Aren't we all The Blacksmith in a way?
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Daredevil must die… Wait. Is that right? Is that what he’s called now? Most people still called him the “Devil of Hell’s Kitchen” when I was alive. I don’t know. I was dead for a while. You guys were supposed to write down stuff that happened while I was dead so that this kind of thing wouldn’t happen. —Nobu

The penultimate episode of Daredevil season 2 split its time between Karen Page, who is now a journalist all of a sudden, and The Chaste members fighting against The Hand. One of the story lines was a surprisingly emotional peek into a character’s life, while the other felt like one twist too many.

And how can the newspaper afford to hire Karen for anything? They were barely able to pay Ben Urich. But that’s beside the point.

The episode began with a flashback, which proved that Elektra was always the most badass person around, even as a little girl. She had no problem making the other members of The Chaste seem like they were really under-trained, but that is explained later with the big secret about Elektra’s past finally revealed.

She is Mr. Robot.

No, actually, Elektra is the Black Sky, the ultimate weapon that The Hand has been training to procure for centuries. We’re not given any explanation about how she can be the Black Sky or how Stick came into custody of her, but we do learn a few things. She’s really good at killing. The act doesn’t seem to bother her that much. And if you give her a katana as a gift, Elektra will seriously consider betraying her old boyfriend and master.

That’s because all it wants — I’m sorry. All she wants is some love and acceptance. Stick hasn’t exactly provided that — though he may still have some big plan — but Matt’s dedication to Elektra turns her back to the side of good and stabbing guys to death with her sai. The main question now is whether she’ll survive the finale. Elektra and dying go hand-in-hand like Batman and being an orphan, but without Bullseye on the scene, that would be a major change in comic book lore.

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Elsewhere in the New York area, Karen is busy tracking down some secondary sources for a tell-all profile of Frank Castle, so she goes to the one person she knows to have had a history with The Punisher. And wouldn’t you know it! Colonel Clancy Brown was actually the Blacksmith the entire time! What an unbelievably unbelievable twist! It’s almost as if the show needed the drug traffickers identity to be somehow pre-baked into the story, but they couldn’t find any other options.

Colonel Clancy Brown seems to have been hinting at a reason for the coincidence, but the show will have to provide a pretty good reason why a former Marine officer happens to become a massively powerful drug lord and then gets lured into a sting operation in a super public place and the three bystander casualties happen to be the family of a fellow soldier.

Small world. Like, the smallest.

Other thoughts:

  • Those bamboo shoots physically hurt to watch.
  • Is Foggy “really good at his job”? He seems to live somewhere on the range from adequate to ineffectual.
  • How did The Hand figure out that Matt was tracking them by their swords?

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