Honesty costs Amy big time.
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Honesty, and the price of it, has been a major theme on Faking It since day one when Amy and Karma pretended to be in a relationship for social gain. But, eventually, of course, they had to come clean. All of the characters are still grappling with the whole honesty issue (especially Shane), and now, keeping it real just cost one character big time. But before we get into that, let’s jump in with the rest of the episode.

During an early Tai Chi session, Karma reminds Amy that she needs to have the honesty chat with Reagan. But later on, the talk with Reagan (who actually already heard the whole thing at Amy’s window) doesn’t go quite as smoothly as she hoped. Reagan is over the lies; but Amy can think of only one way to convince her that she’s all in: by telling Reagan that she’s definitely a lesbian (and planting a few kisses on her as further proof).

While Reagan appears to be convinced, Karma is less so. But, there’s no time to think about that now. It’s time to look ahead to the best years of their lives: college. The girls make a pitch to Clement University, their No. 1 choice, which also happens to be overachiever Lauren’s dream school. But if they can all get into the school’s Summer Scholar’s program, maybe everyone can be happy?

But Lauren might’ve just blown it with the Clement rep as she spots Theo on-campus and loses it. What’s he doing back? He’s been transferred to the school because he doesn’t want to lie about who he is anymore (and he wants to be with her). But if he thinks he’s getting Lauren back so easily – well, he clearly doesn’t know whom he’s dealing with.

After the screw-up in front of the rep, Lauren is determined to get into the school one way or another. While she’s practicing her newest “passion” for baton, Amy and Karma scheme to find a way to get into Summer Scholar’s (since that B- in Yarn Arts isn’t going to fly with Clement). Plan A? Fake it till you make it.

The two hatch an Elle Woods-inspired pitch video featuring the duo showing off the power of their organic juicing truck (a.k.a. Karma’s parents’ “Good Karma”); but with lean smiles and really bad acting, even Felix wasn’t buying what they were selling. The exchange has Karma thinking Amy and Felix might be into each other, which Amy readily denies.

Amy has a plan B lined up courtesy of Reagan: Reagan announces the band she played with is going on tour and she wants Amy to come on the road. Who needs a degree when there’s an on-the-road music documentary to be filmed and donuts to be eaten?

Karma brings Amy back down to Earth by reminding her that she’s wanted to go to Clement since they were kids (she was one of those kids who rocked a college T-shirt at an early age). Karma admits she wants Amy to stay close this summer, but what does Amy really want? Well, she doesn’t want to lose Reagan, (“You can’t lose yourself to keep her.”)

Meanwhile, Lauren sets her second chance with Clement on fire (literally). But all hope is not lost; the rep heard about Lauren being the first out intersex student at Hester, and says that “uniqueness” is valued at Clement. But that only enrages Lauren, and she storms off to confront Theo. She wants to know why he likes her, and why she should take him back. Lucky for Theo, this little “tenacious badass” likes his answer, and it seems the two could be on the road to reconciliation. Though they’ll have to get over the whole legality issue, but we’ll save that mountain for another day.

NEXT: Shane and Duke have “the talk”

While Amy is dealing with honesty problems, so is Shane. He’s been keeping an eye on Liam who, after running into Jackson Lee — the man who offered Liam an art fellowship and is now saving a spot for him with the Southwest Artist Collective — is convinced Jackson must be his father.

Liam, with a little help from Shane, flips through his mother’s old yearbooks and finds a picture of them together. When he confronts Jackson about it, Jackson confesses he wasn’t interested in Liam’s art (and is certainly not his dad); he just wanted Liam to put in a good word for him since Skwerkel needs a painter for a new mural. Ugh, this guy.

But in other news, Shane is multi-tasking as he’s also preoccupied with Duke, who seems to spend all his time on the gay hook-up app, Stubble. They’ve defined their relationship and though they decided to be in an “open” one, a hot make-out session re-opens the conversation. Neither of them wanted to see other people, they just thought that’s what the other wanted. Communication is key, guys! Well, maybe not for them, as Shane still hasn’t told Duke he was the one who outed him to TMZ and is the reason he lost his sponsorship. But again, we’ll put that problem back on the shelf – for now.

Back to Amy as she’s ready to tell Reagan the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. She confesses to Reagan that, yes, she does want to go to college, so she can’t go on tour. And, she’s still questioning her sexuality. All of this breaks Reagan’s heart; she knows what she wants and she wishes Amy did, too. But she can’t be with someone who isn’t sure. So, Reagan ends things with Amy, proving that being honest can have seriously painful consequences.

Karma cancels her hot wax date with Liam (the two are trying to keep things spicy these days) to comfort Amy. But the sting of the break-up is still fresh and the only thing Karma can do is tell her that one day, they both might be in the same place emotionally to try again. But right now, it’s just not where she’s at as Amy still has some soul-searching to do. Of course, words can only do so much to quell heartbreak. Poor Amy (insert all the broken-heart emojis).

One-liners Most Likely to Succeed:

  • “And you’re fresh out of the closet. I don’t want to keep you from checking out all of the other rooms in the house.” —Shane
  • (“What have I been doing with my life?”) “Chasing boys and the approval of others.” —Lauren
  • “Nope, not even a little bit. And Meryl Streep here isn’t doing you any favors.” —Felix
  • “I don’t know; I’ve been in pictures with plenty of people I haven’t impregnated.” —Shane

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