the bus that day, and was pulled out of class by her crying father — her mother was in a car accident. She went to the hospital and sat on a chair outside her mother’s room, waiting and waiting. She wanted to go in the room and see her mom, but never did. Eventually, a doctor came outside to tell her that her mother died. From that moment on, Sandra vowed to never let herself be powerless again, to never just sit and wait. Being stuck in a hospital, unable to move, brought all of those memories back. But she’s better now, thanks to a terrible sandwich and Jay’s friendship. Bond, lawyers, bond!

Speaking of — our three AUSAs are handed an almost impossible task: They must work together on one case. The news really puts a damper on Kate’s morning, which was fantastic, BTW, because she spent it in bed with Anya. She didn’t even get to work until it was light out. Shocking, I know. Seth and Leonard are very suspicious about the new hours their colleague is keeping.

Anyway, the case: There’s evidence that New York Governor Bill Shales is trying to sell off a vacant Senate seat to the highest bidder. His phone has been tapped, but they have yet to collect enough evidence to arrest him. It is left to Kate, Leonard, and Seth to figure out a way to get the job done. It may take a while. The three brainiacs can’t agree on a plan because all of them want to be in charge. The squabbling takes a backseat once Leonard gets some distressing information: A writer at the New York Sentinel knows about the case and is going public with the story that night. If Shales finds out they are building a case against him, he’ll be able to destroy evidence and intimidate witnesses before the prosecution is ready to make an arrest. Team AUSA is on the clock. (Recap continues on next page)

Their first plan of action is to have Seth attempt to charm the reporter into backing off the story. No, “Seth” is not a typo. Kate thinks he’s the perfect man for the job: “He’s real, Midwestern, relatable, attractive…in a bland, non-threatening way.” If anyone can get the reporter to hold off, it must be Seth.

It’s definitely not Seth. That plan fails, so they go to their next option: asking Judge Byrne to grant them an injunction to stop the Sentinel from running the story. Byrne gives us all a law lesson and explains that prior restraint — judicial suppression of materials meant for print or broadcast that could be harmful — is extremely difficult to justify. It didn’t work with the Pentagon Papers, and it won’t work here.

As Roger and Jill might say, Team AUSA is batting 0-for-2. Sadly, third time is not a charm, either. They decide to divide and conquer Shales’ top aides, who, thanks to emails, they know hate each other. My kingdom for a web series about the Shales Aides Drama narrated by Seth Oliver. Unfortunately, as much as the three aides hate one another, they love their boss. They won’t be the ones turning on Shales.

Surprisingly, it’s Seth who comes up with the winning idea. As Kate harps on the fact that they should’ve done a sting from the beginning, Seth puts the pieces together and realizes Kate must be secretly dating ATF agent Anya. It explains her late mornings, her previous statement about not being lonely, and the fact that she uses the term “op” so smoothly in conversation. Seth can’t believe that Leonard wasn’t aware (Leonard can’t believe it’s true and the tension between these two is mounting), Seth thought Kate and Leonard were BFFs. That’s when he has his ah-ha moment. You never really know the relationship between two people, like say, the one between Shales and his Chief of Staff, Tim Klein. In an excellent little back and forth, Seth declares that Klein will most definitely flip on Shales, because Klein and Shales are basically Kate and Leonard. Like Leonard, Shales is “a narcissist and a bully,” and like Kate, Klein is “secretive and only conveniently principled.” Kate and Leonard would turn on each other, so Klein will definitely tun on his boss. “Let’s bet on human vanity, insecurity, and paranoia,” says Seth. You guys, Seth is a hoot.

Seth is also right. In exchange for immunity, Klein helps get Shales to confess on the wiretap and Shales is arrested that evening. The dream team did it!

So, while the kids were working, what were Mom and Dad up to? Jill and Roger were required to attend the 2nd Circuit Conference on E-discovery in Westchester, N.Y. Even the signs for the conference are boring. Roger’s been to this rodeo before, and he uses it as his one day off. He signs in and then ditches the conference to have an adventure. It’s “Roger Gunn’s Grand Day Out.” And this year, he finally ropes in a partner. Really, it’s an excuse for us to get to know Roger and Jill on a more personal level and to give us all those good ‘shipper feelings.

Since Roger lived in Westchester with his ex-wife and kids (!!), he takes Jill around to all of his favorite spots. These include a weird Italian restaurant, an independent movie theater that is showing a French film and definitely not Wonder Woman, and the baseball field where his daughter used to play. They talk about both of their failed marriages and look longingly at one another.

Roger thinks he’d be better at marriage the second time around — it takes practice. Jill has written the whole thing off. It’s not what she wants, or who she is. She knows what Roger is getting at, but she shuts him down. They’d never work out, she tells him. She imagines a future where they are lying in bed together and she is infuriated with him because of something he said or did. Roger understands, but he just wanted Jill to know that he likes her. And also that time is fleeting and we don’t have as much of it as we think. Roger Gunn, be still my heart! Jill reciprocates the sentiment— she likes him, too — and while they waste time thinking about possibly kissing, both their phones ring. The Grand Day Out is over. Are Mom and Dad the cutest or what?

Back in Manhattan, Jill and Roger meet up with their respective teams. Roger offers congratulations to his AUSAs, while Jill and Allison head to the hospital and learn that Sandra and Jay are just fine. Both teams will be celebrating the day with team drinks. Aw, you guys, the little baby birds are becoming friends!

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