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When a Russian oligarch is killed, and his assassins murdered, too, Sherlock and Joan must find the person who put out the hit

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January 22, 2016 at 03:14 AM EST

Meanwhile, Morland Holmes has invited Joan out to dinner. It’s strange and uncomfortable, and that’s even before he asks her to look into blood banks that could possibly store his blood for use in emergencies. As is the case with Morland, there’s usually more to the story, though. It’s just up to Joan to figure out what that is.

Based on the tip from Harry, Sherlock and Marcus visit the strip club where Maxim was shot. Sherlock, after delivering a treatise on how stripping encompasses the art of seduction and quite a bit of psychological analysis, manages to pick out the Russian stripper who spooked Maxim’s bodyguard. He’s seen her files in London; she’s a Russian spy.

Just like everyone else, she says she had nothing to do with Maxim’s murder. In fact, she says Maxim was in the United States to negotiate his own kind of deal, as well, something with a diplomat, but she can’t be sure what exactly he was up to.

That mystery is quickly solved, when back at the station a woman named Cindy Park shows up and explains almost everything. She’s a diplomat with the U.S. government, representing Ukraine, and was working with Maxim to negotiate a peace in the war between the Russians and Ukrainians. Also, she identifies the drive-by assassins as ex-Ukrainian military. Considering the nature of that deal and the sensitivity of the issue, she informs the NYPD that federal agents will be taking over the case.

Still, the case bothers Sherlock. Would the Ukrainian government really want Maxim dead? Probably not. So who stood to benefit from the Russian-Ukrainian war continuing? The best answer he can come up with is an arms dealer, and there’s someone in particular that knows a bit about arms dealers.

Joan pays another visit to Morland and asks him to look through a list of arms dealers and tell her who was making the most money off of the war. That leads to Joan and Sherlock questioning an ex-CIA arms dealer, but he also insists that he stood to benefit from the war ending and would therefore have no reason to kill Maxim. He says that if the detective are looking for who would benefit from the war continuing, it’d be best to look at the sanctions put on what Russia is allowed to export during the conflict.

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