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The grand finale of the four-way crossover concludes with a literal bang

December 02, 2016 at 02:15 AM EST

Go team! I mean, teams! Felicity stays in the hangar to keep watch, as she does, on the Dominators’ movements, reporting to Sara and Cisco they’ve dropped a metabomb over Central City that must be the source of whatever weapon they’re planning to use to wipe out metahumans. Sara and Cisco, aboard the Waverider, race to catch it. It’s not easy, of course: As they get close to it, they try to use a retractor beam, but as Cisco points out, it’s “barely” slowing it down.

So instead, Sara calls in reinforcements. Firestorm, who had been fighting alongside everyone else against the Dominators who descended upon Central City, flies to the bomb and tries to transmute it into something harmless. That, uh, is also much harder than it sounds.

Meanwhile, everyone else fights on a rooftop in an epic sequence that sees heroes running and flying toward the pack of nameless, deadly Dominators. Mick fries the freaks, Nate steels on, and Amaya taps into her elephant mode, while Oliver and Diggle fire away. At the same time, Barry speeds through the crowd to place a device Stein and his daughter (yeah, we’ll get to that) created that would cause great pain in the Dominators, but the trigger must be pushed at just the right time — after all the devices have been placed. (But what if Barry gets left with a surplus? Or misses a Dominator? Never mind.) As he does this, Oliver gets tossed off the building — but Kara, despite their earlier disagreement, catches him. Looks like Supergirl really is the best.

And so, after The Flash takes care of all the Dominators in Central City, he and Supergirl speed off to attach devices to all the Dominators in the country. Just as Felicity eagerly anticipates their signal to fire away, Sara and Cisco brace themselves for whatever Firestorm does. Jax is afraid he can’t transmutate the bomb, but after Stein tells him about his daughter and how it’s important to save the world, he does it — and causes the bomb to mutate into a harmless liquid. “They did it!” Cisco marvels. “They can do that?!” Yes, Cisco, they really can.

And so can the others. Oliver gives the order for Felicity to activate their weapon, and as soon as she does, the Dominators all fall to their knees and retreat. Not just the ones they’ve tagged, either, but everyone around the world. One of the ships flies right by the Waverider as it scurries out of the atmosphere. And as the heroes watch, Oliver praises Firestorm. “He did it,” he says. “No, Oliver,” replies Kara, before Barry adds: “We all did it.” They cap off their success with a heroic pose, a press conference, and a party.

You can see the heroic pose above. As for the press conference? Well, the new president — not Lynda Carter, by the way — announces (to an oddly small pool of reporters, considering the huge alien invasion) that metahumans are accepted and are heroes. And as for the party? There might just be too many great moments to name.

But first, we need to talk a bit about Stein. At the party, he and Jax reflect on what’s happened, as in the fact Stein has been having Flashpoint-caused memories of a woman he doesn’t know — and who he, in the crossover episode of The Flash, discovered was his daughter, Lily. In this episode, he had to work alongside her when Caitlin thought she, as an MIT graduate, would be a good addition to the counter-weapon team. He treated his daughter as a stranger, and the two only reconciled when he understood she wasn’t a time aberration to be erased, but a good human being and scientist who helped them figure out the weapon that took out the Dominators. Though he thought he had to go back in time and, well, c-ck-block his younger self, he isn’t going to anymore. When he tells Jax to not tell the team, Jax hesitates and wonders what that means… I guess we’ll find out next week.

NEXT: It’s a party and heroes will celebrate if they want to

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