Why be a couple when you can be a thrupple?
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Prom (or as Shane refers to it, “the most romantic night in all of teendom”) is right around the corner, and everyone is scrambling to either find a date or avoid the event all together. Lauren wants prom to be perfect, and, as usual, she’s the only one who cares about high school tradition. But while she might be ready for the night of her dreams, there are a few roadblocks in her way (and she’s not the only one with obstacles). So, let’s jump in.

Sasha is officially back home with her little bro, Shane, and with nicknames like “swish dick” and “stink snatch,” it’s clear there’s a lot of love in this family. But, is it safe for Liam to be under the same roof as the girl who gave him his first boner? Er, probably not. Liam promises Shane that he won’t make a move on her — but Sasha only sees that declaration as a challenge.

At school, Karma insists she and Amy go to prom together, but Amy backs away from the idea as an evening of twirling around the dance floor with Karma sounds like the opposite of what she needs right now. But, thanks to Principal Turner and a vandal called “B,” prom is now mandatory — and everyone has to bring a date.

The “emotional minefield” has everybody in desperation mode: Shane — who’s gotten really good at using suggestive emojis — wants his PFLAG crush, Wade, to ask him; Lauren wishes she could take Theo; and Karma eagerly tries to woo her lab partner into taking her.

As for Amy, she’s doing her best to find an alternative to Karma and thinks Oliver might be the guy. But, the title of Oliver’s new play “Falling Down the Donut Hole: A Tale of Unrequited Love and Despair” suggests he’s not over his last Amy-induced heartbreak. Also, the lead in his play looks freakishly like Amy, right down to the donut T-shirt. (All of these things might be cause for alarm, but, for now, moving on.) Amy calls up Jasmine, but she sees right through Amy’s phone call — she might be more willing if Amy were actually over Karma. But until that day comes, she’s not interested.

Amy tracks down Felix, who would rather hang out at home playing video games than spend prom night slow dancing to “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” and drinking weird punch. At first, Amy pitches Karma as his date, but then, she thinks better of it; he would make a great date for her instead. (And think how adorable he’ll look in a suit!) But he looks a little hurt when Karma approaches and Amy says he asked her, rather than the other way around.

Meanwhile, Karma and Shane are still having no luck nailing down dates for prom. Amy rallies the pair, encouraging them to take charge and ask their crushes to the dance. As both of them wave to Wade across campus, they realize he is both Shane’s PFLAG crush AND Karma’s cute lab partner. Whhhhhat.

Wade assures the two that he’s interested in both of them; he identifies as bisexual. Shane pretends to be unfazed as he assures Karma that Wade is, in fact, gay. He claims guys can’t be bisexual, which Karma points out is a total double standard. She still seems ready to throw in the towel — but she does have a few tricks up her sleeve. (And apparently a key to the Hester High drama club costume room.)

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While all of this is happening, Liam and Lauren are dealing with their own troubles. Sasha keeps popping up at school to tempt Liam and he’s trying very hard to resist (though her new job as substitute teacher is going to make it even harder). And the vandal “B,” has struck again and Principal Turner is not pleased. After hosting a witch-hunt to find the perpetrator, Liam stands up to take the fall. Only, Penelope announces she was the one behind all of the recent graffiti (so, the “B” didn’t stand for “Booker” after all). Unable to stand by and watch Turner change everything that makes Hester, Hester, she quits, leaving the fate of the school in the (capable?) hands of Liam and the rest of the gang.

Lauren’s biggest challenge, on the other hand, is securing a suitable date for the dance. She wants to go with Theo, but since he’s a narc (not to mention several years older and a cop, but, whatever), that’s impossible. Her best option appears to be Tommy, who with the appropriate suit and right checklist, seems to be an acceptable option. (Though his big line to win her over, “Now, I know that you’re totally not a dude,” is literally, the worst.) The idea doesn’t exactly thrill Theo, but, again, what can they do?

Back to Amy, Felix feels a little jilted since he gets the vibe that Amy doesn’t really want to go with him. She confesses that she originally asked him in order to avoid Karma and save herself some heartache. But, now, she realizes that he’d make a great date — the two of them can make fun of the whole experience together.

Speaking of Karma, she turns up the sex appeal with a little Grease homage, complete with a black one-piece and a cherry-flavored lollipop. She looks fierce, and, of course, Wade thinks so, too. Why have him choose between the two of them? Screw a “couple” date. This threesome is now officially a thrupple — let’s hope Shane and Karma are ready to share.

One-liners Most Likely to Succeed:

  • “What if their chemistry is all in Karma’s delusional, self-absorbed head?” —Shane
  • “There’s the bell! It’s a special tone that only teens can hear.” —Liam
  • “Yeah, 20-and finally over her. Call me when you get here.” —Jasmine
  • “Long live, Hester!” —Penelope

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