The Wizard's guards catch up to Dorothy
Emerald City - Season 1
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I’ve got good news and bad news. Good: Tonight’s Emerald City continued the faster pace of last week’s episode, moving the narrative further along and making me genuinely excited to see what happens when all the different plotlines converge into one big battle for Oz. (Again, I’m assuming that’s where we’re headed, though I don’t have any inside information confirming my hunch.) Bad: The short, quick scenes made for some jagged storytelling and practically gave me whiplash. Back and forth we went, from Dorothy and Lucas to Jack, and then over to Tip before checking in with the Wizard, repeated ad nauseam.

So, to simplify things, I’ve decided to break up tonight’s recap by the four major storylines we’ve got happening so far. Let’s dig in.

Dorothy and Lucas

Our favorite travel buddies are trekking through the woods, avoiding the yellow brick road in hopes of staying clear of Eamonn and the Wizard’s guards. Dorothy’s getting restless and wants to get to Oz already, but Lucas just wants to keep them alive.

Out of nowhere, a girl appears and grabs ahold of Lucas, clinging to him as if he’s her long-lost dad. (Is it just me, or are most of the kids on this show creepy AF?) Dorothy tries to get her to talk, but the girl stays mum, preferring to stick close to Lucas, for which I can’t really blame her. Lucas wants to keep moving and leave the girl behind, but Dorothy insists on returning the little one to her village.

Problem is, no one recognizes the girl, at least at first. Finally, a woman approaches and refers to the girl as Sylvie before hugging her and thanking Dorothy for her daughter’s safe return. The husband seems shady, though, and Dorothy is obviously getting some bad vibes from the pair. She asks to go with them to see where Sylvie lives and make sure the girl’s all right. When they get to the house, though, the parents don’t seem too enthused about giving Dorothy the grand tour.

Lucas, having stayed behind with Toto in the woods to keep watch, spies the Wizard’s guards and whisks Dorothy away. Ever the stubborn heroine, she runs back and hides near the house, pulling out her gun in case s— hits the fan. (How many bullets are left in that thing, anyway? That’s when she tells Lucas to get naked … but not for the reasons you think.

Dorothy disguises herself in Lucas’ clothes and breaks into Sylvie’s house, where she finds the girl shaking and sitting between the charred remains of the couple who claimed her. (Told you, creepy AF!) Her pupils are dilated and it’s obvious she’s responsible for whatever happened to those people. Dorothy doesn’t shy away from murderous kiddos so easily, however, and takes Sylvie with her when she leaves.

Unsurprisingly, they don’t get too far when they stumble across Eamonn, who’s finally found his prey. He’s in the middle of sentencing her to death when he sees the handle of Lucas’ sword sticking out from her jacket. He recognizes it, saying he’s been “hunting for the owner of this sword for a very long time.” When Dorothy refuses to give up Lucas, Eamonn slaps her. Dorothy’s all “oh no you didn’t” and fires a warning shot in the air to let Eamonn know she’s not one to be messed with.

Lucas runs into the scene and grabs Sylvie, and the trio makes a run for it with Eamonn following closely behind. When the Wizard’s right-hand man refuses to let them escape, Dorothy shoots him and he falls to the ground.

The next time we see them, they’re hiding in the woods next to a small fire while Sylvie sleeps. Dorothy starts telling Lucas about the role of science and magic in her world and pulls out an iPod to show him an example. Bill Withers’ “Ain’t No Sunshine” starts to play, and though Lucas is initially spooked, he starts a dance party then and there. (Just kidding.) Later, they’re sharing the earbuds and discussing Eamonn’s claim that he knew Lucas, though he called him Lowen back in the village. “He knew who I was,” Lucas whispers as he leans in closer to Dorothy. “The man I am today is who I want to be.” And then, finally, they kiss.

Unfortunately, the sexy vibe is short-lived — when they wake up the next morning, they hear footsteps approaching in the snow. Dorothy takes off in one direction as Lucas runs off with Sylvie in the other, only to run straight into a very much alive Eamonn on horseback. Dorothy, meanwhile, is knocked unconscious when a wooden throwing star hits her in the head. It’s Ojo, who, despite injuring Dorothy, has probably returned to fulfill my prediction and become her ally.

