While Dion struggles to get by, Tommy deals with Pilar's incompetence and stumbles upon a secret that could destroy him

By Kyle Fowle
June 29, 2016 at 01:42 AM EDT
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Remember last week, when Dion constructed an elaborate scheme to get Aidan’s stupid hired chef out of his kitchen — and it somehow worked? And remember how Pilar was stumbling her way through everything? Well, those little bits of contrivance were only the tip of the iceberg, as this week’s episode of Feed The Beast goes all-in on the ridiculousness.

“Gimme a T” gets off to a solid start, as we see Dion feeling at home in his kitchen once again. He’s so excited to be back in control, he’s practically making love to the cookware. Enough licking the whisk, Dion! With the food finally coming together, that means something else has to go off the rails, and sure enough, here’s Pilar right on cue. When Tommy mentions serving wine, Pilar realizes she hasn’t secured a liquor license for Thirio. Then, just as she’s talking to Tommy about it, she gets a text (hospitals text now?) saying her sister is finally awake. In case you hadn’t noticed, Pilar is a ridiculous character saddled with some bad writing, and this episode only makes it that much worse.

With the restaurant opening in just six days, Tommy decides to do the one thing he doesn’t want to do: He goes to his father to ask him to expedite the liquor license. He says it’s in his best interest, so it’s not exactly a favor, but we all know this is Tommy just trying to save face because his dad might punch him in the face again.

Meanwhile, Dion is in desperate need of more money because he’s always in desperate need of more money, so once again he turns to mixing coke and flour to sell. But wait, a curveball is about to be thrown his way in the most hilarious way possible. You see, Marissa, the attorney Dion unknowingly knocked up, shows up at Thirio and asks to see him. Instead, she encounters Pilar, and after about 20 seconds of getting to know each other, Pilar is advising her that getting an abortion is a mistake — because she’s old and may never get another chance. I’m not even joking.

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But there’s more. Somehow, Marissa agrees! She does a total 180 and, when Dion shows up at Thirio, she tells him she’s keeping the baby and that he’s selfish for only wanting to support her if she gets an abortion. It’s the most ridiculous scene I’ve seen in a long time, but that’s becoming the norm for Feed The Beast. If you’re not rolling your eyes, you’re probably laughing hysterically.

Then there’s TJ. His behavior is getting worse by the week, causing his grades to slip. He even gets in a fight with the kid who’s been bullying him, putting Aidan’s boxing lessons to good use. Standing up to his bully is all well and good, but that brings the counselor to Tommy’s home. When she sees how they’re all living, she tells Tommy she has no choice but to call child services.

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As much as this episode is about weird abortion conversations and the Tooth Fairy killing his cousin for snitching on him, it’s more about Rie and the toll her death has taken on Tommy, TJ, and Dion. It’s her birthday, and Tommy and TJ spend the day wallowing. Tommy in particular is a mess, getting drunk and lashing out at TJ for not speaking. He’s reckoning with the cruelty of the world and how to explain it to his son, who’s mostly enjoying shooting firearms in his grandpa’s basement.

Really though, there are a few reveals in this episode that change how we perceive the role Rie played in the lives of Tommy and Dion. After Dion has a visit with the Tooth Fairy — where he refuses to wear a wire for his cop buddy — and finds the frozen head of the Tooth Fairy’s cousin in his fridge, he heads back to Thirio to hide his drugs and to try to make things easier for Tommy in the event of a child services visit.

Aidan comes through with the liquor license and Dion is at least trying to hide his criminal, drug-dealing tendencies, so things are looking okay for a bit. But a series of flashbacks and a final scene reveals layers to these relationships that will have serious implications going forward. So much of “Gimme a T” is spent on Tommy, Dion, and Rie. Tommy stands by her grave alongside Dion, who reminds him that he knew her well before Tommy ever did. A flashback to her birthday reveals all four of them spent a ton of time together when Rie was alive.

Then the bomb drops. Tommy and TJ are looking through old photos on his computer when they stumble upon one from a Giants-Jets football game. Tommy tells the story of how exciting the game’s finish was, but then notices something in the picture after looking at it a bit more closely. While he was busy cheering on the game, Dion and Rie were looking directly at one another with longing on their faces.

That forces Tommy to flashback to that birthday scene. He begins to put disparate pieces together, seeing how close Rie and Dion obviously were. He’s starting to see that perhaps his best friend and his wife were more than just close friends. The question is, did they have a past of their own before Tommy, or was something going on during their marriage? Thirio is only days away from opening… and though the food and liquor are in place, Tommy and Dion are by no means in a comfortable position.

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