If Dorothy and Lucas had Facebook in Oz, their relationship status would be 'It's complicated.'
Emerald City - Season 1
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For all of Emerald City’s shocking episode enders, tonight’s deserves a special shout-out. I wasn’t sure what I thought would happen when Dorothy, Lucas, and Silvie arrived at Glinda’s castle, but I most definitely wasn’t expecting … well, that. Even knowing Lucas was sworn to serve the “Good” Witch of the North didn’t prepare me for their reunion. As the show hurtles toward its conclusion, let’s start the recap of “They Came First” with our trio, shall we?

Dorothy and Lucas have a strange morning after

Following their “escape” from Emerald City last week, tonight opens with Dorothy, Lucas, and Silvie taking a pit stop on their way to a farmhouse outside of Gillikin, where they plan to stay the night before continuing north to Glinda’s. Silvie’s enjoying a rest in the middle of a picturesque green field when a pack of wolves starts approaching out of nowhere. Though Dorothy begins frantically screaming Sylvie’s name to warn the girl, she can’t hear thanks to those darn earplugs. Luckily, Dorothy’s panic activates the gauntlets, which release a shockwave of sorts and block the wolves from getting to Silvie. Crisis averted.

When they arrive at the farmhouse, Lucas heads in first to make sure it’s safe. After getting the all-clear, he observes Dorothy and Silvie playing a simplified version of “I Spy” called “Somewhere.” Seeing how close they’re becoming, Lucas warns Dorothy she’ll have to give up Silvie at some point. Later, while cooking dinner, Dorothy admits he’s right — she doesn’t want to let her go. Lucas is all “She belongs to Glinda,” but Dorothy doesn’t like the sound of that. She’s obviously hesitant to reveal the deal she made with the Wizard, but when Lucas says he’ll take first watch after Silvie’s tucked into bed, the truth comes pouring out.

Dorothy admits the Wizard’s guards aren’t coming — the Wizard let them go because he “wants to help” her. Her unofficial beau is not happy about her dishonesty, but Dorothy explains: “I lied because if you’re with Glinda … If you fight for her, we’re not on the same side.” Lucas approaches her and tenderly puts his hand on her cheek. “There’s only one person I fight for,” he says before they kiss.

The next time we see them, they’re clearly postcoital, but their morning-after glow is short-lived when Dorothy confesses that she’s leaving to face Glinda alone. “If I can convince Glinda to not go to war with the Wizard, the Wizard can take me home,” she says. “How could you let Silvie love you if you knew you were leaving?” Lucas asks. “How could you let me?” She wants him to stay behind and protect Silvie, but he just wants her to admit she’s scared of losing them after what happened with her mother. (Talking about someone’s mama is always a cheap shot, Scarecrow.) In a nod to the episode’s title, Dorothy says she has to return to Aunt Em and Uncle Henry — “They came first” — and with that, the farmhouse starts flipping over.

As it turns out, Silvie overheard their argument and immediately went into a magical trance at the thought of Dorothy leaving her. She only comes out of it when Dorothy says there might be a way all three of them can stay together. “Would you like to come to Kansas with me?” she asks Silvie, whose eyes return to normal as she nods in agreement. (That was quite the effective tantrum, huh?) Lucas is on board, too, and it seems our trio is headed for a happy ending.

Until they arrive at Glinda’s, that is. Before they enter the castle, Dorothy tells Lucas she plans to use the gauntlets against the cardinal witch if she has to, if Glinda won’t agree to leave the Wizard alone. Once inside, Glinda appears and thanks Dorothy for returning Lucas and Silvie to her. She then walks up to Lucas and plants a kiss right on his surprised lips. Though he’s initially caught off-guard, his memory seemingly returns and he steps forward to kiss Glinda again — while a confused Dorothy looks on. Their next exchange is nothing short of heartbreaking:

Dorothy: “Lucas?”
Lucas: “That’s not my name.”

Turning back to Glinda, he says he’s returned to their fight against the Wizard and is seeking leniency for Dorothy, since she helped him in Nimbo and all … even if she was sent by the Wizard to kill Glinda.

Lucas: “I’m sorry, Dorothy, but they came first.”


