The bodies start to pile up as the Tooth Fairy lashes out, TJ brings a gun to school, and Dion and Tommy continue to fight

By Kyle Fowle
July 26, 2016 at 09:10 PM EDT
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Ever since we found out that Dion slept with Rie, there’s been one question we’ve all been dying to have answered: Is TJ really Tommy’s kid? Apparently it’s something Tommy’s been thinking about to, having flashbacks to the day TJ was born and doing the math when it comes to when Dion and Rie had their one drunken night together. So, is Tommy TJ’s father, or does Dion actually have one kid already, and another on the way? More on that later.

Speaking of Dion’s babies, Marisa’s cop father, Guy, gives him a call and says that the hit on the Tooth Fairy is a go, that all Dion has to do is call the man up and get him to meet under a bridge somewhere. Guy apparently plans hits like Wile E. Coyote trying to snag Road Runner, but hey, A+ for effort. F for inventiveness though.

Before long though Dion has played the audio recording of Guy threatening to kill the Tooth Fairy for Marisa. She of course recognizes her father’s voice, but she doesn’t tell Dion that. Instead, she goes to her father with the recording and confronts him, telling him about Dion being the father and how he needs to not get them both killed with this vendetta for the Tooth Fairy. The scene is filled with soap-opera dramatics, including the glorious line “that prick is the father of my baby!”

Back at Thirio, the gang is preparing for another night of dining, but the tension between Tommy and Dion is palpable. When Dion tries to extend an olive branch and just make small talk, Tommy comes straight out with what’s on his mind. He asks his best friend if he used protection when he slept with his wife because Tommy is nothing if not a masochist. He needs to wallow in this. Of course Dion didn’t use protection, but he thinks Tommy is ridiculous for even thinking that TJ isn’t his kid. I guess that settles that then.

Tommy really is letting this whole thing get to him, to the point that it’s affecting his relationship with his son. When TJ shows him a math test with a good grade, Tommy brushes it off and hurries him out the door for school. Also, he doesn’t even notice that TJ’s brought a gun home with him from Aidan’s, so yeah, not exactly Father Of The Year here.

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However, what’s really baffling is that no one really seems to care that TJ is legitimately traumatized. He’s drawing pictures of his dead mother and he hasn’t spoken since the accident, and yet nobody seems to think it’s that weird! I don’t understand! I get that the United States health care system is a bit of a mess, but does nobody want to get this kid some help? TJ’s going to grow up and spend a ton of money on therapy where he’ll tell the therapist about how his father and his deadbeat best friend just let him try and sort through his trauma all on his own.

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While all of this is going on, Pilar is still, for some reason, trying to get romantically involved with Tommy. She still hasn’t told him that she lied about having a dead husband. And she still hasn’t told him that she slept with Dion. Add to that the fact that Tommy is dealing with all this new information about his dead wife and best friend, and perhaps this isn’t the best time to pursue something romantic, Pilar? Get it together.

People being weirdly emotional is kind of the name of the game for Feed The Beast though. For instance, when the Tooth Fairy’s dad starts to reorganize the mob, taking away some of the Tooth Fairy’s responsibilities, he gets all upset about it and decides to start making statements; “statements” is mob code for murdering people. He kills a restaurant owner when he refuses to pay him, and he tells Dion that he owes him $200,000 by next week. What’s even more ridiculous is that the show seems to be insinuating that the Tooth Fairy is actually in love with Dion? Their flashbacks and current-day scenes suggest that the mob boss longs to be romantically involved with the drug addict chef who owes him money. Have I mentioned that this show is doing too much all at once?

Anyway, the big question outside of the paternity of TJ is whether or not Aidan’s gun was going to make like Chekhov’s and go off at some point. Would TJ really go to school with a gun and shoot his bully?

Well, after Aidan decides he’d rather kill himself than slowly die from his illness, he goes into his safe looking for his gun. He discovers it’s gone and suspects that TJ took it. He calls Thirio and tells Dion about what happened, and about giving TJ lessons on how to shoot, and that sends Dion into a panic. He can connect the dots.

He rushes outside and meets Tommy at the car. Tommy’s in denial about TJ hiding a gun in the house, but Dion quickly convinces him that something could really be going wrong. On their way to the school they hear sirens, as cop cars arrive at the school. The two wait outside the front doors as the school’s evacuated. Then, TJ comes out safe and sound. The bully Andre? He’s in cuffs. TJ planted the gun in his locker in order to frame him.

That fact presents quite the conundrum for Tommy. On the one hand he has Aidan and Dion telling him about how the bully is just getting what he deserved. On the other, what lesson does letting Andre take the fall teach TJ? Considering that Child Services is still lurking, allowing his son to admit to bringing the gun to school certainly wouldn’t reflect well on him. It’s complicated, is what I’m saying.

Well, everything is complicated on Feed The Beast. For instance, just as Guy has made peace with his grudge against the Tooth Fairy, the Tooth Fairy kills him in another statement in favor of his ability to keep the mob running smoothly. The episode ends with Guy dead on the street, Marisa thinking she’s managed to keep both men in her life alive, the Tooth Fairy still coming after Dion despite being in love with him, and Tommy reckoning with the fact that he’s basically a paranoid, depressed lunatic who isn’t helping his traumatized son get better. On to the season finale!

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