July 08, 2013 at 01:48 AM EDT

And we pick up where we left off: Creepy brain-shrink Vogel revealing to to Dexter that she knows his deepest and darkest.

We see her 1980s-era videotaped interview with Dex’s dad. Harry is explaining that his stabby son wanted to see a murder scene, so he snuck Dex onto one and he found it more fun than a water park and roller-coaster park combined.

Harry is wound so tight that he wears his shirt buttoned to the top with a tie even while confessing his parenting issues, no acid-watched jeans and Swatch for this man. Also, this marks the first of this hour’s “But Why…?” question flares: Why would a cop talking about such sensitive and criminal family secrets allow his interviews to be videotaped?

I’ll try to keep such questions to a minimum since enjoying Dexter requires certain amount of “why the f–k not, just go with it” casualness. There’s a thin line between smartly pointing out crime thriller plot holes and being that annoying friend you can’t watch sci-fi movies with (“This is bulls–t, there’s no sound in the vacuum of space!”). I suppose Vogel might have been able to videotape the interview without Harry knowing, but that seems unlikely since camcorders were the size of small watermelons back then. (Also, do people still say “camcorder”?).

So as many of you suspected last week, Vogel proudly helped Harry write The Code. She’s his silent ghost writer, as it were. Dexter describes her as Dr. Frankenstein even faster than us recappers can reference it. “I should have chilled some champagne,” she says of their meeting in her white austere bachelorette pad.

We learn the brain-scooping serial killer that Miami Metro is hunting left a piece of his last victim on her doorstep. She suspects the killer is a former patient, perhaps one who’s angry about her “unorthodox” and possibly illegal treatment methods. She wants Dexter to take him out before the police find him and he spills her secrets, or before he kills her. “Sooner or later, somebody’s going to be holding a piece of my brain in a jar,” she says — good motive.

“I don’t take requests,” Dex says, so she gives him another video to help persuade him.

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