Watch as Matt Murdock proves he's seen at least half of a 'Law and Order' episode
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That Matt Murdock sure knows how to handle a hostile witness!

During the trial of the century — after Frank Castle takes the stand — the lawyer for the mass murderer runs into some trouble. The Punisher won’t answer any of Matt’s questions, and this after the lawyer pulls himself away from the more interesting story line. My other job has ninjas, Frank. Ninjas! So what does Matt do? He asks the judge to treat Castle as a hostile witness… and proceeds to ask him exactly zero questions! The result? The Punisher sits quite civilly while he’s listening to a broad speech about the city needing heroes, and the assembly breaks out into applause.

Goddammit, Murdock is a genius!

There’s a problem with a show when the courtroom drama aspect is more unbelievable than the army of stealth ninjas that runs along rooftops and keeps pace with a moving vehicle. That contradiction was on full display during the eighth episode of Daredevil season 2, which somehow had me nodding along to legends about immortal crime clans while rolling my eyes at due process.

Thankfully, “Guilty as Sin” brought back nearly every great aspect of season 1 to balance out the equation. This episode had everything: Scott Glenn’s old jacked arms, a bald Vincent D’Onofrio, and a bunch of ninjas. And when the show was channeling the strengths of last year’s episode and mixing them with what’s working this season, it was pretty great. The two came together to paint a larger picture of what’s going on here and finally continuing The Hand’s story.

Then, there’s Elektra. She has a secret — well, a few secrets. Obviously she’s been a duplicitous character from the get-go, but based on hints from Stick — who’s her master, by the way — there’s something strange at Elektra’s core that we don’t yet know about. Does she actually hate nachos? Is she actually a zombie? Joking aside, Stick’s comments about knowing her to “pull through worse” lead me to believe that the show is nodding in the direction of the character’s comic book history. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Elektra on the page or in bad Jennifer Garner movies, you might want to check out Wikipedia if you’re feeling spoiler-y.

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The other big reveal came in the form of Vincent D’Onofrio’s gloriously hairless head, which could not be more of a welcome sight at this point. There is literally no downside to injecting some of his fantastic weirdness into season 2.

Bring on more Wilson!

Other thoughts:

  • Who let the guy with the “Frank should die!” sign into the courtroom?” And secondly, how did that dude decide on what to write? Did he think to himself, Herman, now that the court has allowed signs into the trial, you’ve got three words to convey your message. So what is that? You believe that Frank Castle deserves to be punished for the crimes he’s committed, no matter how noble his intentions. How about “Frank should die”? Maybe an exclamation mark for impact.
  • I really like how even Matt knows that the lawyer scenes are not worth his time.
  • Why was Karen so mad about finding a blind guy and a sick woman in Matt’s apartment? What did she think was happening? I’m actually really curious.

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