On ''Entourage,'' Ari expertly sells the new script Vince and Walsh want to make instead of ''Lost in the Clouds''; meanwhile, E misses the whole thing while dealing with Anna Faris

”Entourage”: Flipping the script

Remember that HBO show about the inner workings of Hollywood as seen through the eyes of a rising star and his three buddies? Well, it’s back. After several stand-alone episodes (Mrs. Ari does a soap! Drama has sex with a furry!), Entourage returned to the land of scripts, studios, and Wally Balls. And none too soon, with only a pair of episodes left in the season.

Last night opened with E whining to the group about his conflicted feelings taking Anna Faris on as his second client. In a moment that screamed ”foreshadowing!,” Vince wished E the best of luck but reminded him, ”I only ask that you make sure that my career attention does not suffer.” And we didn’t have to wait very long to see that was exactly what was E was going to do. The mini-manager spent most of the episode in the Hollywood hills sans cell reception while tending to Anna Faris, her self-esteem-lacking boyfriend, and a weird poofy dress that looked like it was stolen from the set of Cheech and Chong’s movie The Corsican Brothers. Anna’s boy toy was irritating, E ineffectual, and it sure looked to me that the Scary Movie star was flirting with her new manager by the end of the day. Will love bloom between those two or was I just imagining a ”moment,” much like E did last week?

So, what was the big brouhaha that E missed? As usual, the trouble started with Wally Balls, a.k.a. the incomparable Billy Walsh. While Walsh did deliver on his promise to dash out a movie script in six weeks, he just didn’t deliver an adaptation of Lost in the Clouds. Instead he wrote an original sci-fi screenplay called Silo. ”Blade Runner meets Field of Dreams” was the Hollywood-speak used to describe the story of farmers in the future discovering a race of underground people. Doesn’t that sound more like The Time Machine meets The Milagro Beanfield War? Anyway, not surprisingly, Ari’s old flame and studio bigwig Dana Gordon was not happy about the new turn of events and demanded Ari fix the situation and get the movie everyone had agreed upon back on track. But there was a hitch: Vince wanted to do the new movie and drop Lost in the Clouds. Seriously, what is Vince’s problem? The movie star was in love with the project and now’s he’s just willing to drop it in a New York minute? Not much of a passion project, if the passion dies every time a shiny new script rolls by.

So Ari’s new dilemma was to get the studio on board for Silo. It was a moment that proved why superagent Ari Gold is superagent Ari Gold. Like a master chess player crossed with a flim-flam man, Ari decided to convince the studio head that the script was brilliant and a far better choice then Lost in the Clouds — especially since that project was dead with Vinnie out. After breaking into the studio head’s office and locking the door behind him, it was pitch time. Ari sang for his supper by selling Silo like a summer blockbuster, and when push came to shove, Dana was there to back him up. As Ari told Dana earlier, ”You better get behind this if you want to save your ass.” And save her ass she did, by agreeing the script was ”excellent” — even though she only read the first 15 pages. Ah, Hollywood. Out there the first 15 pages are all that matters, and even if those are trash, the big question still is: Can it be marketed? Plus, Dana was as wise as a Tinseltown Yoda by croaking, ”Why do I need to read it? I have a go movie.”

By the time E returned, everything had changed. And that might include his place in the group, since he was MIA for all the commotion. If Vinnie realizes that his career can do just fine without E babysitting, then perhaps he’ll be ready to sever ties at some point? Think that might be the story arc for next season? Chances are we won’t see Vinnie figuring out his staffing issue soon. The coming attractions for next week focused on the gang flying to Cannes for the premiere of Medellín, so maybe we’ll get to see the hilarious footage of Drama in the faux film.

My questions to you: Are E and Anna moving toward more then just business? What other movie combos would you use to describe Silo? Who had the fouler mouth this episode: Ari or Dana? And Turtle didn’t get high once? What gives?

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