On ''Entourage,'' Ari and Eric trade fibs; meanwhile, Turtle shows some talent as a rap-music impresario

By Charles Curtis
Updated January 13, 2007 at 05:00 AM EST
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”Entourage”: Ari’s lies catch up with him

Somebody (perhaps it was The New York Times, which officially declared the show a hit last week) recently pointed out that there was a specific reason that Entourage?s second season was gaining momentum and popularity: There are so many more cliff-hangers this year (e.g.: Will Leonardo DiCaprio star as Aquaman? Will Terrance steal Vince?), as opposed to the little one-episode adventures that end happily (e.g.: the Chinese Red Bull commercial). That also explains why so many of you readers have posted comments that scream at HBO to make this show an hour long, since you?re so often on the edge of your seats, wanting to find out what?s next.

After watching Aquaman take another hit and Turtle begin to show he has talent for something that could actually make him money, I realized the season finale is fast approaching. And we TV junkies know that the set-up for the finale begins a couple of episodes before. I decided it would be fun to predict five events that will happen by the end of the season. I swear on E’s Maserati that I do not have an advance copy of the last two shows at the moment (and I didn’t even watch this week’s coming attractions), so this is pure guessing:

Turtle will be summoned to the East Coast by a celeb — perhaps the newly monikered Diddy or someone of that stature The writers must have decided Turtle needed to expand his role like the rest of the cast. So they gave him an ear for rap talent, though I don?t believe for one second that Queens Boulevard director Billy Walsh would even give him the time of day to listen to his suggestion. We all know there?s no way Turtle wants to give up his life in Hollywood, but imagine if someone told him that if he comes to New York, in a few years, he could be a mogul like Russell Simmons. He?d have the decision of his life at that moment — the perfect dramatic recipe for a season-finale subplot.

Aquaman will be fine Don?t believe the hype. Once again, solid job by Eric fending off Mandy’s own entourage of agents and assistants, especially icy Barbara Miller, played by Beverly D’Angelo. At some point, since Vince is a professional, he will dig deep and make this movie. Next season, we?ll be following him and the posse as the movie opens.

(By the way, I loved Barbara Miller’s treatment of Ari. I always enjoy it when the show reveals that Ari’s just a puppy compared to some of these Hollywood types, or when we discover something salacious about his past, such as his accusing her of sexual harassment back when he was her protégé. Plus, she gave an Ari-esque retort to Eric in the elevator that definitely left a mark.)

Vince and Mandy will not be fine She?ll realize she?s making a huge mistake jumping into a relationship so soon after breaking things off with her fiancé. Vince will be heartbroken and will want to stop working on Aquaman altogether. E will somehow save him and get him back on the set. Chances are he’ll do that by getting Aquaman to tell Aquagirl he has to fight for justice without her.

Terrance will call dibs on Vince, E will try to persuade him to switch, but then E will find out that Terrance tried to get Sloan to campaign for her dad Very complicated! A few weeks ago, I said, ”Could Sloan be using Eric so that he?ll persuade Vince to switch agents?” My guess is she actually likes Eric, but evil Terrance will want to enlist her in his efforts to bring Vince and Eric to the dark side. (I can still hear Malcolm McDowell warning Ari, ”I’ll be watching you.”) When E finds out that Terrance tried to use Sloan, he?ll tell Vince that although Ari may be a liar, he?s still the man who brought them Aquaman and should still be their agent.

Ari will get his way Isn?t that what this show is really about? Look, I didn?t appreciate the whole lying war that went back and forth between Gold and his client. I have a feeling he?s going to come back very ticked off after driving all the way to Napa to find he?s been punk’d. Like a good agent, he?ll put all of that behind him and prepare to fight to the death for his client with Terrance. When he comes out victorious, he won?t be afraid to let everyone know nobody can take Vince away from him. Perhaps Jeremy Piven’s performance in the finale will be the clincher for an Emmy win, too.

What do you think? What are your predictions for the last two episodes? Are you buying Turtle’s latest story line? And do you think people in Hollywood are really this verbally abusive to each other?

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