Nothing says summer break like heartache.

By Megan Daley
November 03, 2015 at 03:26 AM EST
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That’s the question on Amy’s mind (and everyone else’s) post-party as she and Shane wait for Sleeping Boozy, a.k.a Karma, to wake up. Could Karma have feelings for Amy, or was it just a drunken, attention-seeking moment?

Apparently, even Karma can’t say — she doesn’t remember the kiss! In her hungover state, she remembers the table dancing, body shots, and the fact that her nipples were exposed…but has no recollection of the steamy pool kiss. And Amy doesn’t exactly bring it to her attention. So, we’ll get back to it?

But there’s even more weird news for Amy: Farrah and Bruce announce they’re getting a divorce (which gives Lauren the perfect opportunity to move back to Dallas). And while Farrah tells Lauren she can stay, she sees it as a chance to get back to a life where pretty much no one knows her secret. She’s been humiliated by Tommy, heart-broken by Theo, and the entire school knows she’s intersex (but at least she doesn’t have to hide at Hester). Would life really be better back in Dallas with her snooty friends Lana and Leslie? (Mm, probably not.)

Meanwhile, Liam has been crashing at Zita’s (apparently, the two have kept in touch), and he’s still reeling from the events of the party, too. How could Shane call him a Booker? (Webster definition: “A ‘Booker’ is a rich, self-involved a–hole who uses money to get what he wants.”) Although his dad’s side of the family might offer better traits…not that Liam would know. 

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Back at Hester, Felix reveals to Amy that he’s off to rehab, and he gives her the “drunk words are sober thoughts” spiel, confessing that he really does like her, but he’s not sure if he’ll be back. His mom was an alcoholic, and now his dad is crazy (and) worried about him. He could be locked away for a very long time (though, not forever).

Karma marches up to Liam to say sorry for her hot-mess behavior, but he thinks she should be worrying more about that kiss with Amy, which she vaguely remembers in a foggy flashback. She runs to Amy to apologize (“I don’t know what I was thinking!”) and claims the whole thing didn’t mean anything — exactly what Amy didn’t want to hear. Karma insists they’ll work on their relationship this summer. They’re soulmates; they can get through anything! (But can they, really?)

But, there’s no time for any of that: Principal Turner is on the war path and announces that he plans to shut down the school, and after the next school board meeting, there may be no more Hester.

And while everyone at Hester is panicking about how to save the school, Amy visits Reagan — maybe with the hopes of rekindling their relationship to avoid dealing with the Karma kiss? Of course, Reagan’s already moved on. But, Amy confesses she still has feelings for Karma, something that Reagan understands. She offers up a little advice to Amy: She needs time and space to heal…otherwise she may never get over Karma.

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At the school board meeting, all of the students arrive for a peaceful protest led by Liam. (Shane hoped to use blackmail, but no one else was on board.) But they only have five minutes to plead their case, and naturally, rather than come together to form a plan, the whole thing unravels and everyone starts yelling at each other.

Luckily, Lauren arrives to take control of the ensuing s—show. She explains to the school board that it was easy for her to judge Hester at the beginning, but it’s become a place where “being different makes you cool” and the fact that she’s intersex — well, it only made people like her more. (“This is a school that accepts you — even if you don’t accept yourself.”) It was brave and absolutely bada–. But, that’s Lauren, right? Hester is saved. Hooray! 

But, back to Amy. She decides to go on tour with Pussy Explosion after all, but before she can take off on her summer of fun, Karma confronts her about the reason she’s leaving. She knows the kiss was hurtful but thinks it’s better if Amy stays so they can work it out together. But, again, Reagan’s words of wisdom obviously ring true: She needs time and space (neither of which she’s going to get if she stays in Austin for the summer).

Karma tearfully begs Amy not to go; she thinks Amy is just running away from the problem. Amy knows she’s doing the right thing for herself — and whether Karma likes it or not, she’s getting back in that bus. 

The tears keep coming for both of them (and everyone watching) as Amy tells Karma there’s only one way to make her stay: Say the kiss meant something. But, Karma can’t do that. Amy says goodbye, which leaves Karma sobbing, clutching her friendship necklace. There have been plenty of heartbreaks this season (Theo/Lauren, Karma/Liam, Reagan/Amy, and Shane/Duke), but this one has to be the worst. Who knows if the two will ever be able to recover their soulmate status. 

The finale sets up some summer adventures for the gang, as Liam and Zita jet off to find Liam’s father (the mysterious C. Wilder), Shane and Karma are both lifeguards at the local pool (because that’s going to go well), and as for Amy — she’s watching the “Now leaving Texas” sign disappear while cruising down the road with the Pussy Explosion gang.

But where does that leave Amy and Karma? Will they ever be able to get back to the way they were? Is Felix gone for good? Who is C. Wilder? Will anyone on this show ever find happiness?

Head over to the Faking It postmortem for a few answers and a look ahead to the next season. 

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