There's no such thing as death, but someone forgot to tell Reyes
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We’re now entering the home stretch of Daredevil season 2, and the myriad story lines appear to be heading to one big collision of an ending, with some teases already in place for next season.

The news on everyone’s mind is that The Punisher has escaped prison. District Attorney Reyes, who has been unbelievably mustache-twirly throughout this season, decides to continue her illogical streak and calls Matt, Karen, and Foggy in for questioning about the escape. Apparently, when you’re DA in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you get to have whatever job you want. You can call people in for questioning. You can yell “take the shot” during a bust. And you can be solely responsible for a drug sting operation that leaves three innocent people dead. Well, Reyes feels the sharp sting of wearing too many hats when a machine gun opens fire on her office and takes her out.

So long, District Attorney Reyes. You were terrible and no one liked you.

The most likely suspect is obvious. Reyes had made it her personal mission to lock Frank Castle away forever, or kill him if she could. After the assassination, the ADA admits that Reyes was behind the do-not-resuscitate order and the doctored photos. (Well, she had the one photo doctored and said “screw it” with the other one.) But is it really Castle? Karen thinks that the style of the hits don’t match The Punisher’s M.O., even though he took out the Irish in almost exactly the same style.

Karen’s theory seems to be confirmed, however, when Castle appears in her apartment right before another attack. So if it’s not The Punisher setting off these hits, who is it? Could it be the nefarious Blacksmith? My greatest hope is that The Blacksmith turns out to be just a guy who makes industrial furniture in Brooklyn. I feel like that would be a very real portrayal of the city today.

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Back on what seems like a totally different show, Daredevil is dealing with the fallout from his raid on The Hand’s facility and the discovery that Nobu is apparently very flame-resistant, but things are only getting weirder from here. It turns out that the captives weren’t just being drained of blood. They were having a toxin put back into their bodies for incubation, a process which has seemingly turned them into zombies.

So now there are zombies on the show.

Other thoughts:

  • Did we really need to get an origin story for Elektra’s sai? This series has put a great deal of stock in how much an audience cares about where things came from, but what would have really worked for the sai was a great reveal, along the lines of Elektra pulling up her mask at the end of episode 3. A dramatic introduction doesn’t necessarily need to come packaged with an explanation.
  • Why didn’t Daredevil just go after Nobu? The guy escaped on an elevator. That’s like trying to figure out which direction the train you’re chasing went. Just follow the tracks.

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