It didn’t take long for Austin Amelio’s Dwight to make his official crossover debut in Fear the Walking Dead. Unfortunately, it feels like another episode that could have been condensed into a few major plot points.

So, what has Dwighty Boy been up to this whole time? Since, Daryl went all, “Run away, Dwight. Run away and never return,” the reformed Savior has been looking for his wife Sherry. After releasing Daryl from his cell at the Sanctuary, she left a note for Dwight at their meeting spot to let him know there’s hope for them yet. Sherry’s been leaving notes for Dwight at each of her pitstops as a clue to where she’s going next. It’s been at least a year on the road and Dwight, armed with an ax, is losing hope.

The last clue he found was on the registration to a car, and it’s this car June and John picked up for that cabin full of radioactive walkers.

West world

When they are out clearing the roads of the walker barricades, Dwight spots them and, thinking they did something to Sherry, opens fire. With little ammo and weapons at their disposal, they plow their car straight through the strung-up walkers and find themselves at a place called Humbug’s Gulch. It’s Westworld, but replace the rebelling robots with zombies.

John, being the sharpshooter that he is, found a side hustle at this chain of Western theme parks. Occasionally, he took part in the “theatrics” in a persona called “Six-Gun Sam,” but mostly he was the star of the trick-shooting exhibition. Noting that all these Humbug’s Gulch locations have the same layout, he finds a stash of ammunition and artillery with June. With a dust storm on the way, they stop by the Dry Goods shop for a bite when John suggests they drive away before the storm really hits. That’s when Dwight catches up. He shoots out the tires to their car, but John, as the trick shot, lands a bullet in Dwight’s arm. John gives chase but finds himself held at gunpoint by Dwight, who demands to know where they took Sherry. June manages to sneak up behind him and knock him out, and she and John carry Dwight back inside before the walkers, drawn by all the commotion, catch up to them.

When he comes to, Dwight’s tied to a chair with June treating his injury. He’s wary of these two strangers but soon warms up to them, thanks to the same old speech Morgan gives all the time, except the words are now coming from John. (We get it! You wanna help people. Good for you.) Dwight tells John and June to take his car, but they don’t want to leave him. Instead, they turn on the mechanical piano to distract the walkers as they crash through the doors. Meanwhile, the three of them sneak out a window onto the roofing from the second story.

Dwight diverges from the plan by jumping off the roof, but he’s still too weak to fend off the walkers. John jumps down to help while June covers their back. They start running towards Dwight’s car, but Dwight, when the others aren’t looking, bolts for the van he believes to be Sherry’s. He locks himself in as walkers surround the car, but he can’t seem to find another clue from his wife. He reveals the rest of his story to John and June over the walkie, while he considers shooting himself and ending this turmoil. Cue the next speech about moving on from tragedy.

John and June open fire on the walkers to save Dwight, which is great because all the ammo they came to get is now again diminishing. (Turns out they somehow find more ammo later on, so I guess it works out.) With one bullet in June’s rifle and two walkers heading for Dwight, she tosses the gun to John, who, telling Dwight to hold up his ax, fires a trick shot he’s only ever pulled off once before, the San Antonio split. He shoots a bullet at the point of the ax and it splits in two, killing both walkers at the same time.

With that threat handled, John checked the vehicle registration with Sherry’s clue and confirms to Dwight it doesn’t match the car they were driving, so she could still be alive.

Jenna Elfman as June, Alycia Debnam-Carey as Alicia Clark, Danay Garcia as Luciana – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 3 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC
| Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Search party

In the episode’s side plot, Alicia, with Luciana in the passenger seat, is determined to find Max, Dylan, and Annie after hearing their voices over the walkie. They can’t give away their location because then “they” will hear and find them, but Alicia overheard Dylan mention he was close to a fireworks stand. Morgan warns over the walkie they don’t know what they’re driving into, but Alicia goes off anyway and ends up crashing the car when she drives over a piece of wood covered in nails that someone put in the road for them.

Morgan comes up in his truck as Alicia calls out to the kids over the walkie with no results. He tells her to open up, so Alicia explains to Annie, Max, and Dylan that she lost family too and that they don’t have to go through this alone. She doesn’t get ahold of them, but… she feels better about it?

A reunion

Everyone meets back up at Humbug’s Gulch, leading to a reunion between Morgan and Dwight. Morgan tells the others they “come from the same place.” We can take that at face value (they come from the same physical place), as well as they came from the same psychological place, and both have since grown. Morgan doesn’t yet want to hear Dwight’s apologies for his actions with Negan. He acknowledges everyone, including himself, is looking for a new start.

Morgan asks Dwight if he knows who’s been making the roadblocks. He leads them to the final — and certainly biggest — one yet hidden in the woods, and it seems to stretch the tied-up walkers across the entire way around. This is as far as Dwight has been able to go. They all raise their weapons, about to clear out the dead, when Max chimes in on the radio to tell Alicia they are going back to “where you took us before.” The truck stop, I’m assuming.

Damn kids

On their way to meet the kids, they find their van pulled over on the side of the road. It’s covered in blood and when they open the door, Alicia finds Dylan, the youngest, covered in blood and cowering on the seat. Max and Annie are nowhere to be found. It’s made to look as if the mysterious “they” Annie mentioned found them, but really it’s another trap. The camera cuts to Max and Annie, revealing these kids are the ones putting up roadblocks and are no doubt the same people who taunted Morgan’s group by stringing up walker heads on the sign above the truck stop. As they replace another one on the road, Annie thinks aloud that Dylan might crack, but Max is confident he’ll stick to the script and find out why these people are here and who took their friend. Even though he vows to make sure they never bother them ever again, it seems Annie is the ringleader. She doesn’t bat an eye as she stands in between the snapping walkers, while Max is visibly trying to control his nerves as they put the final walker in place.

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