Allison doubts herself, Kate makes a new friend, and Sandra and Leonard face off in court again.
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Don’t you just hate it when your internet is slow? It is infuriating! You can be going about your daily morning routine in your cute silk pajamas, jamming out to your “Sandra’s Not Home” mix, and suddenly your morning is ruined because your internet is lagging. Don’t worry, Allison gets a nice little reminder that slow internet is definitely a privileged problem to have when she’s handed her next case. Jill asks Allison, undefeated at the moment, if you’re keeping score (all our lawyers sure are), to represent Arturo Marquez. He’s being charged with piracy (which, if convicted, carries a life sentence) after raiding a relief aid ship off the cost of his home country, Córdoba, that’s still recovering from a catastrophic hurricane.

Marquez tells Allison a harrowing story about the conditions after the storm, how the ship remained full of goods, off-shore for days after the hurricane passed. People were dying. His own son was one of them. He had to do something, so he took a gun and removed goods from that ship.

This feels more like a job for Sandra, defender of the underdogs, to both us and Allison, but Allison is going to fight. The fight gets very hard almost immediately. First, she’s up against a new prosecutor, Celia Chavez, who is not messing around. About anything. She’s scary! And by scary I obviously mean that she’s a straight-up boss. But even worse than a tough opponent, Allison learns that Marquez hasn’t been totally upfront with her: He sold some of those goods he took off the ship for 150 percent markup. So, that’s not great.

Marquez never denies selling the goods. He explains that he did so in order to make cash and pay off people to keep the goods safe, continue distribution, and purchase additional necessities. Allison is upset. She’s his lawyer and she’s trying to tell a compelling story — him making money off stolen relief items isn’t a good story. That’s when Marquez brings Allison to task. As if she could ever understand his story. He smells the privilege on her. She could never make sense of his world and the horrors they suffered. People were dying because they didn’t have water. The whole thing rattles Allison and she’s falling apart in court.

Allison calls bench. In Shondaland Speak, Allison and Sandra calling “bench” is basically Grey’s Anatomy‘s Meredith and Cristina dancing it out. You get it! The two best friends share a wonderful moment on the park bench outside the courthouse. This friendship is glorious. Allison thinks she’s a terrible person because whether she wins or loses a case, she gets to go home and have wine and complain about the internet — she has no idea what it’s like for clients who suffer the consequences when she fails. Sandra is there to give her pal a pep talk all about how Allison is fortunate, almost grotesquely at times, but still, she has chosen a life in which she helps others. She is trying. She tells Allison to take extraordinary measures, because she can do extraordinary things. She calls Allison a beautiful person. Everyone is crying. Allison. Sandra. Randos, who just wanted to take a walk in the park, probably. This bench is a magical place and we are all blessed to have it now.

Allison’s extraordinary move is to call Arturo Marquez to the stand. She is going to give the jury an emotional gut-punch. Or, as Jill puts it, she is asking the jury to forget about the law. It’s a risky, possibly terrible, move. But as Arturo talks about what happened to his family during the storm, and that yes, he took some money for himself…in order to bury his son, even Celia Chavez knows Allison’s plan is working.

Full with a nice breakfast of Sandra’s fake Eggos, Allison is ready for her Closing Argument Moment. It’s another good one, friends! It’s all about how Arturo Marquez lost his entire way of life in the storm, lost his son, but he didn’t just shut down. Marquez got up and tried to help any way he could. She ends the whole speech with a rousing bit about how the jury gets the privilege to show Arturo Marquez the decency and compassion of America. “Send him home!” she tells them. No one starts a slow clap here and that feels like a real missed opportunity. (Recap continues on next page)

Marquez is found not guilty, and thanks to Allison (her undefeated record still in tact), he gets to go home. There are hugs and knowing smiles. The way any big trial should end!

The whole experience has really touched Allison. She goes home to find Sandra gearing up a new episode of Master of Crowns, the For the People version of Game of Thrones, complete with upgraded internet. Instead, Allison suggests they go take a walk and explore the city without phones. How strange and wonderful!

Okay, now that we’ve gotten the serious stuff out of the way, let’s talk about all the flirting that went down in “Everybody’s a Superhero.” So much flirting! First up: Leonard and Sandra. Yes, I’ve been very into a possible Leonard and Kate hookup, but after Leonard and Sandra face off in court for a second time, it may be time to board a different ship. Are they just professional rivals or are they more? Know that I am a person always hoping for the latter.

Sandra winds up defending Captain Shadow, a grown man dressed in a superhero costume, who is being charged with assaulting a man on a playground. You see, Captain Shadow thought he was stopping a kidnapping, when in reality, the victim was simply chasing after his own toddler. Leonard is opposing counsel and he is living his best life, getting to argue this one out with Sandra. He especially enjoys reminding her that the last time they were in court together, he came out on top.

He makes Sandra come to his office for plea deal negotiations because it just feels right to him. He is such an ass, but so ridiculously charming. When Captain Shadow refuses Leonard’s deal of three months in prison — if they go to trial, he will most likely get a year — because Batman wouldn’t take that kind of deal (he has a point), Leonard tells Sandra that if she brings her client to him, he’ll get him to take a deal. In short, he can do Sandra’s job better than she can. See? An ass.

Sandra takes him up on his offer because SHE CANNOT RESIST (and probably, most likely, definitely because she doesn’t want to go to trial). Leonard lays out his plans for trial, but nothing scares Captain Shadow. So, Leonard takes a different approach. He appeals to the good Captain on an emotional level. He tells this whole sob story about being a lonely kid who thought he was Superman and jumped off a roof only to break his ankles. He suffered the consequences of reality, just like Captain Shadow will have to now. It’s a very nice story, but anyone who has seen television before knows he’s making this up. Still, it works.

Captain Shadow will serve one month in prison. Sandra calls Leonard out for his lie. For a moment, she thought Leonard had a soul, but she discovered it’s impossible. There is some flirting masked with competitive trash talk outside the courtroom and honestly, why aren’t these two smashing faces yet? Am I the only one who wants this? I can handle that.

Oh, speaking of hot make out sessions…we need to chat about Kate Littlejohn. You read that right, people! Thanks to Seth, Kate gets involved with a hottie ATF agent named Anya. One of Anya’s CI’s gets approached by a person who offers the CI $5,000 to murder someone. Anya calls up Kate for some legal advice — no, Anya doesn’t have enough evidence, they need the ask on tape — but also because Ana is crushing on Kate Littlejohn.

As the two continue to work on the case, Anya tries to get Kate to open up. Because we know her, we know Kate will not be into small talk or — gasp! — taking breaks to chat. But Anya is persistent. When they head out on the sting together, in which they discover the person ordering the hit is a regular ol’ soccer mom trying to protect her daughter, Kate drops her guard a little. She leaves Anya, and us, some breadcrumbs: No, she didn’t play soccer, nor did she have much of a mom.

Kate and Anya’s first team-up is a success. It even successfully makes Leonard jealous, or, at the very least, curious when he sees Kate and Anya chatting and making flirty eyes at one another. Maybe he’s still interested?

It seems Kate couldn’t care less about Leonard. Anya calls her new friend up one more time and wants to celebrate their win by doing something dangerous. Which is why Kate and Anya end up at a gun range (Kate is a perfect shot, naturally), hardcore making out. Things are heating up on For the People, you guys.

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