It took 26 hours, but finally everyone has the right clothes and weapons
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The end of Daredevil season 2 brought with it a mix of emotions that characterized the new episodes as a whole. There were triumphs and moments of desperation, highs and Foggy-centric scenes. Overall, the season felt like an improvement over the first, but there’s still room to grow. And if anything is clear from the finale, the show has every intention of taking another swing on the billy clubs.

I also mean that in a literal sense because Matt received his signature baton from Melvin. Finally complete, Daredevil really does work on screen, but making viewers sit through 13 hours before they see the costume and another 13 before he gets his trademark weapon feels like the same philosophy behind downloadable content for video games? Why give the audience the full package up front? Let’s make them pay for it!

But now that we have Daredevil: Game of the Year Edition, the rest of the episode was satisfying. Netflix even threw in a fully costumed Elektra and Punisher as bonuses. Seeing all three of these heroes on screen in this state feels like a show I could have been more enthusiastic about throughout and less like a proper reward for marching through scenes of Karen happening into a journalism job and talking to her editor.

With a climactic stage all set and the players finally in their correct outfits, Daredevil delivered an hour big on action and laced with a few emotional moments.

Matt, having escaped The Hand with both Stick and Elektra intact, is having some trouble believing that his former girlfriend could possibly be the ultimate weapon, and it’s hard to blame him. There’s very little information given about the specifics of Elektra’s status as the Black Sky, what that means, and what The Hand actually wants with her. It’s actually unclear for much of the episode whether the ninjas want to kill her or just kidnap her. Stick suggests that they’ll murder Elektra as soon as they can, but Nobu does seem upset when she sacrifices herself.

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Oh, yeah, Elektra died. Did anyone expect her to make it through? But even as inevitable as it all seemed, her final moments with her beloved Matthew were some of the most affecting of the season, up there with Castle’s cemetery speech. The end of that story line also tied up the central struggle of whether Matt is more Daredevil or more neighborhood lawyer, as if he wasn’t favoring the former during the entire season.

There was a lot to like in the new Daredevil episodes, which succeeded by adding more of the superhero elements and pulling back on Foggy’s and Karen’s roles. Considering the state of the law firm by the end of the season, the writers may be ready to get rid of the more pedestrian story lines all together, which could help the series overall.

Other thoughts:

  • I’m pretty sure that Karen has no idea how to write a newspaper article, but why would she? She has no experience and is being trusted with 2,000 words in the Sunday edition. Do you think she was maybe a little bit relieved when The Hand kidnapped her, thinking this could get her out of writing the article? I would have loved to have seen a post-credits tag where her editors tells her how horrible the sub-Carrie Bradshaw writing is.
  • The moment when The Punisher snipes members of The Hand for Daredevil is hilariously similar to the end of Billy Madison when Steve Buscemi saves the day.

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