Saturday detention brings the gang — and their secrets — together.

By Megan Daley
September 29, 2015 at 02:30 AM EDT
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This week’s Breakfast Club-inspired episode packed plenty of drama as everyone faced their inner most secrets while trapped in Hester High for the day. Shane and Duke’s breakup aftermath, Farrah-gate, and the result of Mr. Booker’s late night house call to Karma’s: There’s a lot of ground to cover. So, let’s jump in, shall we?

Saturday detention: Seven hours of sitting in a room with no cell phones and definitely no donuts (much to Amy’s dismay). And before exiting, Mr. Turner, overlord of the now-desolate Hester High campus, salutes the gang with a rock-on sign, further hitting home how truly weird the next few hours will be for everyone involved.

What’d everyone do to land themselves behind a desk with no promise of snacks and a criminal lack of A/C? Liam took a conference call with Dubai, Karma fell asleep during class, Amy ditched school to catch a French New Wave film (did she really though?), Lauren is only there because of a “clerical error,” oh, and Shane is still doing time because of his naked protest. As for the principal’s son, he’s given his dad “reasons” not to trust him to be at home alone. Hm. Felix has a few secrets of his own, apparently.

Karma and Amy kill time by doing each other’s nails, during which Karma confesses that she and Liam haven’t talked since LA. But while Karma is opening up, Amy is hiding the fact that her mom, Farrah, is having an affair with her dad, Hank. Lauren hasn’t exactly agreed not to tell Bruce yet, and Amy’s plea not say anything doesn’t carry as much weight as she’d hoped. Amy insists she doesn’t actually want her parents to get back together — so what’s the harm in keeping the secret just between the four of them?

Meanwhile, Shane is still convinced he did Duke a favor by outing him, which leaves Liam super frustrated with his BFF. Luckily, Theo arrives to breakup the party because Turner needs to see Lauren ASAP. Or the two just want some alone time to make out in the hall. Same thing, really.

The whole no-snack thing is becoming a problem for Amy and she begs Shane to share his mountain of candy. But when all else fails, Karma has mints (not the same thing, but desperate times, friends). Amy rummages through Karma’s bag and finds a $250,000 check from Mr. Booker. Amy pulls Karma out into the hall for a little chat, and the pair catch Theo and Lauren making out just as Mr. Turner is about to round the corner. The three are herded back into detention as all hell breaks loose.

Everybody turns on Lauren, because how exactly could she take back the narc who betrayed her? (Well, they are in love, he accepts her, and he’s a total babe. Anyway, moving on). Amy promises to keep Lauren’s secret if she’ll stay hush-hush about Farrah and Hank. But, wait a minute: Karma didn’t know Hank was back — or that he was the one having an affair with Farrah. The realization, along with the news that Amy actually ditched school to hangout with her dad (another thing Amy lied about), only ignites anger in Karma, who thought the two of them weren’t keeping anymore secrets.

The group erupts as Shane remains on his high horse, claiming that his reasoning behind outing everyone is pure. And while Karma pulls out her trump card of Liam and Amy sleeping together, Amy, now, has one of her own: She reveals that big, fat check from Mr. Booker.

Everything quickly spirals out of control as Liam confesses he kissed Zita, and he points out that if she had been offered a check to stay away from Amy, it never would’ve been an issue, regardless of her family’s financial problems.

Wait, now Shane’s crying? In a super rare display of emotion, Shane admits that he was selfish when you outed Amy and Karma, Lauren, and Duke (it’s a seriously bad habit). He wanted to ruin Duke’s life, and he doesn’t blame anyone for hating him – because he hates himself, too.

The gang rallies around Shane and make a play for him to breakout so he can apologize to Duke — but no fire alarms, those things leave a stain (hence Lauren’s gloved hands). Felix reveals he’s Turner’s son and sacrifices himself for the good of the group by sitting his dad down for a Sex Ed follow-up (a decision he’ll regret when Turner throws around a lot of awkward lingo).

Everyone else hops in Theo’s squad car to race off to find Duke. Amy and Karma make up on the ride over, as Amy’s carsickness brings the two back together. Karma confesses she just isn’t a fan of Amy’s dad because he’s constantly absent from her life. But the life of a war correspondent isn’t an easy one, and Amy gets that.

Shane spots Duke and runs after him, which leaves Amy and Lauren, and Karma and Liam in the car to sort out their differences.  Lauren agrees to keep Farrah’s secret while Liam and Karma come to terms with the fact that she may never be able to trust him again since he slept with Amy — and there’s only so much he can do to change her mind.

Meanwhile, Shane apologizes to Duke, and he accepts. Shane hopes they can just go back to being together, but Duke reminds him that just because he accepted the apology doesn’t mean he’s forgiven. Duke drives off and it looks like Shane might be in need of another mini candy bar right about now.

Back at school, Turner officially calls an end to the longest Saturday in Hester High history and each promise to keep the others’ secrets. Amy’s dad arrives to pick her up, and he promises to actually stick around this time instead of jetting off to Moscow. And in other major moves, Liam quits Skwerkel in a grand gesture involving a plethora of colorful Post-its. Don’t mess with a Booker, or he’ll litter your space with various office supplies. The act leaves lil Booker with no place to stay, so he turns to Shane, who readily offers up his place with the promise of friendship and grilled cheese.

Later that night, Karma is a mess as she recognizes that she and Liam are totally over. Finding comfort in her old room, Felix consoles her; he’s experienced heartbreak himself after the death of his mother. But the best way to deal with it? By taking one day at a time.

One-liners Most Likely to Succeed:

  • “Oh, did you follow it up with a round of golf and a spot of day trading?” —Shane
  • “Did you get lost on the way to the donut shop?” “And did you bring any with you?” —Amy
  • “That’s a big check. No, seriously, that’s twice the standard size.” —Felix
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