On ''Entourage,'' the animosity between producer E and director Billy finally gets physical; plus, Drama buys some medical marijuana

”Entourage”: It comes to blows

What did I find amazing about tonight’s episode? Not that at long last E and Wally Balls finally threw down. Not that Drama looked ridiculous wearing a trucker hat — hell, the majority of Los Angelenos wouldn’t know a big rig from Optimus Prime. Nope. It was the trailer for Medellín that played at the end of the episode. Wasn’t that preview more captivating than any of the coming attractions for tent-pole movies that aired before the showings of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix? I’d go see Medellín in a heartbeat. Wow. Go fake trailer director!

So tonight the brouhaha between Billy and E finally boiled over into a broth of insults and fisticuffs after the trailer of Medellín leaked onto the Internet. I wonder what pissed E off more: being accused of leaking the trailer or being told he had a Napoleonic complex by Wally.

Did E actually do it? I think no. My bet is Lloyd. But no matter — everyone in Hollywood knows that if something leaves the editing room, it will at some point end up on the Internet. Just ask I Heart Huckabees director David O. Russell.

Now, let’s pause briefly to really enjoy the moment when E took down Wally Balls with ”a sucker punch” at Barney’s. Delicious. But I wanted longer. I wanted more intense. I wanted something more than a torn fancy shirt! The animosity between these two has been building all season, and when things finally go Jerry Springer, there is a cutaway after two seconds. Come on! I’m glad it happened, but I still feel ripped off. I wanted a Dynasty homage with the two ending up in a pool. Shoulder pans and big hair optional — I’m not picky.

Luckily, it still seems that fireworks may be ahead, thanks to Ari Gold. Acting like the pig we love, Ari persuaded former coworker-flame-hater Dana Gordon to get Vince on the mountain-climbing film Lost in the Clouds, which screams a big payday and ”eh” reviews. (See 2000’s Vertical Limit for the typical crappy climbing movie. Fun to climb a mountain in real life — not so much fun to watch. Which also goes for car racing, volleyball, and motorbike racing. See Days of Thunder, Side Out, and Supercross to confirm my point.)

In the highlight of the episode, Ari took Lloyd out on the town to sabotage former protégé Josh Weinstein by persuading Josh to pull client Heath Ledger from the film. How to accomplish this task? Convince Josh that a love affair between the climber and his Sherpa is the subtext of Lost in the Clouds. After Brokeback Mountain, no agent worth his 10 percent would let Heath near that movie. As Lloyd pointed out after hearing that The Rock was in consideration to play the Sherpa: ”I think Heath and The Rock would make a hot couple, Josh. I wouldn’t worry about it at all.” Which, of course, set Josh off to yank Heath from the project and make room for Vince. Hurrah! Except that the director set for the film wanted to work with Heath only. A problem for anyone but superagent Gold, who concocted the perfect plan. Sell the film as a reunification of the Medellín dream team: Vince, E, and Wally Balls.

A nice piece of plotting. With work on Medellín nearly finished, there needed to be something major at stake to force E and Wally together. A big payday would be it. Especially since I don’t buy Vince’s claim that Wally is simply a crazy artist. He’s crazy, and he’s an artist, but the chance to become an A player in Hollywood could force even a madman like Wally to be a good boy. And since when did Vince become the voice of reason? ”You’re supposed to have your head on your shoulders,” he told E after E threatened to clock Wally again. And damn right. Not everyone gets to be a diva, and certainly a first-time producer doesn’t. But since E and Wally made (mostly) nice while slumming during an Elvis Mitchell interview, perhaps the trio can work together again. I hope so, if only to see another WWF throwdown.

Oh, and Drama got medical marijuana. I don’t want to give Drama less time, but check out the last two seasons of Showtime’s Weeds to see this plotline done better and funnier.

So who really won the E and Wally fight? Did you think the Medellín trailer looked good? Did Turtle and Drama belong in this episode at all? And what would you prefer to see more of on Entourage: the inside-showbiz stuff or Vince just hooking up and acting like a star?

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