October 13, 2009 at 11:22 PM EDT

The happenings last night on Wisteria Lane were all rather run-of-the-mill, wouldn’t you agree? Tom started a garage band with Dave, but Lynette did her malicious best to stop it; Bree entertained estranged daughter Danielle, her husband, Leo, and their son, Benjamin, before screwing it all up, much to the chagrin of Orson; Gaby sold her fancy car and bought a lemon with a bad radiator from Andrew; Susan defended son M.J. from chubby bully Juanita Solis and ended up rumbling with pal Gaby; and Katherine and Karen pried deeper into the sketchy past of Edie’s hubby, Dave.

Admittedly, I don’t live in suburbia like these ladies and their husbands, but aren’t all these things the usual perils of the charmed life outside of the city? I’m waiting for something big to happen on Desperate Housewives. Sure, the catfight between Gaby and Susan was a riot, as was Lynette’s continued cunning bids to control Tom’s life. And that scene in the park, with Bree persuading tiny, vegetarian Benjamin to eat a hot dog, was just priceless. “You see, hot dogs and hamburgers are what make little boys and girls grow up to be big and strong,” Bree told her impressionable grandson before continuing to explain why his mom might not like him to eat meat. “Maybe she’s afraid if you get big, you’ll leave home and go play for the Red Sox.” What kid wouldn’t want to gobble down an entire pot roast after hearing that? I couldn’t help but smile when Marcia Cross was layering on her perfect wickedness in that scene. She’s so damn good at being Bree. And the interaction between Bree and Danielle was great, too, launching with the prim mother’s backhanded comment about her daughter’s “delightfully ethnic ensemble.” You could almost see the steam coming out of Bree’s ears as Danielle shattered all of the WASPy dreams she had for grandson Benjamin.

But I found myself constantly turning to the one huge piece of intrigue swirling around the lane: Dave Williams. The guy continues to be a complete mystery. As much as Mrs. McCluskey — and her slightly unwilling partner-in-crime Katherine — tried, they couldn’t get him to reveal any details about his past. All right, so when publicly pressed by Edie at Danielle’s welcome-home party, he reluctantly revealed that he’d never been able to go to college and it was a huge sore spot for him. But, c’mon, the guy is clearly lying! I guess you can’t say that to a person — especially to your husband — but a guy that smart definitely went to college.

As I sit here and think about what’s really going on with Dave, I can’t help but wonder: Is there a chance that when we find out what his damage is that we’ll just feel Applewhited? Of course, any longtime fan of Desperate Housewives could never forget the season 2 blunder that was Betty Applewhite’s move to Wisteria Lane and her ensuing mystery. After episodes of buildup and rattling chains coming from her basement, the story line was such a disappointment. Her mentally handicapped son had killed a girl and she was hiding him away from the world. But sometimes he’d escape and do weird things. Woooooo. Riveting.

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