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As Bobby and Ann rescued Sue Ellen, John Ross and Nicolas schemed for control of Ewing Global


S3 E7
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April 08, 2014 at 07:46 AM EDT

This hour was all about getting people into position for what looks like a barn-burner of a next episode. Is Southfork really going to go up in flames? While we wait to see…

We opened with Bobby and Ann trying to convince a doctor to release Sue Ellen from the sanitarium John Ross stuck her in. Yes, they know what damage being in one did to her years ago when J.R. put her away for her drinking. But they also want her out for the sake of Ewing Global. It was up to the judge, they were told. P.S. If Sue Ellen told you she only had ONE drink, Bobby and Ann, she lied.

John Ross finally fired his secretary, Candace, and he told Bum to look into her. No one has ever pursued him as hard as she had: “I’m cute, but I’m not that cute.” Ha. Off Bum went. And yet, he was not seen again.

Drew called Elena to tell her that he can’t sleep and he has to turn himself in. She said that wouldn’t bring Pamela and Christopher’s babies back and they’re both trying to move on, so he should just stay put. She told Nicolas that she probably talked Drew down from coming to Dallas, where he could ruin their plans, and Nicolas gave her a file that would put an end to Christopher asking her to play double agent.

Pamela came into John Ross’ office and revealed that he was tossing and turning all night, too. He seems to be somewhat genuinely torn up about his mother’s drinking, but bottom line, he can’t trust her. His new plan: He’s going to offer some sheik who J.R. had promised to go into business with a cut of the arctic leases in exchange for the capital to buy controlling interest in the Ewing Global IPO. The sheik was going to be in Vegas for a high stakes poker game that weekend. John Ross and Pamela headed there to close the deal.

Elena showed Christopher the file Nicolas gave her — a fake identity for him pre-1997. She said Nicolas had given her his name, Javier Hernandez, and she’d gotten the documents sent to her. She also said he changed his name so the parents who’d abandoned him wouldn’t come looking for money. Pretty solid cover story. Meanwhile, guess who just snuck across the border: Drew.

After we watched Harris tell Candace to give back the keys to her car and townhouse, as well as the dress, I thought she should just go to John Ross at that point and suggest he give her a thank you check for warning him about his enemy. She didn’t. Sue Ellen got a visit from Ann. Sue Ellen wondered if Pamela was strong enough to bear the news that John Ross was a cheater without turning into an alcoholic like her. Oh, I think she’s strong enough to make that boy pay.

NEXT: Emma finds out Candace’s game before Bum does

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