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Meanwhile, a threatened Wizard — still reeling from last week’s news that Mother South has been busy making young witches — instructs his guards to round up every young girl in Emerald City under the guise of a plague. Eamonn tells the townsfolk the girls must be seen by the medic, but really the Wizard wants to track down every witch who could possibly endanger his rule, regardless of age. He seems unbothered when Eamonn tells him the people are scared: “Good. People don’t revolt when they’re scared, they revolt when they’re angry … or if they think I’ve lost control,” he says.

The Wizard pays a devastated West a visit and asks for her help in singling out the witches amongst the girls who have been quarantined. She refuses to help the Wizard kill them, but he insists he wants to keep them safe from Glinda. He plays on West’s guilt about her role in sending witches to fight (i.e. to their deaths) against The Beast Forever and gives his word he’ll entrust the witches to her care. Doesn’t anyone realize the Wizard’s promises mean nothing?

Alas, no witches are found in the group of girls assembled so far. But the Wizard’s guards are still searching, and give chase to one little girl as she runs and hides from her would-be abductors. When they find her, she levitates, sticks her arms out, and screams, causing an explosion. The Wizard arrives on the scene and assumes the guards and the girl are dead, but West — ever the badass — walks straight into the flaming ruins and comes back with the young witch perfectly intact.

Despite his “word,” the Wizard calls for an iron carriage to take the girl away, insisting he has to protect his people. West, though, has other plans: She uses her magic to create a sinkhole and trap the girl inside, seemingly setting her aflame rather than leaving the young witch’s fate in the Wizard’s hands. Later, we see the girl’s twitching body in a random field with West, who ends up putting her out of her misery while apologizing for not keeping her safe.

It’s then that West spies Tip — who seems to genuinely care about her mistress — holding the jewel-crusted knife she brought with her from Mombi’s, explaining the crest belonged to King Pastoria’s and was handed down to his daughter (Princess Ozma) at her birth. This isn’t exactly a big reveal, as it’s been assumed Tip is Princess Ozma since the series premiere, but I’m pretty interested to see where this storyline takes us in the remaining episodes.

Surprisingly, the Wizard ends up returning the girls to their families, but not without delivering some good old propaganda first. He admits he can’t control magic and claims it has to be extinguished. In flashbacks, we see that all members of the High Council were forced into the fiery sinkhole to meet their deaths — but the Wizard tells the townspeople they gave their lives trying to apprehend the threat of magic. He then makes this shocking announcement: “At least now we know the hard truth … witches are The Beast Forever!”

Them’s fightin’ words, for sure.

Langwidere and Jack continue their complicated — and slightly inappropriate — rapport

Elsewhere, Jack tries apologizing for the death of Langwidere’s father on their way out of Emerald City. But Lady Ev is clearly in no mood to be coddled and instead chooses to lash out at her only “friend.”

“Why are you talking? Everything you say is wrong, everything about you is wrong,” she spits at him, before stopping the caravan and forcing him out of the carriage. As Langwidere heads back to Ev without him, Jack stumbles backward into a watery ditch on the outskirts of The Screaming Forest. Not sure exactly what that is, but it sounds dreadful.

The water rusts Jack’s new body, effectively leaving him immobile in the forest as darkness descends. Finally, Langwidere appears on horseback to rescue him, bringing oil with her to grease up his parts and get them moving again. I’m not sure how to put this delicately, but she seems to, um, enjoy rubbing the oil into a particular body part, if you get my drift. (Again, isn’t Jack a little young for her? This aspect of their relationship totally gives me the creeps.)

Upon their return to Ev, Langwidere leads Jack into her father’s suite — well, hers, now that she’s Queen of Ev. She reminisces about her father, explaining he was the only one to ever see the real her. She starts taking off her mask, but Jack stops her, saying he already sees her. The two kiss before Langwidere stands up and starts to undress. I wonder if their morning after will be better or worse than Lucas and Dorothy’s?

That’s a wrap for week 7! We’re in the homestretch now, with only three episodes left until Emerald City’s conclusion. Were you as surprised as I was to see Lucas turn on Dorothy so quickly? Is anyone else weirded out by the Jack/Langwidere pairing? And am I the only one who wants to see Tip kick everyone’s ass? After all, Princess Ozma is the rightful ruler of Oz in the original books.

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