The right couple heads home as Planet Mirrorballus celebrates its 300th episode; we all fall a little more in love with Sharna and Gleb

By Annie Barrett
Updated May 15, 2013 at 05:09 AM EDT

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Season 16 has been truly crazy in that each week, the right person has gone home. It’s unheard of! Quite frankly it freaks me out!

Dapper Ingo Rademacher and Flapper Kym Johnson waltzed away from Planet Mirrorballus — frame intact! — on tonight’s results show, which was also the 300th episode of Dancing With the Stars. Ohhhh. So that’s where the best years of my life have gone — disintegrated into the shimmery ether, never to be seen again. Oh well! Could be worse. I could be reporting liiiiiive from Earth instead. How awful!

As the lowest-scorer this week, Ingo completely expected his elimination. Truth be told, he thought he’d be outta there long ago. Sometimes he said “within the first two weeks,” and once he said “on Week 4.” Whatever! Making it to the semifinals was a surprise for the German-born, Australian-raised, Hawaiian-by-marriage soap star who looks absolutely fabulous in pink.

Ingo’s ballroom legacy includes a few very decent dances, multiple memories of him lookin’ hot in either pink or Just a Vest, and possibly the cutest kid to ever sit on the edge of the Rectagon: Peanut, the Tot-emacher. (Some of you have mentioned that in German, this nickname carries undertones of death. I still don’t care! It’s so good!)

Zendaya and Val Chmerkovskiy joined Ingo and Kym “in jeopardy” but were “not necessarily the bottom two.”

Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough got the Len-core this week — I noticed her opening dip-to-the-floor was even more oww-inspiring than Monday‘s, and instead of finishing the Argentine tango clutching Derek’s leg from the side, she wrapped her entire body around it from behind. Meaningless details! I like ’em. Aly Raisman and Mark Ballas and Jacoby Jones and Karina Smirnoff will round out the Final Four. All deserving. Well done, America!

I had two favorite moments tonight — that amazing group opener choreographed by Jason Gilkison, and the fiercely wind-blown “bedroom dance” (literally, this time) from season 16 breakout stars Gleb Savchenko and Sharna Burgess. I loved singer-songwriter Christina Grimmie’s stirring cover of Drake’s “Take Care,” but what’s more, I loved how the dancing never stopped for the sake of cutting away to the musical guest. Her rendition perfectly complemented the dance and it was just such a dynamic, balanced performance.

Source: Vine

I was really FEELING SOME THINGS during this one, as Gleb and Sharna thrashed around, mirroring the white wind-plumped panels that were like the ghosts of their tense relationship (or maybe the ghosts of all of Gleb’s past ponytails) catching up to them. That Sharna can really tell a story with her choreography. I’m so glad they’re both here.

Exalt her!

A whopping 300 episodes down the glittery boob tube and I’m somehow still aliiiiiiiive!

Just wanted to give you an alternate angle to the main recap photo. It’s screengrabs like this that remind me why this often inexplicable, absurdly long-running show is so magical.


NEXT: The Top 7 moments of the results show

Annie’s Top 7 (“Seh-vehhhhn!“) Results Show Moments for Tuesday, May 14, 2013

7. Val mentioning his initial disappointment that Zendaya was his partner, and Tom’s reminder post-segment: “Val, you don’t always have to be honest!”

6. The split-second fear that Peta might pierce her own skull with a backward-lashing high heeled kick during her little pre-commercial jaunt with Dmitry

5. Ten-year-old pirouette phenom Sophia Lucia’s reaction to the blondes: “OMG. It’s Chelsie Hightower and three other girls!”

4. “It all sounds better with an accent.” –Tom’s brilliant way of breaking the ice after The Wanted’s well-intentioned but jilted delivery of rehearsed lines about hungry American kids. (Visit to learn more.)

3. “What’s great is I’m deaf, dumb, and have no memory.” –Carrie Ann Inaba

2. The Cheryl Burke/Louis Van Amstel pairing: A DWTS classic!

1. Aly’s sparkly-bangle kleptomania. I admire her so much more now. She’s right — there are hundreds of them just wasting away in a saturated rainbow up in wardrobe. Wouldn’t any of us do the same? (I’ve given away five of my six bangles from my first visit to the show, if you were wondering — to friends, super-fan guests, and my mom. Worst decisions I’ve ever made. Aly, you’ve got the right idea, girl. Hoard dozens in your bag and never let them go!)


Happy with the results show? Discuss!

In the meantime,’s Hidden Gems of the Semifinals await your expert appraisal….


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