NEXT: Tip is caught between two powerful forces

The Wizard

The ruler of Oz is having some trouble enforcing his no-magic rule over in the town of Nimbo. His vengeance comes in the form of burning some of its villagers to death, but the guards he’s sent to do his dirty work discover a magical-looking tunnel hidden away in one of the buildings. When word gets back to the Wizard, he insists on going to Nimbo himself to investigate and refuses Elizabeth’s offer to accompany him. Instead, he frees Anna from her dungeon and puts her to work.

On their way to Nimbo, the Wizard confesses that Anna was right — he can’t bring back the giants. She tells him it doesn’t matter, as the giants wouldn’t be able to kill The Beast Forever anyway. Not this time. “I feel this beast will come from the sky,” Anna says. “It will have a brain and a heart and will be possessed of relentless strength.” (Is Dorothy really The Beast Forever? Lame.)

Though the Wizard feels defeated, Anna reassures him that if The Beast Forever has a heart, it can be killed. She also rests her hand on his in a very affectionate manner, which completely grosses me out, TBH. It was obvious last week the Wizard has a thing for her, but how she could possibly return his feelings is beyond me. He wears a toupee!

They arrive in Nimbo to the screams of an angry alderman named Jeremiah, whose family members are dead thanks to the Wizard’s punishment. Jeremiah insists there’s no magic in Nimbo, but the Wizard sends Anna to investigate the magical tunnel. She reaches out to touch it, and it explodes before disappearing completely. What if that was Dorothy’s way home? The nerve!

Anna is injured but soon wakes up to the Wizard sitting next to her. “I thought I’d lost you. I don’t know what I would have done,” he says. She basically tells him thanks, but no thanks: “I chose this path, service over pleasure, and I cannot stray.” Not sure there’s much pleasure there anyway, Anna. You’re good.

The Nimbo story concludes with Jeremiah urging the townspeople to embrace the Wizard’s teachings and “allow science to rule the day.” It seems he caved quickly to the Wizard’s will, but it makes sense when the camera pans out to show two of the Wizard’s guards holding a knife to the belly of Jeremiah’s pregnant daughter. Nothing gets people in line like the threat of violence, I suppose.


A distraught Tip, wracked with guilt over seemingly killing her friend last week, is about to leap over a banister to her own death when a guard from the City of Ev talks her down. He takes her to Glinda’s orphanage, where the Good Witch of the North encourages Tip to follow her teachings and eventually become a member of the Wizard’s council to protect Oz. West is there, too, but wants Tip to join her at the brothel instead. (She’s a little young for that, don’t you think, West?)

With two powerful witches giving her two very different options, Tip easily has the best line of the night when she says, “So you’re saying my only choice as a girl is nun or whore?” Oh, Tip, you just succinctly summarized the problem faced by every grown woman when looking for a Halloween costume.

It looks like her desire to forget her past — especially after what happened to Jack — will push her to choose West’s offer. But last we see Tip, she’s telling West she doesn’t want to forget anymore.

What she wants is West’s magic. (Dun dun duuuun.)


Turns out Jack survived last week’s fall, waking up this week in a medical-type setting straight out of The Blacklist — in other words, shady, scary, and probably illegal. (But then again, this is Oz … I’m not sure the regular laws of man apply here.) A doctorly figure named Jane hovers over him, urging him not to be frightened. In my experience, that’s exactly when you should be scared sh–less, but I digress.

When Jane’s done performing whatever procedure she did to save Jack’s life, she shows him the reflection of his new body in a mirror. The scene has a definite Star Wars vibe, as three out of four appendages have been replaced with metal. She even swapped out his heart for some mechanical version she says will never break. And there you have it — Jack’s our Tin Man.

Jack struggles throughout his recovery but eventually regains the ability to walk, climb stairs (albeit slowly), and grab objects with his new alloy fingers. He also catches the attention of a strange masked woman whom we come to learn is Lady Ev — and when Lady Ev wants something, she gets it. Though Jane wanted him to stay in her care, she brings Jack to Lady Ev’s castle and leaves him there at her request. I’m hoping her intentions aren’t sinister, but I guess we’ll find out next week.

And that’s a wrap for episode 4! Do you think Ojo has come to aid Dorothy? Will Tip decide to go with West or stay with Glinda, the seemingly “good” witch whom I suspect is far more dangerous than her sister? How does Jack fit into the larger narrative here? Hit the comments with your thoughts!