Alliances start to form in anticipation of the coming war.

By Kelli Bamforth
February 03, 2017 at 10:00 PM EST
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War is coming to Oz.

We’ve essentially known this since the series premiere, yes, but after tonight’s episode, it’s clear The Beast Forever isn’t even the biggest threat to the world Frank Morgan has claimed as his own. No, it’s the witches — whom the Wizard imprisoned and repressed into practical servitude — who are rising up to take back what’s theirs, using the very elements he outlawed. The question is, who’s on what side?

Such alliances start to take shape in “Beautiful Wickedness,” but as usual, it’s hard to know where everyone’s true intentions lie. Let’s dig in.

We start with a flashback to 1996, when Frank worked at Vortex Research Laboratory in Topeka, Kansas, along with Dr. Karen Chapman (Dorothy’s mom), Dr. Jane Andrews, and another doc whose first name is Roberto. They’re scientists working to generate clean wind energy. It’s obvious Frank is more of an underling versus a full-fledged member of the team, and Karen seems to be the only doc who treats him with kindness and respect. When something goes wrong during a test run, Roberto heads to the vortex chamber to shut it down manually and is promptly knocked unconscious.

Karen and Jane run in to save him, with Frank closely on their heels. He’s not there to help Roberto, though, but to (presumably) be in the room when the power they’ve generated transports them to Oz. Did he know what would happen? If so, how?

We don’t know yet, as the show quickly takes us back to present day, where a thoroughly confused Dorothy is wondering how the Wizard knows her. He tells her she was born in Oz and asks if Dorothy’s there to kill him — something her mother wouldn’t approve of, he claims. Meanwhile, Eamonn is interrogating a restrained Lucas to find out what really happened in Nimbo, but the memory is lost. Lucas wants Eamonn to torture him to bring it back — but also because he thinks he deserves it for killing those men. Anna walks in and places a weird device on his head, presumably to coax those lost memories to the surface, but it doesn’t work. Eamonn enters the Wizard’s chambers to tell him as much, but not before drawing his sword on Dorothy.

The Wizard calls him off, explaining Dorothy is his guest. He’s trying to gain her trust and talks her into giving him a single bullet as a gesture of good faith, but he obviously wants it for the coming battle against The Beast Forever. In return, he allows Dorothy to visit Lucas, whose memory is actually intact but protected by magic. Finally reunited, the two kiss before Dorothy begs him to lie to the Wizard to save his own life. Alas, he wants the truth and is willing to risk his life to get it, just like her. In walks West, who’s been enlisted to break the spell. Upon seeing Dorothy, she says “Nobody told me it would be a threesome.” Oh, West. You always know how to make an entrance.

Elsewhere, Elizabeth is arguing with the Wizard about not being allowed to “read” Dorothy as the first sign of The Beast Forever. He’d rather she concentrate on “the soldier with magic upon his head” or the fact that Lady Ev hasn’t agreed to build his weapons. He sends her away and asks Anna to take her place as head of the High Council, and she agrees. Perhaps the Wizard isn’t the only power-hungry character on this show?

West’s first attempts at obliterating the magic in Lucas’ mind doesn’t work, but it does reveal itself to be Glinda’s magic, which only further arouses her curiosity. Since cardinal magic can’t be broken, she’ll have to work around it — and for that, she needs a conduit, someone close to Lucas who can slip past the defenses in his mind. Over Lucas’ objections, Dorothy volunteers.

Tip, whom West had sent away for more tea (is there an opium rehab in Oz?), stumbles upon Jack as he follows behind Langwidere with her luggage. She’s shocked but relieved to see her friend alive, but Jack is understandably pissed about being left for dead. Tip apologizes and begs him to stay with her, but Langwidere pushes Jack to show Tip what she did to him. He reveals his new mechanical heart to a horrified Tip as Langwidere pours salt in the wound: “The old Jack may have been your friend, but the new Jack is mine.”

A short while later, the Wizard brings to Langwidere the bullet from Dorothy and again asks for her help in creating the weapons necessary to defeat The Beast Forever. His proposal: produce the bullets (and the guns that fire them); she takes half to fortify Ev’s defenses and he keeps the rest. However, the ill King August is looking for his dead dog, and Langwidere leaves without giving the Wizard a definitive answer — though she does say they’ll talk if he brings her the gun.

