Dion makes a last-ditch effort to pay his debt to the Tooth Fairy, but it may be too late

By Kyle Fowle
August 03, 2016 at 03:15 AM EDT
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It was only a matter of time before all the secrets and lies that make up the day-to-day lives of Dion, Tommy, TJ, Pilar, and the Tooth Fairy would lead to everything crashing down around them. Sure enough, Feed the Beast‘s season (series?) finale is focused on changing everything about how Dion, Tommy, and TJ view their world and each other. There’s a lot of corner-cutting and plot contrivance to cover, so let’s get to it!

The chain of events begins with the discovery of Guy’s body. If you recall, the Tooth Fairy wanted to send a message, so he kidnapped and hung the man from the rafters in a warehouse. Here’s the thing, though: His actions just piss off his mob-boss father, who, as we all know, is impossible to please. His dad does have a point: Why leave the body in a place where it’d be found?

News of the dead cop gets around, which not only devastates Guy’s daughter, Marisa, but also sends a message to Dion. He’s freaked out and thinks that if this is what the Tooth Fairy is capable of, he himself could be next if he can’t deliver the $200,000 he owes. Dion only has one more option at this point, so he goes to Uncle Stavros and asks to be included in an upcoming armed robbery he has planned. Stavros refuses, saying the job is too dangerous and he’s not in charge of it anyway.

The events of “Fire” rely a lot on characters saying things like “How do you know so and so?” and “Wait, is that true?” Secrets keep coming out. For instance, Dion realizes Guy is Marisa’s father, after she comes to Thirio to get some answers about how her dad ended up dead at the hands of the Tooth Fairy. When Dion doesn’t have any answers, she breaks up with him, hoping to leave all the drama behind.

Then, when the Tooth Fairy shows up unannounced at Thirio to threaten Tommy and TJ — and reveal the truth about Dion owing him money — he also runs into Pilar outside. They exchange confused glances before they realize what the deal is. They have a heart-to-heart talk, during which the Tooth Fairy admits his mysterious love is still unrequited and Pilar tries to find the heart of gold inside the hardened criminal.

Inside Thirio, Tommy is having it out with Dion, saying his best friend manipulated his feelings just so he could get Thirio up and running to pay off his debt. Dion defends himself, responding that he was just protecting Tommy, the one guy who’s always been there for him. Despite Dion’s history of lies upon lies, Tommy accepts this line of thinking, and starts to brainstorm ways to help Dion, TJ, and himself get out from under the debt owed to the Tooth Fairy.

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Meanwhile, the Tooth Fairy is dealing with his own issues. After his father reprimands him for leaving Guy’s body out in the open and suggesting his son is “compensating for some deficiency in character” — are we really still using the “repressed homosexuality leads to criminal violence” trope in 2016? — the Tooth Fairy fires back. He sends his father right back to prison, where he’s almost certain to get another shank in the ribs. At least, the Tooth Fairy hopes that’s what happens.

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The Tooth Fairy is central to everything in “Fire.” While Stavros is planning his sham green-card wedding at Thirio, the Tooth Fairy shows up for a meeting scheduled by Tommy behind Dion’s back. Emboldened by Pilar’s suggestion that the Tooth Fairy has a more sensitive, passionate side, Tommy offers him a deal that will pay off Dion’s debt and, just maybe, allow him to move away from crime. He offers him a 25-percent stake in Thirio. It looks like he’s ready to take the deal, right until Dion steps in and refuses to let it happen. As Thirio burns down at the end of the episode, he might be reconsidering his stubbornness.

Everything really starts to unravel once the Tooth Fairy hurls his best passive-aggressive threat at Stavros, who reconsiders his position about the job being too dangerous for Dion and decides to include him. The job involves robbing a high-stakes poker game that night. It means Dion has to miss TJ’s art show at school, but in order to keep his heart beating, he kind of has to go.

While Dion and Stavros head to the poker game, Tommy, with Pilar by his side and Aidan in tow, heads to TJ’s art show. TJ’s art is good, even though no one seems to notice how much of it is obsessed with his mother’s passing. This becomes important later, as TJ’s guilt over the accident isn’t as simple as him feeling responsible for her death. He’s hiding something in plain sight in his drawings, but no one seems to care enough to see it — not even Aidan, who threatens to kill the Tooth Fairy when Tommy tells him about threatening TJ’s life.

Anyway, back to the robbery. Dion is clearly distracted as the robbery is about to go down, but that’s the least of his problems. The job is going off without a hitch until Dion and Stavros see that the Tooth Fairy is part of the poker game. He clearly recognizes Stavros’ accent, and maybe even Dion’s coked-up, shaky way of moving. Again, the contrivances pile up in order to create conflict and make sure characters are suspicious of one another. That’s Feed the Beast, testing all of our patience until the bitter end.

After the art show and poker-game heist, Tommy, TJ, and Dion all head back to Thirio. There’s danger looming, though, as someone ripped out the gas line while everyone was away. We never get to see who that person is, and if there’s no second season, we’ll never know. But that’s not the only cliffhanger.

As Tommy downs some wine and Dion comes home with a bag of money, TJ is making flipbooks that detail Rie’s death. He then cries out, speaking for the first time since losing his mother. “Daddy!” he calls, which sends Tommy running to him. Between gasps of breath and tears, he says, “It wasn’t my fault. And it wasn’t an accident.” Then, because Feed the Beast isn’t subtle about anything, Thirio explodes. As fiery beams fall from the ceiling, Tommy and Dion are on either side of TJ on the stairs. Another crack and the roof threatens to crumble. Dion and Tommy both scream and rush towards TJ, and then… the credits roll.

It seems unlikely Feed the Beast will get another season, but this is the age of peak TV, so there’s always a chance (right, Nashville?). If it does, there are a lot of questions to be answered. Does anyone die in the Thirio fire? Considering Dion’s attachment to TJ, are we sure he’s not his real father? Considering TJ’s spoken words and the flashbacks, it looks like Rie was perhaps murdered. Was it because of something Dion did? And what about Pilar and her big secret about a not-so-dead husband? If Feed the Beast doesn’t get a second season, we can at least say it went out with a literal bang.

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