Dorothy and the Wizard come face-to-face — and, of course, there's a twist.

By Kelli Bamforth
January 27, 2017 at 10:00 PM EST
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Tonight’s Emerald City episode gave me everything I wanted — more of the delightfully unhinged but can’t-take-my-eyes-off-her West, a gathering of all the major characters in the same vicinity (though they don’t all know it yet), and a face-to-face meeting between Dorothy and the Wizard. It’s also the first episode that literally left me gasping at the end, which isn’t too easy to do after my many years of excessive TV-watching. Without further ado, let’s get to it.

Well, so much for Ojo being an ally for Dorothy … It turns out he’s kidnapped her and brought her to West, who’s promised to bring back his wife from the Prison of the Abject in exchange. (Silly Ojo, don’t you know you can never trust a witch?) While Dorothy’s locked up in West’s dungeon, Jack and Lady Ev are riding into Emerald City amid great fanfare for the Festival of the Beast. It seems like a rather joyous celebration considering The Beast Forever’s imminent return, but I guess when life’s about to give you hell on earth, you make lemonade (or something like that). Meanwhile, an injured Eamonn has returned to Emerald City with Lucas and Sylvie in tow and continues to insist that Lucas isn’t a traitor.

West starts her interrogation of a restrained Dorothy, who’s not so forthright in giving West the answers about East’s death she’s so desperately seeking. In between the indentured Tip bringing her opium tea, West threatens to “suck the lies from Dorothy’s marrow,” which I suppose is persuasive enough for Dorothy to direct her to the gun in her bag. When West unknowingly points the muzzle in Dorothy’s direction, she flinches and inadvertently shows the witch how to use the weapon. Luckily, West doesn’t realize the chamber is empty, so when she pulls the trigger, Dorothy’s brains stay in her skull versus dirtying up the dungeon — though a frustrated West knocks her unconscious instead.

Meanwhile, the Wizard has invited Ev’s royal family to Emerald City to ask for their help in building weapons to defeat The Beast Forever. With Emerald City’s “expert knowledge” and Ev’s “technological prowess,” they will win the coming battle, so says the Wizard. Hilariously, Lady Ev/Princess Langwidere manages to provoke a bickering match between Elizabeth and Anna — two of the Wizard’s most trusted advisors who disagree about what the signs say regarding The Beast Forever’s return — so the Wizard doesn’t get an answer quite yet.

West contacts Glinda with the magical equivalent of FaceTime to tell her she found their sister’s killer. Ever the control freak, Glinda tells West not to do anything until she arrives. A frustrated West again yells for tea, and again Tip brings it on command. Obviously pleased with her new pet, West orders Miranda (the “old” Tip, she explains) to check on the prisoner and empty the chamber pot. Dorothy’s awake and using her foot to pull a piece of glass closer to her when Miranda enters and dumps the dirty liquid into something that leads to Emerald City’s sewer system. Seemingly pissed at being replaced by Tip, she steps on Dorothy’s foot and pushes it into the broken glass. Ouch.

In another part of the city, Sylvie awakens a sleeping Lucas and lets him know Dorothy’s nearby. The two quickly set off to find their fellow traveler, who’s admittedly seen better days: West has returned and is basically like, “no more Mrs. Nice Witch.” With one flick of her magic finger, she pulls Dorothy into a standing position, across the room, and into the air before resuming her questioning. She wants Dorothy to tell her why East was coming to see her and whether she was acting as someone’s agent when she killed her … basically, any information about the circumstances of her death.

When Dorothy answers “I don’t know” in response to “Who’s K. Chapman?” West contorts her body into painful-looking positions, prompting Dorothy to finally admit K. Chapman is her mother. After some pointed comments about how wretched Dorothy must be for her mother to have abandoned her, West drops the levitating Dorothy to the floor, hard. That’s when East’s bejeweled gauntlets randomly reappear. When West grabs Dorothy’s hands, what looks like flames shoot up into West’s arms and cause her to scream out in pain.

