From Dion and Pilar to Marisa and the Tooth Fairy, everybody's hiding something

By Kyle Fowle
July 20, 2016 at 12:38 AM EDT
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Guys, I have the funniest Pilar story to tell you. Okay, well, I don’t have the funniest Pilar story, but Feed the Beast sure does. It’s so, so good — and so Pilar — that you just can’t help but laugh. She’s not only a terrible restaurant manager, she’s also a serial liar and a totally ludicrous human being. Have I mentioned lately that I feel bad for Lorenza Izzo? I have? Okay, on to the episode then. The Pilar story shall come soon enough.

After the other shoe finally dropped at the end of last week’s episode, Feed the Beast is back this week with Tommy having a lot of trouble dealing with the fact that his best friend and his wife slept together. “In Lies the Truth” opens on a flashback (or perhaps a scene in Tommy’s head?) in which Rie and Dion do the deed one drunken night.

The suddenly revealed truth immediately affects everything at Thirio. Tommy is putting on affected complacency with Dion the next morning, and he’s downright cold to Pilar, who’s confused — when isn’t she? — by Tommy’s sudden change in disposition after their romantic rooftop picnic.

Dion decides to give Tommy a little room to breathe, so he goes to see Uncle Stavros. He tells him about the whole situation with Tommy and how he doesn’t know what to do. He’s even thinking about taking the job offer from the Tooth Fairy; that’s how bad things are right now. Stavros urges him to stick with it, saying that family, even the non-blood kind, is what matters most.

Tommy, meanwhile, has a ticking time bomb on his hands with TJ. After Tommy picks him up from Rie’s memorial on the side of the road and the two go visit her grave, TJ sees Andre, his school bully, burning the memorial to the ground. Then, after a visit with his dying grandfather, TJ secretly comes home with a gun and points it at a picture of Andre in his yearbook. This is about to get out of control. Don’t worry, though, I’m sure Feed the Beast can totally handle this situation with nuance.

After Tommy lashes out at his dead wife at her gravesite, he heads back to Thirio to lash out some more. While he’s preparing the waitstaff for the evening, he loses his cool and snaps at Dion before turning his rage on Pilar. When Pilar storms off, he follows to tell her what happened between him and Dion. As usual, she’s way too understanding with Tommy — who’s mostly just an asshole, dead wife or not.

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As it turns out, though, Dion isn’t the only one with secrets. When Pilar goes to see the Tooth Fairy for some reason — they’re apparently buddies now — she tells him how much she cares for Tommy but reveals she’s been lying to him since day one. You see, she doesn’t have a dead husband. In fact, she never had a husband at all. Instead, after a series of deadbeat boyfriends, she decided to hit up the grief group to snag a man who’d previously proven he could commit. PSA for TV writers: don’t write your women like this!

NEXT: Drunk in love (and on wine)

After all the morning drama, it’s finally time for another night of fine dining at Thirio. The kitchen staff is prepped, the candles are lit, and Tommy is drinking himself into a stupor. I guess that last detail isn’t such a good thing, but the man is an eternal crank. How else should he deal with his sorrow?

While it seems Thirio is becoming more and more successful, Tommy’s drunkenness threatens to derail the progress the restaurant has made since, you know, a few gang members were murdered right outside the front door. Tommy’s stumbling around the restaurant, and when Dion tries to get him to go upstairs and take the rest of the night off, he only makes things worse.

Sure enough, Tommy’s inebriation and the looming conflict with Dion finally comes to a head. After Tommy starts arguing with a customer about a bottle of wine and Dion attempts to intervene and keep things cordial, the two start hollering at each other in the kitchen. Dion keeps trying to take it outside, but Tommy just keeps shouting “How many times?” at him.

Eventually, once Pilar, TJ, and the wait staff come to see what the commotion is all about, Dion gets Tommy to the rooftop. He lays into him for not confronting him before the restaurant opened, though Tommy has no interest in reflecting on his timing. He just wants to know how many times Rie and Dion slept together. Dion tells him it was a one-time, drunken mistake, but that doesn’t stop Tommy from getting a few punches in.

The two exchange blows for a bit, and before they both calm down, Dion admits he loved Rie even if she never loved him. Dion’s looking to keep things friendly, but Tommy’s long past reconciliation. He tells Dion he has to move out and that their future is uncertain, though they’ll keep Thirio open awhile for the sake of the staff.

That sends Dion straight to the Tooth Fairy. It seems like he’ll accept the job offer, but he ends up telling him he can’t do it, that he’s committed to Thirio because it’s personal. He then heads to Marisa’s apartment to stay with her for the time being. Considering her father just had security cameras installed, something tells me Dion and Guy are about to realize they have more in common than a general distaste for the Tooth Fairy.

Speaking of the Tooth Fairy, the episode ends with him killing a male sex worker, just hours after having a bad reaction to Pilar’s insinuation that he was gay. Ugh, this show.

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