Including dog- and mud-induced deaths

By Dylan Kickham
March 08, 2016 at 02:08 AM EST
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Our return to the world of The Omen began tonight with the premiere of A&E’s Damien. In the 1976 horror movie, Damien is a young boy and the Antichrist who brings destruction to those around him. The Damien we meet in the premiere of the new series (Bradley James) is a 30-year-old photographer unaware of his biblical significance, but he’s quick to learn. Of course, this satanic discovery happens through some pretty crazy moments. Here are the six most shocking scenes from the Damien premiere:

1. A bloody “baptism”

Before the opening credits even begin, Damien is grabbed by an elderly woman on the streets of Damascus during a military raid. She holds his face and unexpectedly says “Damien, I love you; it’s all for you.” Even more unexpectedly, then her eyes roll back into her head and she begins speaking in Latin as Damien is sent on a flashback journey to his 5th birthday, which is interrupted when the women is struck in the head by a rock. Later, Damien finds out with the help of his colleague Kelly (Tiffany Hines) that the old woman was speaking the words God said in the Bible when Christ was baptized, also at age 30.

2. A foreboding follower

When Damien returns to the United States from his trip to Syria, he meets a mysterious woman named Ann Rutledge (Barbara Hershey). Though Damien hasn’t met her before, Ruttledge reveals she knows all about his life, telling him she’s in the protection business. Even creepier, she says she’s “been there, all along, right over [his] shoulder every step of the way.” She then disappears promising that they will meet again. Creepy stuff.

3. The “dog” in dogma

Damien’s search for what the truth behind the old woman in Damascus and his visions of his past lead him to a biblical expert, the student of Father Brennan from The Omen. The scholar lays it on pretty thick that Damien is obviously the Antichrist, but he’s not having it and storms off. After Damien leaves, the biblical scholar is attacked and killed by a group of dogs in a dual callback to the original film (the priest warning of the Antichrist dying early on, and Damien’s command over dogs).

4. A muddy murder

One of the most shocking moments of the premiere is the Ned Starking of Kelly Baptiste, who died after being set up in the series as Damien’s closest friend and possible love interest. While trying to get her car out of the mud, Kelly is pulled into the increasingly liquid sludge along with her car. Damien runs to try to pull her out, and it looks like he’ll be able to, until Kelly screams “Something’s got me!” and flies down into the mud.

5. A cracked Christ

Distraught after the death of Kelly, Damien goes to a church to yell at a large statue of Christ on the cross. He begins having flashbacks, remembering the scene that served as the climax of The Omen (his dad taking him into the church as a young boy in order to kill him, only to be stopped by the police). In his anger, Damien grabs the base of the large Jesus statue, and it begins cracking and then explodes into rubble.

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6. A frightening photobomber

Clearly losing it after his experience in the church, Damien happens upon the old woman from Damascus and pressures her for answers, but she leaves without telling him anything and takes a lock of his hair with her. When Damien returns to his place, he begins noticing that the old woman is in the background of all his photographs, even family photos of him as a child. At the episode’s end, we see the famous 666 mark on Damien’s scalp where the old woman pulled out his hair.

What were the creepiest moments for you? And what did you think of Damien overall? Share your thoughts below!


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