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Chronos — surprise, surprise — ruins all of the team's plans

April 01, 2016 at 03:26 AM EDT

Time sucks when you’re not traveling in it — for time-travelers, anyway. Even though Sara, Ray, and Kendra found new lives during their two years left behind in 1958, their time away from the Waverider left them confused about their mission and weaker than before.

And it’s all because of Chronos. After the bounty hunter attacked the Waverider and forced Rip, Jax, Stein, and Leonard to fly away from their teammates, he shoots up the ship and takes Leonard with him — a kidnapping the other three should have realized was a clue to his identity. See, the man under the mask turned out to be Mick Rory, Heat Wave 2.0 who’s been with the Time Masters ever since they found him crawling around alone in the woods (and “strangling rats to survive,” as he puts it) after Leonard failed to kill him. At first, Mick plans to exact revenge by taking his ship to Central City, where he can kill Leonard’s sister Lisa over and over just for, well, the sadism of it.

But before he can go full Darth Mick, his ship picks up a signal: a time anomaly has occurred in 1960, where the Waverider made it after going into freefall while Rip rebooted Gideon, who Mick tampered with while leaving the ship with Leonard.

1960 is also where when Sara, Ray, and Kendra have ended up, but they’re no longer in Harmony Falls, where Vandal Savage is still hanging around. During those two years, the trio drove off to Hub City (hmm, no sign of The Question?), but a few weeks in, Ray’s optimism about their rescue drives Sara to realize they’re never going to picked up again by their friends. (After all, you shouldn’t be late if you have a time machine.) She heads off without telling the couple where she’s headed, while Ray and Kendra live as a couple in a large apartment with an abundance of board games and both get jobs at a local university, where Ray teaches a man whose son will be named Bill Gates (maybe it’s a different Bill Gates, Ray!) and Kendra works as a librarian.

During this time, Ray has been scavenging the future tech from his Atom suit to help build a beacon that would allow the Waverider to locate them if it were to ever return. But just as he’s ready to dispose of it on the day he planned to propose to Kendra, the Waverider appears and picks them up. Ray’s devastated — he loved being trapped in the late ’50s, what with his Eagle Scout sensibilities — but Kendra’s delighted. The pair argue about leaving behind their apartment and just how quickly Kendra adopted back modern clothing, as if the two years never existed, but with Rip intent on getting back on track, they prepare to leave.

The one catch? Sara, who Kendra realizes must have returned to Nanda Parbat, the one place she had felt at home before they went on their insane journey to stop Vandal Savage. Rip decides the team’s mission to go to Nanda Parbat and retrieve Sara won’t take much time at all, but of course, he has no idea Chronos is still tracking their every move.

But first: Hey look, it’s Matt Nable! Be honest: Did you like him as Ra’s his first time with the gig on Arrow? Because his guest turn on Legends of Tomorrow still didn’t feel impressive or imposing enough to capture the grit and violence of the League of Assassins. At least Arrow had this scene for him to work with:

Anyway, back to the matter at hand! Or rather, Leonard’s hand, which he sacrifices when he blasts a cold gun on it to free himself from Mick’s ship. Mick, off to pursue the rest of the team at Nanda Parbat, doesn’t know his kidnappee has escaped. Before either of them reach the shadowy organization’s headquarters, Rip carries out a simple, foolproof (to him, anyway) plan to rescue Sara: He’ll sneak into her bedroom, shake her awake, and bring her back on board the ship.

Naturally, the plan fails spectacularly. Sara, now a respected pupil of Ra’s al-Ghul who, because of “time drift,” has lost a sense of what she had been doing before she got left behind in the ’50s, has Rip and the rest of the “legends” gathered to be tortured and executed for trespassing. She still retains enough knowledge of her former team to make sure Stein and Jax are separated and Ray’s suit is taken, making her the best villain yet in this episode. (She’s not too concerned about Kendra, whose Hawk powers have since faded. Maybe Sara just innately knows that Kendra’s not up for a fight, at least not at that point?)

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In a last-ditch attempt to save himself and the others, Rip demands a trial by combat in a speech that’s nowhere near as epic as Tyrion Lannister’s but leads to a far more satisfying result: His champion, Kendra, manages to convince Ra’s al Ghul’s champion, Sara, to have mercy on the team. Remember: Sara had helped Kendra find her warrior, so naturally, Kendra can help Sara find her humanity! Or something like that. Mostly there was a lot of fun sword fighting and then Kendra figured out how to sprout wings again. Good going, “legends”!

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