It's prom night and no one's here to make friends.

By Megan Daley
October 20, 2015 at 02:07 AM EDT
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For most, prom night is a combination of slow dancing to Lonestar’s “Amazed,” keeping step with “The Electric Slide,” and praying someone had the foresight to spike the punch with something better than cheap vodka. But for the Faking It gang, the night was mostly spent thinking about threesomes, shrimp balls, and, well, more sex.

Karma and Shane are preparing to go head-to-head for Wade’s attention — but it’s not about the competition, guys. Shane is still convinced Wade’s gay, rather than bisexual, while Karma is “totally cool” with him swinging both ways. And now that everyone’s on-board, the plan will go definitely *perfectly. (*Horribly.)

And now, tonight’s the night at Hester High, and Wade shows up with both of his red-hot dates in tow. But, neither of them is looking to play fair as Karma turns the event into an episode of The Bachelor — minus the champagne and tear-filled exit interviews. There’s only one rose getting handed out at the end of the night, and she’s “not here to make friends.” 

She grinds all over Wade in the middle of the dance floor as Liam and Shane look on. But instead of getting discouraged, Shane makes the most logical suggestion to the other two parts of his throuple: Let’s have a threesome!

Meanwhile, Liam and Amy are dealing with their own problems. While Liam’s date (an actual skeleton) hasn’t been giving him any lip, Shane’s sister, Sasha, has been pretty hot and cold with him — mostly cold. And between dealing with her and Shane, he’s barely had time to take his date out for a spin. (A shame because Mary Lambert is on stage, and she is killing it.)

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And Amy (who’s sporting a stunning tux) tries to keep things friendly with Felix, and the two amuse themselves by quietly making fun of everyone. But Karma reveals that Felix wanted this to be more than just a “friends” thing, which seems to pique her interest.

The night takes a dramatic turn, however, for Liam and Amy as each try separately convince to Shane and Karma not to have a threesome. But Shane and Karma are sure the other will back out, and Liam’s miffed Shane would even consider it since Karma is his ex. The whole conversation eventually leads back to Sasha when Shane tells Liam he should take a hint because his sister doesn’t want him. (And she’s going with the story that ear licking is totally a platonic thing.) But Liam seems to take this as a challenge. 

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Elsewhere, Lauren — who’s still upset about not being able to take her real boyfriend, Theo, to the dance — shows up with Tommy and she’s immediately pissed that the “Under the Sea” theme appears to be one, big belly flop. Luckily, Theo has a “secret prom” all planned out with string lights, soft music, and candles. It’s straight-up magical.

If only Tommy hadn’t been practicing his moves, too. He’s been brushing up on his skills and is able to twirl Lauren around the dance floor like she’d always dreamed. Although the realization that she didn’t get to have that perfect moment with her actual boyfriend comes crashing down and ruins the moment.

She returns to Theo and puts it all out on the table: Either they go public, or she walks away. She’s (understandably) tired of keeping such big secrets; but he can’t be open about the two of them, or he’ll lose his job (and maybe actually go to jail). Lauren makes the decision to end their relationship — and the emotional, gut-wrenching heartbreaks just keep on coming.

Back at the dance, Liam, fueled by his conversation with Shane, makes a move on Sasha who obviously reciprocates. In almost the same moment, Felix confesses his feelings for Amy, which results in a passionate kiss. Unfortunately, Shane and Karma were in the audience for both shows, and they’re about to make a scene.

Shane feels the sting of Liam’s betrayal, and it doesn’t exactly please Karma to see her former flame locking lips with another woman. And Karma tells Amy that she deserves to be happy, too (and happiness is just one threesome away, apparently). If everybody else (including Amy and Felix) gets to have what they want, why can’t she?

Shane and Karma prepare themselves for what’s on the other side of the hotel room door — a pitch-black, no eye-contact hookup with their adventurous, bespectacled hottie, Wade. But hey, no regrets on prom night, right? 

One-liners Most Likely to Succeed:

  • “Allergic to peanuts — and labels.” —Amy (describing herself to Felix)
  • “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” “That doesn’t limit our options.” —Amy
  • “Why are we even talking about that when Karma’s out there rubbing against Wade like a genie might pop out?” —Liam 
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