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The grand finale of the four-way crossover concludes with a literal bang

December 02, 2016 at 02:15 AM EST

Because why worry now when there’s a party? Here are some of those great moments I was talking about before being Stein-tracked:

  • Felicity and Ray reflect on Kara. “It’s really like looking into a mirror,” she says. He ups the ante by going SUPER meta (heh, get it?): “You know what’s funny? She really looks like my cousin.” Aw, Brandon Routh.
  • Oliver apologizes to Kara, admitting Earth could really use a Supergirl. Kara, being Kara, says her Earth could use an Oliver Queen, and praises Oliver and Barry for being Earth’s mightiest heroes — another meta callout or slight dig at Marvel’s The Avengers. The conversation culminates in a group hug, which I’ll admit I had been waiting for during this entire crossover. Finally!
  • Cisco brings a gift for Kara — an interdimensional extrapolator, which will allow her to not only communicate with Earth-1 denizens but also allow her to travel to their universe anytime. Which begs the question: How often will we see this used as a plot device going forward? And will this allow her to tap into other Earths, too?
  • Older Suit and Glasses arrives to talk to Nate, but Kara reveals she’s taken care of his tirade against metahumans. She’s spoken to the president and he’ll be shipped off to Antarctica. He’ll blend right in with all the penguins and their suits.
  • “Hey Skirt, call me.” Oh, Mick.

After the party wraps, Sara, Diggle, Barry, and Oliver say goodbye to Kara, and they leave one by one, like a super-powered Ocean’s Four. Oliver and Sara talk about how they started all this by getting on the Queen’s Gambit, and while Sara says it was a gift to see what life could have been, she doesn’t seem completely over the bliss she witnessed. But then again, neither of them ever will be. “There she goes, off to her spaceship, time traveling as if it’s totally normal,” Diggle remarks as Sara walks away. He almost sounds like a proud father.

Speaking of which, Diggle forgives Barry — and then encourages Barry to forgive himself. To help, Oliver takes Barry for a one-on-one bonding session over drinks. The pair talk about potentially fighting each other again — smells like another crossover opportunity! — and realize the new normal is nothing but normal. They may always want things to change back to the way they were, but there’s no looking back now. At least, I hope Barry finally understood that.

And with that toast to things not being normal and life being full, Arrowverse finally wraps its biggest crossover yet. Judging this episode on its own, I’d say it didn’t feel at all like a Legends of Tomorrow episode, despite all the quips from Mick and the blue chyron and the time traveling. Though Stein got an emotional arc, the rest of the emotional story belonged to Barry and the tediously angry Cisco, making this almost like a second Flash episode. And at times, the budgetary constraints were glaring: Thea was awkwardly dropped off in Star City at the start of the episode and actor Willa Holland didn’t show up even for the final party, giving The WB and The CW a little more money to play with to fund the final battle and the team one less fighter in their ranks. Plus, having Oliver lash out at Kara didn’t just feel out of place, it was a transparent move to take Supergirl away from the run-in with Suit and Glasses so they wouldn’t have to VFX both Barry and Kara.

Yet, much of this episode worked as an hour-long finale. Everyone got a chance to shine, and though the Dominators’ motive is still somewhat muddled, the invasion sparked fun rapport among the teams — and isn’t that the whole point of a crossover in the first place? This might not drive any non-Legends viewers to watch Legends, but the episode gave plenty to Arrowverse fans. So, uh, any other alien species out there who want to invade Earth soon?

Episode grade: B+

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