NEXT: Glinda’s master plan is revealed

As it turns out, Dorothy and Lucas’ connection is strong enough for West’s idea to work — all it takes is a bit of chanting on West’s part and some mysterious liquid (that, grossly, looks like milk) poured over their touching heads for him to let her into his mind. What was Lucas hiding from the guards in Nimbo? A wagon full of young witches for Glinda, who’s building an army against the Wizard with the help of her MOTHER. Yep, Mother South is apparently alive and well — and making young witches to restore their magical ranks.

West, angry and upset that Glinda would hide their own mother from her, warns the Wizard of what’s to come. It’s then he realizes that Glinda put spies (i.e. the High Council) under his roof and that Anna has betrayed him, but I’m not so sure the latter’s true. Anna might have been sent by Glinda, but she seems pretty loyal to the Wizard. All that won’t matter in the episode’s closing moments, of course, but we’ll get to that soon enough…

The Wizard, assuming Sylvie is one of those young witches, orders Eamonn to find her. Dorothy sets out to look for the girl, too, after Elizabeth comes to free Lucas on Glinda’s orders. “You are sworn to her as I am,” she says to Lucas, before warning Dorothy she’ll have to choose a side in the coming war. Dorothy and Lucas won’t leave without Sylvie, so off she goes.

Here’s where the question of alliances starts to come into play. Eamonn, who seemingly had wanted to kill Dorothy even after the Wizard offered his protection, escorts Dorothy to Sylvie and hands her over safely. Is he another agent working for Glinda, or does he just not believe in killing little girls, no matter how witchy they may be? Either way, Dorothy asks Sylvie to hide with Toto while she goes to find help getting past the Wizard’s other guards.

Instead, she finds the Wizard and asks him the question that’s likely been on every viewer’s mind since last week: “Are you my father?”

In another flashback, we see baby Dorothy in a Munja’kin village hut with her mother and Frank. Jane returns from a meeting with East, who has agreed to summon her own tornado to send the trio (now quartet) home. Unsurprisingly, Frank doesn’t want to leave and tries to assert his power, boasting he’s the one who found this new world and admitting he locked Jane out of her computer to destroy it. New mom Karen accuses him of killing Roberto, who, it turns out, is Dorothy’s real dad.

Back in the present, the Wizard tells Dorothy his father was a smart, kind man whom he tried to save. Thankfully, Dorothy doesn’t believe him and accuses him of lying to everyone. “We do what we can to survive,” he mutters before asking Dorothy where Sylvie is. She refuses to tell him and says he’ll be safe if he lets Sylvie return to Glinda in the north. Ever the negotiator, he brings Dorothy to a vortex chamber underneath Emerald City, claiming it can send her home if she agrees to stop Glinda and prevent a war from tearing Oz apart. “I’m not going to kill someone just so I can go home,” Dorothy responds. “Are you sure?” the Wizard asks.

We don’t get a response, as the two are distracted by screaming outside. They follow the sounds and discover King August turned to stone, his hands grasping the gates of Emerald City as if he had been trying to escape. The next morning, Lucas finds Dorothy, and they leave with Sylvie in a covered wagon. Elizabeth tries to stop Dorothy from going and says Glinda won’t be pleased that Lucas and Sylvie have an extra traveling companion. Guess we’ll see next week, huh?

The Wizard and Eamonn spy Elizabeth and Anna talking about Glinda’s plans. (Unbeknownst to him, though, it seems Anna wasn’t entirely aware of her role in said plans.) Eamonn informs his boss that the wagon carrying Lucas, Dorothy and Sylvie won’t be stopped and tells the Wizard he places too much trust in Dorothy. Perhaps not… she did hand over the gun and apparently agreed to stop the war before it even starts, using the prodigal Sylvie to turn Glinda to stone. Say it ain’t so, Dorothy?

In the episode’s final minutes, Lady Ev — distraught over the loss of her father — is preparing to leave Emerald City when the Wizard and his guards come upon her. Their exchange goes something like this:

Lady Ev: “I wish to leave this place forever, and I will return with all the soldiers of Ev, and we will turn your Emerald City red with blood.”
The Wizard: “Your call for vengeance is justified. But we are not your enemy, for it is Glinda who claimed your father and it is Glinda who should feel your wrath … with this.” [He shows her the gun] “It’s strong enough to kill a witch, strong enough to kill The Beast Forever. A demonstration!”

And with that, the Wizard whips around and SHOOTS ANNA dead in front of everyone! That’s cold-blooded, even for him.

The Wizard: “Make these guns. We take them to war, a war on magic for the very soul of Oz.”

Anna, we hardly knew ya.

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