Carter dates a 25-year-old and throws a rave.

By Samantha Highfill
October 27, 2015 at 09:29 PM EDT
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As a 17-year-old, Carter has experienced more than most of us will in our entire lives: She’s already had two names, two sets of parents, one kidnapper, a secret brother, and then there’s that one time she witnessed her boyfriend accidentally shoot her best friend.

But at the end of the day, she’s still 17, and this hour was all about Carter learning exactly what that means. Or she at least learned what it means to her 25-year-old boss/boyfriend.

The Teenage World

After receiving no response from Ben, Carter enlists Taylor’s help in the whole missing-brother fiasco. The two of them reluctantly head to Lori to see if she’s heard anything, but the only thing Lori tells them is that she’s expecting a visit from the social worker soon, and if Ben’s not home, she could lose him for good. That Lori, she always knows how to help in a bad situation, am I right?

With no idea of how to reach Ben, Carter heads to work, where Jared decides to teach her how to make a Magic Hour Mojito for an upcoming Bachelorette party. Long story short, Carter ends up spilling on herself, which leads to a potential shirt change in Jared’s office, which leads to sexual tension and finally, Jared and Carter’s first kiss. And naturally, that first make-out high ends with Jared telling Carter all about the bar’s problems: The rent’s going up, and he’s not sure how much longer he can keep the place open. So in five seconds flat, Carter has gone from employee to employee with benefits to girlfriend.

So while Carter enjoys her time at work, Gabe is hating life. After crashing his car and blowing a 1.6 on a breathalyzer, Elizabeth offers to take him home. Of course, Gabe is far too broody to let that happen, so instead of being thankful he’s not in jail, he calls an Uber. However, Ben, who just happened to be in the car with Gabe, takes Elizabeth up on her offer.

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Taking Ben back to the house to give him a bit of first aid — he literally had one scratch after this near-death experience — Elizabeth gets her bonding moment in before Carter gets home. Carter is then finally able to apologize for the whole watch debacle, and Ben seems to forgive her. He even gives her a bit of advice about making fast money, from one high schooler to another: Figure out what people want and give it to them.

And apparently, in this town, what people want is a rave. Finding an old abandoned garage, Carter takes the idea to Jared: One night only, they throw a rave and charge whatever they want as cover. Jared’s in.

Back at the high school, Grant is getting his first taste at what the next four years will be like as he attends orientation with Max at his side (to give him the lowdown on all the best make-out spots, etc). And it looks like Grant could need that advice considering he has the world’s most adorable crush on a girl named Reagan. Let’s just hope those two don’t grow up to become as jaded as some of our favorite teens right now. (I’m looking at you, Gabe and Taylor.)

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Okay, time to rave! (Words I’ve never said.) Within an hour of the rave’s kick-off, they’ve made more money than the bar makes in a week, so yeah, it’s a success … right up until the place gets so packed that people are overheating. But fear not, 17-year-old Carter can fix anything, and she does, by turning on the sprinklers. And fun fact: Sprinklers seem to make people want to make out with their significant others (or strangers).

Also at the rave, Max all but tells Gabe to get over himself and apologize to Taylor while Gabe’s partner-in-crime, Ben, breaks into the Magic Hour and switches out the credit card reader? Okay, so I don’t know the term, but I also have no idea what that’s going to do. Is he robbing a place that he knows is poor?

The next day, Gabe finally heads to Taylor’s house to apologize. But when he tries to tell her how he feels, she shuts him down. She’s with Max, and nothing Gabe can say will change that. But, as a friend, she forgives him, so at least he has that.

Meanwhile, Carter heads over to Lori’s to make sure Ben showed up for the social worker visit. Spoiler: He did. So from there, she heads to the office to tell Jared the truth: She’s not 21. She’s 17 (in case I haven’t said it enough in this recap). Naturally, he freaks out and tells her to leave.

The Adult World

This week, David is preparing to leave for his two-month book tour, and Elizabeth is trying to repair her relationship with Gabe. After David goes back and forth about whether leaving is the right thing, Elizabeth tells him to go. She’ll be fine.

And thanks to David showing up at Lori’s for the social worker visit, so will Lori and Ben. By presenting a united front, the social worker seems impressed by the situation.

But on his way out the door, David and Elizabeth have this exchange:

David: “Be back before you know it.”

Elizabeth: “I’ll be here.”

Now, this could be me reading way too much into this, but this just makes me think he won’t be back before they know it. Heck, part of me expected him to get into an accident as he drove away. Am I freaking out over nothing, or is David doomed? Hit the comments with your thoughts or find me on Twitter @samhighfill.

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