As we head towards the season finale, Angie, Lynette, and Bree are all hostages in one way or another

By Tanner Stransky
May 03, 2010 at 07:56 PM EDT
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During last night’s rather good episode of Desperate Housewives, there was a particular moment that made my back tingle. Specifically, the point was what I’ll refer to as ”Lynette’s realization” — the exact second when the very pregnant woman figured out what kind of scary game Eddie was playing. I think the moment was so tingle-worthy mostly because the stakes seem so high for Lynette, who’s got to look out for her baby as well as herself. And at the end of the hour, not only was she locked inside the house of a crazy killer, but her unborn child was at risk, too.

The fact of the matter is that the best drama comes from high stakes. So for accomplishing this feat, I say bravo to the producers! This, as morbid as it may sounds, is the stuff that makes for great stories on Wisteria Lane. (Or, in this case, just off Wisteria Lane, as Eddie’s dumpy house is clearly on some sort of lesser street in the DH universe.)

What’s also magnetic about the Eddie storyline is how heartbreaking it is. Not only for all the lives that have been lost — or nearly lost, in the case of Julie. But for Eddie’s sad, sad life itself. My heart swelled a bit when, after Lynette figured out that things with Eddie weren’t adding up, he said: ”I really wish you hadn’t come here.” And earlier, as he moved out of the Scavo home, he hugged Lynette and said: ”I can’t help thinking I would have turned out so different if you were my mom.” Doesn’t that just make you well up? It seems that Eddie isn’t really that bad of a person but more just the product of a bad situation. Like, deep down, he seems like a decent person maybe? It feels weird to type that out about a serial killer, but honestly, Eddie doesn’t appear to be all evil. He’s got a heart. But he clearly just doesn’t know how to deal with his anger. As Mary Alice asked at the end of the episode: ”What about those poor people who are trapped by circumstance? What happens to those who have no choices left?” I’m happy to say that I can’t wait to find out next week during the season finale.

And if one hostage situation weren’t enough, Angie Bolen was still under house arrest with Patrick Logan, who finally revealed that he came to Wisteria Lane not only for revenge but to have her build a bomb for more of his crazy eco-terrorism. True, this storyline has finally gotten hotter and, subsequently, better. But, seriously, he needs Angie to build a bomb? He knows no one else who could do it for him? He couldn’t just Google it and find instructions? I realize that there’s more swirling in this situation — mostly revenge — but it seems ridiculous that I’m supposed to believe he couldn’t come up with a bomb on his own. Anyway, I suppose that’s really neither here nor there.

NEXT: What Carlos and Garfield have in commonThe Bolen storyline did bring Danny back into the fold, after Angie had banished him out of safety concerns. Now, like her, he too is trapped in the house, as Nick continues to recuperate in the hospital from last week’s hit-and-run. But maybe not for long, as Angie did manage to get an S.O.S. out to Gaby that she needs to get Nick and not the cops for help. Even though it was also preposterous, I loved the way that Angie used the lasagna for the note. Sort of totally fitting and true to her Italian roots, right? The thing I didn’t get is why lasagna would really be a thing for Carlos and Gaby. I mean, Carlos referenced his mama always making the pasta dish, but aren’t they Mexican? Not that people of Mexican descent can’t make Italian dishes, but it just seemed weird. I guess, in the end, it gave Gaby a reason to bug Angie for a recipe, and this is how she’ll eventually get involved with the fast-coming resolution of the Bolen situation.

Also, to backpedal just a bit here, did you viewers all note that reference to Carlos’ mother — and specifically how she died — early in the episode? It came during the lasagna conversation between Carlos and Gaby. I sort of wondered why it was included, but didn’t think too much more about it until we got to the climax of Bree’s storyline. I had nearly forgotten that it was Andrew who ran over Carlos’ mother so long ago. Armed with that dirty secret (which he obtained from a drunk Danielle a while back), Sam proceeded to blackmail Bree. In exchange for keeping quiet, she’d have to sign over her entire company. Yet another housewife being held hostage!

The thing that gets interesting here is the inter-locking possibilities for the storylines. The Bolens look as if they’re going to be using Gaby somehow (and thank goodness, since she’s been doing nothing for a while on the show!). And then, tied to that, we’ll find Gaby (and by proxy, Carlos) involved with Bree’s situation because of the fact that the blackmail information behind held over her involves how her son ran over Carlos’ mother. Interesting! What transpires in the finale could find all of these things coming to a head and winking at each other, which is just good storytelling.

The last-standing storyline that doesn’t seem to have much to do with anything else is Mike and Susan’s financial trouble. Susan thought she had the situation licked, after she went through Mike’s invoices and forced his delinquent customers to pay up. But then the IRS came calling, and the Delfinos made the decision to put their house up for rent and move to an apartment off Wisteria Lane. Obviously, there’s no way this is actually going to happen — one of the show’s main characters can’t simply move off the iconic street — but I also can’t really foresee in what direction the writers will take this for the finale next week. Well, I think I just can’t see any interesting direction the writers will be able to take this. Thoughts? How can this storyline possibly become riveting amid a bevy of storylines that do have some oomph to them?

What do you think, Desperate Housewives TV Watchers? Are you loving Susan and Mike’s financial-troubles storyline and I’m just not getting it? Any ideas on where Mrs. McCluskey could be? Or, for that matter, Katherine? Are you as stoked for next week’s juicy-looking episode as I am?

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