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After Amy and Reagan’s breakup, you’d think the heartbreak would be over for Faking It and we’d be headed for happier times. But that was just the tipping point, as this week, more secrets are out and old wounds have been exposed. The gloves have officially come off, and it’s about to get real.

Post-breakup, Amy still hasn’t had enough Ben and Jerry’s and Sherlock to mend her broken heart (what is “enough,” really?). Rather than throw the covers over her head until she’s aged like Rip Van Winkle, Karma insists she hop out of bed and seize the day. Especially because she’s looking for a way out of the awkwardness that was the two of them waking up in each other’s arms.

Lauren and Theo – er, Jimmy? Whatever. – are back to being adorable; he even leaves her a cute secret note, which, of course, Amy finds. She makes the leap (as she does) that her mom, Farrah, must be having an affair. (Amy must’ve been a big-time Nancy Drew enthusiast growing up.)

Elsewhere, Zita crashes coffee with Liam, Karma, Shane, and Duke, much to Karma’s disdain surprise as she was expecting to have a little “lovey dovey” moment with Liam. But there’s good news: Duke has his first professional MMA fight in L.A.! Everybody is pumped, and after Duke exits, Zita offers up her family’s private plane to fly there because she doesn’t do commercial (duh).

The foursome jet off to L.A., and once they touch down, Zita is in the mood for a little retail therapy and brings Karma along for the (pricey) ride. But her family’s recent money troubles are on Karma’s mind and all she sees are $$$. But Zita knows all too well (“I don’t want you to think about money all week, it sounds like you could use a break from that”) as Liam confides everything in her, including his recent bio-dad troubles. Though he neglected to mention any of that to Karma, and she feels the sting.

Meanwhile, Shane and Liam surprise Duke before his weigh-in and come face-to-face with his publicist, Joanna. But, Joanna didn’t exactly know Duke’s beau was still in high school. The potential future prom kings of Hester High could have a new roadblock in their way.

Later that night, Zita and Karma show up at the fight dressed to the nines, with Karma glowing in a gold, glittery number (“wowza” is right). She tries to pull Liam away, but Joanna takes the opportunity to get Liam and his not-girlfriend, Zita, in a few red carpet shots together, leaving Karma to feel even more insecure.

But she’s not the only one feeling jilted. Joanna tries to confirm “the plan” with Shane. The plan: he’ll step aside and watch the fight from the green room. And, he’ll keep his relationship with Duke hush-hush. According to Joanna, she got the go-ahead for this little scheme from Duke, which leaves Shane fuming.

Liam and Zita find Karma hiding away from the crowd. She thinks Zita and Liam would be better off together, with their piles of money and mutual hotness to keep each other warm at night. Liam is just as confused as she is since the line between relationship and friendship has been blurred from the start. And after he slept with Amy, Karma isn’t sure if she can actually trust him. So Amy storms off, and hops on Zita’s family’s jet to head back home.

NEXT: Stakeout snacks and surprises

Let’s not forget though, we’re here in L.A. for Duke’s fight. And he’s ready to take a swing at someone when Shane confronts him about the whole publicist/secret relationship business. Duke insists he never made any deal with Joanna – but not before Shane spills the beans about being one who outed him. If Duke wasn’t in a fighting mood before, he sure as hell is now.

While all of this is happening, Lauren and Amy are still investigating Farrah’s potential infidelity. Lauren is humoring Amy as she knows the mysterious note really came from Theo. But Amy’s hunchmight have been right after all, as the pair find a motel key card in the laundry, which is something Lauren wasn’t prepared to find. (Again, maybe too much Nancy Drew, but this girl gets results.)

Bruce and Farrah have a history of cheating and they’re both acting a little suspicious, so, whose key card is it? This calls for a stakeout — and stakeout snacks.

The duo camp out outside of the motel, and while Amy is convinced that all love dies, Lauren is still on a love-inspired high and nothing’s going to bring her down — except, of course, for her new stepmother’s affair.

They spot Farrah creeping into the motel and Lauren storms out of the car, ready to burn the whole place down. Luckily for the fire department, the mystery man Farrah was meeting opens the door before Lauren can do any damage. Who is this guy? It’s Amy’s dad. (Whhhhat!)

With Karma gone, Liam is left to contemplate the whole mess. He’s confused about what he wants, but Zita isn’t and she proves it by planting a kiss on him. Liam doesn’t exactly hold back either, and the two quickly get swept up into one serious make-out session.

Back from fight night, a teary-eyed Karma arrives home to find a limo hanging outside of her house. Could Liam have magically made it back in time to greet her? Is he actually a Disney prince with a fairy godmother? Can that fairy godmother be Julie Andrews?

Nope. It’s Mr. Booker. (Whhhhat! x2)

One-liners Most Likely to Succeed:

  • “People are paying for my boyfriend. And not in a hookery way.” — Shane
  • “Go get the toilet paper, ’cause sh– just got real.” — Amy
  • “Watching my boyfriend get beaten to a bloody pulp is not my idea of foreplay. I don’t think.” — Shane
  • “We know you’re in there doing the devil’s deed in your pit of sin!” — Lauren

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