Molly Woods finds herself in her worst situation yet.
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Tonight’s Extant should have been called, “Pull The Trigger,” because the theme was the focal point of the entire episode. What’s great about season 2 is that it’s still threading sci-fi in the series, but the core of the show is shifting toward people’s humanity. The question I kept finding myself asking throughout the episode was, “Will humanity and moral ethics be the downfall of these characters?” Like I said last week, the show’s massive shift from season 1 was the smartest move they could have made. According to last weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con panel, Halle Berry also agrees. Plus, her outfits are 10 times better this season, and that’s always a plus. Let’s get right to it and dive into the details of “Empathy for the Devil.”

Ethan goes glitchy, and Lucy gets sassy. As expected, wiping someone’s memory has some side effects. Ethan starts to have his erased memories triggered by surrounding events, remembering Molly. He freezes and collapses a few times, leading Charlie to temporarily fix his artificial intelligence. This is continuing to cause a rift between him and Julie, as he believes they should be nurturing Ethan within the realm of morality, letting him organically learn to deal with tough life decisions versus programming his mind. Julie’s argument is that with the new Humanichs project, she had no choice in tampering with this mind, as the alternative to erasing his memory was shutting him down. Sure, Julie, your crazed desire to force his love on you has nothing to do with it!

Adding even more stress to Julie’s life is Lucy. During a test, Lucy tells the team that killing a school full of children is “okay” as long as it’s for the greater good of protecting thousands of other lives. What raised the most concern was that Lucy seemed to have no remorse or regard for the children’s lives. Anna (the “Black Widow” lady) thinks this is an A+ answer and wants to move to the next project phase. Haven’t any of them seen The Matrix? This is how apocalypses start, people.

Lucy has found her own fierce mojo. Since Lucy’s latest test proved worthy of demonstration to the government funding her project, a party is being thrown in her honor. Julie is tasked with getting her ready for her big debut. Being given only two outfit choices for her party, Lucy decides to raid Julie’s closet for something more her “style.” Robot or not, a female’s mind is always going to want more than one option for a party, especially when the party is being thrown for you. Am I right, ladies? Plus, the options Julie gave Lucy looked like something from Hillary Clinton’s campaign wardrobe. Clinton’s fierce and all, but Lucy is basically a twentysomething superhero. Of course she’s going to want to choose her own statement piece.

Lucy picks out a white-hot party dress from Julie’s closet, and Julie immediately tells her to change into one of the boring ones she originally chose for her. Julie wasn’t too nice about it, either, making Lucy feel stupid. Back at the lab, Lucy finds out she can “print” her own clothes and ends up printing the very same white dress and wearing it to the party. Obviously, this doesn’t make Julie very happy. Picking up on Julie’s angry vibes, Lucy makes the moves on Charlie, flirting and telling him she wants him to train her for field testing. Yep, Lucy is using her hot new Humanich body to get what she wants.

Julie and Charlie make up … and make out. Julie picks up on Lucy’s games, and when Charlie stops by her apartment after the party, she apologizes for fighting over the past few weeks and begs him to stay with the program—and with her. Charlie’s taken aback, but before he has time to think, Julie dives in for a make-out sesh. You don’t have to be a Humanichs engineer to know this is a tactic to win Charlie’s trust over Lucy. Julie already has the upper hand after hearing Charlie confess his years-long crush on her. Hmm, it looks like Lucy and Julie aren’t so different after all. The robotic apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

Molly almost makes out with her son. At the end of last week’s episode, we see Molly find herself at the bar where her alien-son creeps on women. Seeing Molly on surveillance, Toby moves forward with the drone strike, again posing the theme of when—and if—you should “pull the trigger.” Should Toby have tried to save Molly and the bar full of innocent people before trying to take out the alien?

Sitting ducks in the bar, Molly finds out her son has named himself, “Adhu.” He lures Molly outside of the building, making it obvious that he knew the drone strike is coming. I can’t figure out if he cares for her because he’s part human, or if he needs Molly to live because of some secret alien agenda. JD shows up right as Adhu is about to kiss Molly, and Adhu pulls his fancy mind trick on him, putting his gun to his head. Meanwhile, I’m yelling, “No! Don’t kill JD—he’s the whole reason this season is working!” Molly realizes this man is actually her son, and she makes Adhu stop (phew). The drone hits, and Molly and JD are captured by the government agency. Of course, Adhu escapes.

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Ado and his goo. Through flashbacks we learn how Adhu grows at such a rapid pace. While in the morgue, Adhu’s younger body began to split open, and a gooey, alien-looking interior fell out, morphing into an older version of himself. Yummy! Adhu then spent the next five months watching TV and eating food in his apartment, assumedly​ researching the human race and validating the secret-agenda theory. Why is Adhu just now contacting Molly? If he truly cared for her, wouldn’t he have saved her from the psych ward?

Interrogation time. Toby’s intense girlfriend interrogates JD, concluding he doesn’t know anything. JD decides to not tell her that the mysterious man with Molly warped his mind, knowing there’s more to the case he must uncover. Molly on the other hand is no-nonsense and demands to know what’s going on. Toby decides it’s time to reveal his true intentions, and even though Molly’s angry he lied to her, he gets through to her with his agenda. Toby tells Molly that her son is impregnating and killing women all over the state, and their projections show thousands more will be murdered if they don’t stop him. Not only that, but a bunch of creepy alien-babies will be running around, and nobody wants that.

Agreeing to help, Molly is sent home to wait until they find her son. JD is also released, but not before his badge is taken. Pissed off and confused, he visits Molly at her apartment, and she confesses everything to him. Just when I think we are going to get the sex scene we know is coming, Molly goes all cuckoo-for-Cocoa Puffs, pulls a gun on JD, and asks him to leave. She was definitely possessed by her son, because she seemed to not have control over her body and was hearing voices in her head.

After JD leaves, the power goes out all over the city, and the government sees it’s coming from her apartment. Adhu shows up, gives Molly some bizarre vision of creepy children, and tells her she needs to choose sides. If we’ve learned anything about this alien race, it’s that they have terrible persuasion skills. Who would choose a dark room full of creepy, glowy-eyed children over the human race?

Molly passes out from her freaky vision and wakes up to someone in the doorway. Thinking it’s Adhu, she screams that she chooses the humans over whatever kind of agenda he has and shoots him. Too bad the person in the doorway was really Toby. I can’t see him being killed off this early, but it does make for a good reason for her to run to JD for help. Speaking of the hottest new ex-cop on TV …

Daddy issues. Molly’s not the only one with a reckless child. JD and Molly have found something in common: They both have children that are causing major problems in their lives. JD drives home to find his daughter, Kelsey, sitting at his doorstep. As if his night couldn’t get any worse, Kelsey confesses that she’s pregnant. I’ll give you one guess who the baby-daddy is!


  • What do the aliens want? I’m not sure I care at this point—I’m more excited for JD and Molly’s relationship to grow.
  • Does Adhu have a sliver of humanity in him that truly cares for his mother?
  • Where is the Humanichs storyline going? After learning that the aliens can’t detect the Humanichs right away, we can anticipate a showdown between Lucy and Ado.

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