Matt realizes that maybe murder is kinda cool, and we bid farewell to Luisa
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What was this episode about? Many, many things happened, but how those incidents are related or what they mean to the overall story of season 2, I’m having a really hard time parsing. Are we more concerned about the Hand or the Blacksmith right now? Which of the vague monikers is a greater risk to Matt Murdock’s beloved city? Where should he be allocating more of his superhero hours?

To me, the logical answer would be the Hand, which has already established itself as a ninja-skilled force of nature with powers that extend beyond the grave. And my God, they killed Luisa! (Not Luisa!)Those guys seem like they should be at the top of the priority list.

And yet, Daredevil is flung onto the case of the Blacksmith, presumably because it will allow him to share the screen with the Punisher, but that’s not the only problem. The show is so desperate to make us care about Castle and Murdock ridding the city of the Blacksmith, but it’s done nothing to establish why. We’ve been told that he’s dangerous, that he’s the real guy behind the murder of Castle’s family. That’s right. It wasn’t the Mexicans or the Irish or the bikers. It wasn’t Reyes or Dutton. It was this guy the Blacksmith. Daredevil can only extent that narrative carrot out so far before I start asking, “What’s the deal with that stick?”

Thus the show becomes desperate to convince us that the Blacksmith is really worth spending all of this time hunting. The biggest eyebrow raiser comes as Murdock admits that maybe, maybe this guy is so dangerous that he’s worth killing. This revelation comes after Daredevil has spent the entire season arguing with not one, but two other vigilantes about the pluses and minuses of murder. What is so bad about this Blacksmith guy — who so far is just a concept we’ve been recently introduced to — that makes him the one person Matt is okay letting die at Castle’s hands?

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Nothing. The show hasn’t earned it, nor has it earned Castle’s heartfelt reply that, no, Daredevil can’t give into the darkness. The Punisher has been all about killing, and his executions have gotten bloodier and more ruthless as the season has gone along. Why does he switch to dissuading people from murder now, especially when the target is the one guy who really has it coming from his point of view?

Other thoughts:

  • Why exactly did the hospital cover up the fact that the zombie kids killed Luisa and that one of the attacking ninjas had autopsy scars? Not everything has to be a vast conspiracy. We don’t know anything about why Metro-General would do this, so it doesn’t mean much when Claire nobly quits.
  • I still can’t believe they killed Luisa.

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