Bree and Gaby continue their friendship despite a ruckus, while Susan connected with Paul, Felicia connected with Mrs. McCluskey.
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Not every week of Desperate Housewives can be action packed. That was evidenced by last night’s light and fluffy episode, which featured Susan having dreams sexy dreams about Paul Young; Lynette being irritated that she was relegated to being a second-class citizen at Tom’s executive conference; Felicia and Mrs. McCluskey hanging out heavily; and Bree and Gaby continuing their friendship in private.

While last week featured the fiery, in-the-woods showdowns between Felicia and Paul and then Carlos and Bree, and the week before concerned the fallout after Beth’s suicide and the release of Felicia from jail, this week was pretty tame and — as you might guess, when it comes to Desperate Housewives sometimes — full of cheap gags.

The biggest gag? The one between Gaby and Bree where Bree instructed Gaby how to make a pineapple upside down cake via the phone. The pair weren’t supposed to be talking, per Carlos’ demands, but alas, they did, and Gaby left a piece of what was very clearly Bree’s famous pastry on her kitchen counter. Carlos noticed, smelled a rat with the cake, and insisted that Gaby replicate the cake that she supposedly made…in front of him. Never one to back down, Gaby —who was referenced more than once as the woman who “ordered Chinese for Christmas” — accepted the challenge and executed the cake by taking instructions from Bree via a Bluetooth headset that she hid with her voluminous locks.

“There, one perfect pineapple upside down cake,” Gaby said at the end of the truly hilarious exercise. “If only trust were as easy to make.” Ultimately, though, Carlos was on to her continued relationship with Bree, after he discovered a hair from Bree’s head on her new coat. Carlos was none too happy, and forced her to choose between him and Bree. “Who do you want in your life: me or Bree?” And it was a shocker — really, quite a shocker — when the next scene with Gaby featured her asking Bree if she could stay with her for a while before she scooted Juanita and Celia into her house. Guess Gaby made her decision — or at least she’s making a point to Carlos until we see what transpires next week.

Lynette, meanwhile, continued her silly storyline where she’s irritated at the life she leads as the wife to the powerful executive her husband Tom now is. “It may be small and red,” Lynette said at Tom’s executive conference where she was saddled with a plus-one lanyard and relegated to such activities as flower arranging while he got to do interesting executive-type things, “but this lanyard is not better than a burka! We need to storm the gates and demand to be let inside. C’mon, rise up! If we do it together, we will not be denied!” None of the other spouses — including Bob’s partner Lee, who was also at the conference — cared as much as she did, and Lynette eventually embarrassed herself by taking the space of a high-powered woman executive and giving her keynote speech.

NEXT: Susan’s sex dreams…about Paul Young!

Renee, who the producers continue to under use, showed up at the end of Lynette’s story line to offer advice: “You can be a wife, or you can be a first wife,” the divorcee said. It doesn’t seem like there’s a divorce to be had here, but clearly there’s not much for Lynette to do in the wake of Tom’s recent successes at work.

The kidney-cured Susan veered into a silly story this week that found her having torrid sex dreams about — of all people! — Paul Young. “Is it common for patients to have sex dreams about the husbands of their dead donors?” Susan asked her doctor, who suggested that she talk to Paul as a cure. “My guess is your dreams won’t stop until you do,” the doctor said. So Susan went to talk to Paul and ended up making nice with him and making a pot of potato leek soup for him. “Paul, you have to let me talk to you,” Susan said. “Because you’re a mess and someone has to do something. And okay, I’m having dreams about us.”

As you might imagine, the soup didn’t limit their interactions. Susan eventually got personal. “I remember a guy that used to live on this street—he taught my daughter to swim, he made a killer barbeque tri-tip, he had a laugh you could hear three houses away,” Susan said of the Paul she remembered. “I liked that guy.” The two connected, but it didn’t seem to go much further than just that comment.

The final interaction of the evening, surprisingly, was between Mrs. McCluskey and Felicia, who stopped by the old lady’s house. “I’ve kept your secret,” Felicia reminded Mrs. McCluskey. “I’ve never told a soul about your role that night, and I never will.” Say what? It turns out that Mrs. McCluskey ran into Felicia the night that she framed Paul for her murder by cutting off two fingers and running away. The geriatric has been keeping her secret this whole time, and it turns out that Mrs. McCluskey didn’t even know that Felicia was out of jail and back on the lane — or that Beth Young was her daughter. “Haven’t you heard?” Felicia said. “I’m moving in next door. We’re going to be neighbors.”

Felicia eventually relayed the whole Beth story to Mrs. McCluskey, including why her daughter shot herself. “I hope you keep this story between us,” she told Mrs. McCluskey, “at least for now. Beth would hate for all her friend to know what a fool she was.” The end game of the interaction was that Mrs. McCluskey basically pledged her loyalty to Felicia, which will likely come back into play during the eventual end-of-season showdown between Felicia and Paul Young.

But Desperate Housewives TV Watchers, what’d you think of last night’s episode “The Lies Ill-Concealed”? Were you impressed? Did it feel like a light hour? Are you dying for Bree and Carlos to duke it out? Are you bored by Lynette’s in-the-shadows storyline? Are you suspicious of why Felicia befriended Mrs. McCluskey? Let your thoughts be heard in the comments!

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