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The grand finale of the four-way crossover concludes with a literal bang

December 02, 2016 at 02:15 AM EST

The CW’s epic DC crossover is over — and it finished with a superhero extravaganza well worth the wait.

As soon as Lyla mentioned the Dominators had been to Earth before, in 1951, I knew (and I’m assuming many of you did, too) the Legends installment would inevitably take characters to 1951. (It was either that, or traveling way into the future to talk to Future Barry and find out exactly what his message meant. But that seemed unlikely, even if seeing Grant Gustin in old-age makeup would have been a fun sight.) And so they did, as soon as the gang regrouped in the hangar and Nate brought up the first mission the Dominators carried out.

Felicity and Cisco, both eager to travel through time and, in the latter’s case, get away from Barry, join Nate, Maya, and Mick on the ship to kidnap and interrogate a Dominator to figure out how to stop them in 2016. And by “join,” I mean they geek out inside the ship but are told to remain behind while the Legends head to the site of the invasion. While there, Nate’s all dressed up in his new costume that Mick immediately calls out for being a sartorial celebration of July 4th, but Independence Day is actually happening in front of their eyes. The Dominators have descended in Redmond, Oregon, and are taking out soldiers so quickly, even Mick’s hesitant to get in on the action. And when has that ever happened?

Once the Dominators start retreating, though, Mick spies an opportunity to grab one and go. They successfully knock the Dominator out, but before they get a chance to celebrate, they’re knocked out by a team of suits led by a spectacled man who looks oddly like…

The government suit who talked back at Lyla in 2016 and is now surrounding Oliver, Barry, Sara, and Ray when they get called to meet the new (female!) president. Kara’s not there because, well, Ollie got all “unnerved” and decided he’d rather her stay back in the hangar — he just wants a sense of “normalcy” and she’s not “normal” and blah blah blah. Arrow viewers will remember this is pretty much the same speech he gave Laurel when she first started suiting up and training to be the Black Canary. Clearly, Oliver hasn’t learned a damn thing when it comes to accepting new and badass female partners.

Still, he’ll get his way — for now. Barry quickly takes out the bodyguards and their guns, but Suit and Glasses (okay, I’ll admit, I totally missed his name in all this… If you caught it, let me know!) tells them their disagreement’s not over. After all, the Dominators are here not just because they have beef with the metahumans, but because they have beef with one specific metahuman: Barry himself. Though Barry had believed the invasion had nothing to do with Flashpoint, it turns out his actions attracted the Dominators back to Earth, because they realized the growing number of metahumans would become a threat. And with that, Barry’s trapped, which is exactly where the Fastest Man Alive would rather not be.

Speaking of trapped, though, Nate, Amaya, and Mick are in a worse situation. They’ve been locked up in 1951 with the captured Dominator, and whatever tranquilizer the suits used also minimized their powers. Good thing Nate sees a silver lining in this: He points out this is what they wanted to do all along (i.e. get a Dominator in the same room and get a chance to interrogate him). It doesn’t start well, as the Dominator just screams in response to his opening line, but soon the two sides have an admittedly uneasy rapport. The Dominator reveals they’re only there to determine whether metahumans are a threat because the JSA has emerged. Before Nate can press further, young Suit and Glasses takes the Dominator away. For what? No idea.

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