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The team's final battle — this time, against the demon Mallus — is the series' trippiest, weirdest one yet

April 09, 2018 at 10:40 PM EDT

Beebo lives! (And Stein doesn’t. Yes, I’m still crying about that, aren’t you?!)

But anyway, that was…something. Very Legends. Totally bombastic. Completely absurd.

And yet, I loved every second of it. Were the twists predictable? Sure. Were Rip’s and Damien’s exits handled in an almost rudely ham-fisted way? Yes. Did the Legends birth not one, but two collective totem babies? [Insert primal scream.] Look, for all its flaws, the finale wrapped up the season with an hour that was entertaining, and that’s all I’m looking for from the Arrowverse’s weirdest show.

When the episode begins, the Legends are failing to subdue Mallus. They’re using their totems, but Mallus easily knocks Amaya aside, and Sara’s forced to pull back. She asks Rip for help, and he figures out a way to stall the demon: He removes the time drive from the Waverider, bids Gideon farewell, and walks out to face Mallus alone. The Legends have survived, but Rip decides he has to let the time drive destabilize and reach critical mass anyway because the Legends need time to figure out how to take down Mallus. The time drive will destroy Mallus — and with it, Rip.

In his final moments, Rip remembers his family and what it was like putting the Legends together, before saying goodbye to his successor. He tells Sara that he’s looking forward to seeing his family again, and that he hopes the Legends will live up to their name. And with that, Sara wishes him the best, Mallus attacks Rip, and gets sucked into the bright light that consumes them both.

Motivated now to do their best in the wake of Rip’s sacrifice, the team first gathers to toast their fallen captain, before trying to come up with a plan. For the time being, Sara has them travel to a temporal blindspot, the old West — Salvation in 1874 — where they hide so they can figure out what to do next.

While Sara takes Zari, Wally, and Mick with her, Ray stays behind in his lab, where Damien Darhk is also held. She advises him not to do anything stupid, but, well, that’s Ray’s M.O. — and soon enough, he’s concocted a plan for them to save Nora that requires him taking Darhk inside a jump ship to the events right before Nora’s death.

Nate catches them, but Ray simply — and messily — punches Nate to keep him away. Thrown over losing so easily to Ray, Nate stumbles to Amaya, who’s using their down time to go on another psychedelic vision quest. This time, though, she’s going farther back than ever before: She wants to consult her ancestors at the beginning and learn how they use the totems against Mallus. (Or as Nate puts it, pick up the “totem user manual.”) Nate, feeling that he’s just as guilty in destroying time as she is by helping save her village, takes a larger-than-necessary gulp of the substance and joins Amaya on her trip.

They end up having a vision that unlocks their path forward: Amaya’s ancestors had activated their totems together, to manifest a being of light against all darkness.

Yeah, it’s weird, but at least it’s flashy and gives the Legends something to do other than hide — which, even in the wild, wild west, doesn’t work out so well. Sara has taken her three teammates to a saloon so they can get their heads on straight — I like the way Sara thinks — and run into Jonah Hex, who’s now a sheriff and can’t seem to keep his eyes of Zari. But before they can have another round, they’re interrupted by Blackbeard, Caesar, and Freydis — as in, a trio of their former enemies from this season. This rogue gallery’s ready to take on the Legends again now that Mallus has activated them, and they’ve got an offer they think the Legends can’t refuse: Give them the totems by high noon the next day, or suffer the wrath of the combined forces of pirates, Romans, and Vikings.

Back on board the ship, the team begins to concoct a plan. Sara, as Zari explains, thinks they should find new totem bearers as their totem bearing did nothing to Mallus last time, but the Legends haven’t made a lot of friends who can come to help out. Jonah, though, who’s visiting Zari in her room on Sara’s orders (Sara only wanted to get rid of him), points out that the Legends actually have a knack for making friends. And then they shake hands to cut through the sexual tension, because this is Legends and it can’t help shipping every character with everyone else.

Anyway! Back on the bridge, a still-high Nate accompanies Amaya as she explains what they found out: that the team needs to use their totems together to create a being of light. (Just like Voltron!) Sara’s wary of the idea, but when Amaya points out that all throughout their adventures, they’ve run into connections that can’t be coincidences. Think Mick seeing his father, or Zari’s totem calling straight to Amaya — it’s all a sign that they’re supposed to be the totem bearers, Amaya argues. And finally, Sara agrees to at least try.

And so they do, with each totem contributing life to the being, including Death, which Sara once again wears, but without the witchy side effects. They grasp hands and try to focus on creating the being, but that’s not easy. While activating their totems, their minds link and they can all hear each other’s embarrassing thoughts — and eventually, something’s created, but it turns out to be a gooey monster that Mick immediately puts out of its misery.

Dismayed, Sara vows never to try again without new totem bearers. Lucky for her, Ava arrives with reinforcements right at that moment, including Helen of Troy, Kuasa, and Jax — yay Jax! — bringing up the rear. (Next: Praise Beebo)

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