As Bobby and Ann rescued Sue Ellen, John Ross and Nicolas schemed for control of Ewing Global
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This hour was all about getting people into position for what looks like a barn-burner of a next episode. Is Southfork really going to go up in flames? While we wait to see…

We opened with Bobby and Ann trying to convince a doctor to release Sue Ellen from the sanitarium John Ross stuck her in. Yes, they know what damage being in one did to her years ago when J.R. put her away for her drinking. But they also want her out for the sake of Ewing Global. It was up to the judge, they were told. P.S. If Sue Ellen told you she only had ONE drink, Bobby and Ann, she lied.

John Ross finally fired his secretary, Candace, and he told Bum to look into her. No one has ever pursued him as hard as she had: “I’m cute, but I’m not that cute.” Ha. Off Bum went. And yet, he was not seen again.

Drew called Elena to tell her that he can’t sleep and he has to turn himself in. She said that wouldn’t bring Pamela and Christopher’s babies back and they’re both trying to move on, so he should just stay put. She told Nicolas that she probably talked Drew down from coming to Dallas, where he could ruin their plans, and Nicolas gave her a file that would put an end to Christopher asking her to play double agent.

Pamela came into John Ross’ office and revealed that he was tossing and turning all night, too. He seems to be somewhat genuinely torn up about his mother’s drinking, but bottom line, he can’t trust her. His new plan: He’s going to offer some sheik who J.R. had promised to go into business with a cut of the arctic leases in exchange for the capital to buy controlling interest in the Ewing Global IPO. The sheik was going to be in Vegas for a high stakes poker game that weekend. John Ross and Pamela headed there to close the deal.

Elena showed Christopher the file Nicolas gave her — a fake identity for him pre-1997. She said Nicolas had given her his name, Javier Hernandez, and she’d gotten the documents sent to her. She also said he changed his name so the parents who’d abandoned him wouldn’t come looking for money. Pretty solid cover story. Meanwhile, guess who just snuck across the border: Drew.

After we watched Harris tell Candace to give back the keys to her car and townhouse, as well as the dress, I thought she should just go to John Ross at that point and suggest he give her a thank you check for warning him about his enemy. She didn’t. Sue Ellen got a visit from Ann. Sue Ellen wondered if Pamela was strong enough to bear the news that John Ross was a cheater without turning into an alcoholic like her. Oh, I think she’s strong enough to make that boy pay.

NEXT: Emma finds out Candace’s game before Bum does

As Candace approached her home, she was greeted by Emma, who pretended she was there because she doesn’t want to see her good friend Pamela get hurt if John Ross strays. She offered Candace a job working for her father, which is when Candace said Harris had just fired her.

In Vegas, John Ross and Pamela got shot down by the son of the sheik, who informed them that his father felt disrespected: It took them this long to come to him because they tried to buy the arctic leases without him.

Christopher went into the parking garage and found Drew waiting for him. Not at all creepy, Drew! Drew said he would be willing to die if it would bring the babies back, but of course, it wouldn’t. Still, Christopher almost killed him when Drew grabbed his arm and he got flashbacks of the rig explosion, the fetal heart rate monitors, etc. Drew told him to finish it, but Christopher wants Drew to live with this pain, too.

Christopher went to see Heather, who cleaned up his cut hand and told him maybe the reason they’d found each other was so he can help her deal with Bo and she can give him a second chance at a family. Cue her kid Michael coming out in his jammies and asking Christopher to play with him.

Emma confronted her father about Candace, and though it pains me to say it, Harris was right when he said she should think more of herself than being John Ross’ piece on the side. When she insisted she and John Ross understand each other, Harris showed her the pictures of John Ross with two of his escorts — including the 16-year-old.

Back in Vegas, John Ross and Pamela used some fancy pair of coveted earrings to buy his way into the poker game. Christopher called the police and told them about Drew returning, and then Bo showed up at Heather’s wanting his wife back. He took a swing at Christopher and fell to the floor. Christopher said he’d take him home because Christopher is good guy Bobby’s son.

When Nicolas told Elena’s PI that Candace had been fired, he learned that the PI had sent Elena another lead. She finally showed him the video of John Ross and Emma, and he was giddy. But Elena said she wouldn’t show it to Pamela because it’s the kind of thing you don’t recover from — the man you love cheating with someone you thought was a friend. He told Elena they’d find another way… then he went out onto the deck and immediately phoned the PI and asked her to email the video to him. Dick.

NEXT: Burn, baby, burn

John Ross threw the poker game and lost his daddy’s watch in the process. It set him free to be his own man — and gave him a chance to make a humble apology to the sheik, which is what he was really after. Pamela was pissed, but you had a feeling he knew what he was doing.

The judge left the decision on Sue Ellen’s release up to the hospital, which told Bobby and Ann that Sue Ellen’s drinking problem is way more serious than she’d let on. They agreed to do whatever it took to get her out. And that, friends, is having her move in to Southfork where they can make sure she goes through detox. That’ll be fun. Because living among the people who made you drink is healthy!

Drew went through some of his things and found the deeds. Yawn. Emma headed back to Candace’s and got her to admit that John Ross hadn’t had sex with the 16-year-old, which is why Harris had needed her to get DNA on a dress. Wait, is that Emma’s new plan???

John Ross and Pamela arrived home to Southfork and met Bobby’s friend Cal, who’s ready to underwrite the IPO. Cue Sue Ellen’s entrance, which meant John Ross lost his supermajority. So either he accepted Cal is the man for the job, or they’d stay at a stalemate and miss the bid on the arctic leases. John Ross had to say yes, and Bobby told his old football buddy Cal that when John Ross inevitably comes after him, he should make him think he got him.

While Emma arrived home with the dress, Elena found Drew waiting for her. Now he wants the Ewings to pay for screwing over their father. I don’t understand why they can’t see that J.R. is to blame, not the good Ewings. He stormed off, a loose cannon.

John Ross got a call that someone was at the Southfork gate, and it was the sheik’s son telling him that his father had a change of heart when he saw John Ross be humble enough to admit he was wrong and brave enough to risk something he cares deeply about. That’s the J.R. in him. The son gave him back J.R.’s watch. I don’t think John Ross wanted it back. His father’s ghost won’t let him be.

Elena phoned Nicolas to tell him about Drew, and he said he’d handle it. He then sent Pamela the John Ross sex video. She was too busy having sex with John Ross to see it — yet.

Nicolas met up with John Ross’ “friend” Hunter McKay, who, it turns out, is setting up the shell corporations that will be used to buy the stock purchases that will give the Mexican ex-commandos Harris is in business with controlling interest in Ewing Global. They’ll use it to launder drug money. If the plan doesn’t succeed, they’ll kill Nicolas’ kids. That threat had him asking them for help finding Drew. How does Nicolas expect to be with Elena once he gets her bother killed?

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