NEXT: The Wizard has good taste in music

We return to the Wizard, who’s asking King August if he can count on Ev’s support in the beastly battle to come. August, however, reveals he’s lost a marble or two when he 1) asks the Wizard to resurrect his dead dog in return, and 2) can’t remember exactly which year his beloved pet passed away. The Wizard confronts Langwidere, who doesn’t hesitate to reveal just how much she despises Oz’s ruler: Though he saved Emerald City after The Beast Forever’s last visit, he left Ev’s people to drown, including Langwidere’s mother. “I want to see Emerald City laid to waste and I want to see you drown in its suffering. And when The Beast returns, I shall have my wish.” Girl doesn’t beat around the bush.

A now-unrestrained Dorothy is trying to open the door to the sewer when she hears Tip outside. Begging for Tip’s help, she’s understandably shocked when Tip reveals her true identity as the boy Dorothy saved from Mombi. Given everything that’s happened to Tip since then, she’s less than eager to help Dorothy escape — for now, at least. When the dungeon door opens and another prisoner is thrown inside, we see it’s Dorothy’s mother (or, really, West disguised as Dorothy’s mother). She urges Dorothy to think back to when she killed the witch, and the series of flashbacks we see in Dorothy’s mind reveals that East was coming to tell West something about Glinda before she kinda-sorta committed suicide.

A bit later, Glinda arrives and briefly plays nice with her surviving sibling until it’s discovered Dorothy has escaped (with the help of Tip, who didn’t want another death on her conscience). Tip displays some impressive acting chops when she calmly claims to have been making West’s tea all day, so it must have been Miranda who set the prisoner free. The easily convinced West throws Miranda into the sewer, and the poor servant’s dead body washes outside just seconds after Dorothy emerges unscathed. Perfect timing, huh? Later, Elizabeth shows West some footage of a meeting between East and Glinda on the day of the former’s death, contradicting Glinda’s earlier statement that she hadn’t seen their sister in years. Uh-oh … Glinda’s got some ‘splainin to do.

We make a brief stopover to the Wizard, who shows Anna the bullet pulled from Eamonn’s body and tells her it’s powerful enough to kill The Beast Forever. How does he know what it’s called and what it can do? We’ll get to that.

Elsewhere in Emerald City, Lucas and Sylvie — who were out searching for Dorothy in the festival — are confronted by the Wizard’s guards. Lucas single-handedly takes most of them out before asking the last one how he ended up in Nimbo. It turns out some guards pulled over Lucas’ wagon, and when Lucas wouldn’t show them what was inside, he emerged with a sword and killed 10 men. The visibly distraught Lucas surrenders and makes Sylvie promise not to use magic for his benefit. Though Eamonn later tells his men to free Lucas, the memory-stricken Scarecrow tells Eamonn his men were right after all.

Before I get to the episode’s final (and juicy!) moments, I have to mention tonight’s interesting rapport between Jack and Langwidere. Throughout the episode, they go from Jack being her “property,” to Jack explaining to her the nature of friendship, to Langwidere planting a big ‘ol smooch on Jack’s lips when he saves them from some drunken villagers. Methinks he’s a little young for the princess, but what do I know?

Anyway, here’s where the hour gets really good: A mask-wearing Dorothy leaves the festival and wanders around Emerald City, eventually stumbling upon what looks to be the Wizard’s quarters. The sounds of Pink Floyd are emanating from an out-of-place portable cassette player (huh?) and we glimpse the Wizard relaxing in a chair by the fire. Dorothy turns off the music, the Wizard rises to face the girl who fell from the sky, and the would-be enemies have the following exchange:

Dorothy: “Pink Floyd?”
The Wizard: “How did you know that?”
Dorothy: “We both come from the same place, don’t we?”
The Wizard: “Are you here to kill me?”
[She takes off her mask]
Dorothy: “Do you know my mother, Karen Chapman?”
The Wizard: “What? Dorothy? Oh, my god. Dorothy, you’ve come home.”

And that’s all, folks. Hit the comments with your reaction to tonight’s big reveal, and I’ll see you back here next week!

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