In the aftermath of the explosion, everyone fights (some for their lives)

By Mandi Bierly
Updated March 26, 2013 at 04:05 AM EDT
Zade Rosenthal

The interesting thing about this episode of Dallas is how gut-wrenching it was to see Pamela writhe in her bed as she and we were forced to watch her babies’ heart monitors flatline — just cruel — despite the fact that the twists leading up to the moment were, frankly, not exactly graceful. It’s life and death! Commercial. It’s totally going to be okay. And repeat. Did they have me thinking everything would work out fine somehow? Yes. But in the end, they also had me feeling like the show hadn’t truly earned that level of reaction from me.

We began with everyone coming to after the explosion. I’ll admit, my first thought was, “No, not the face!” spying John Ross’ abrasions. Things turned serious when he spotted Pamela with a steel beam and other debris on top of her. She had her hands on her pregnant belly, but they were no match for that. It almost made my stomach turn. But cue the music!

At the hospital, we learned that no one had died. Pamela was the most seriously injured, others just had smoke inhalation and broken bones. Bobby ran through the hospital looking for Ann, who had a concussion, and the good news: The tragedy had made him forgive her for not telling him about Emma and her kidnapping (which Ann apologized for again and blamed on her feeling ashamed and not wanting Bobby to hate her).

Emma was at the hospital to see Ann, but Harris ran into her first and told her that her grandmother had a fall and broke her leg. She was in surgery. “I miss you, Emma,” Harris said. “I know,” Emma answered. Ouch! That man will need stitches for that stab wound to the heart.

Drew and Elena’s mother arrived, and he was obviously upset seeing what his handiwork had caused. He said he needed air and drove off to find Harris’ muscle, who brilliantly blamed him for setting the bomb for the wrong time. The guy told Drew he needed to leave in the morning before he ended up in jail or worse.

The doctor finally updated Christopher and Pamela on her condition: She recommended terminating the pregnancy because Pamela had suffered an abdominal aortic aneurysm, which they needed to repair or she’d die, and where the fetuses sat made that difficult. The trauma had also resulted in a partial placental eruption, and at 20 weeks, there was only a 15 percent chance of her carrying the twins to viability. Because they’re not viable, she told them to save Pamela instead of risk losing all three. The doctor wanted Christopher’s permission incase Pamela became incapacitated. “You promise me, you promise me you won’t let them kill my babies. Promise me, no matter what,” she yelled.

It seemed hopeless… until we returned from the commercial break. Bobby told Christopher the chief of surgery suggested they do the repair by going through a vein, as they’d done with him, so the babies would be untouched. Elena said she had the state’s best neonatologist on his or her way in from Austin. Christopher was still inconsolable because the only reason for the explosion he could think of was that he’d rushed the test to get the transportation deal, and there was a carbon dioxide buildup that put the methane under too much pressure and it ignited. Bobby and Elena told him he’d never put people’s lives at risk like that and they’d find out that it wasn’t his fault.

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In Judith’s room, she instructed Harris to make sure she has her pain meds every three hours on the dot so she feels no discomfort. He apologized for how he’d treated her and she broke him down until he said he’d fallen for Ann because he was weak like his father. She said if he repairs the riff he’d caused between her and Emma, she’d give him a full pardon. He interrupted Emma’s inappropriate flirting with John Ross and asked her to see her grandmother, which she agreed to do.

John Ross finally got to see Pamela, who asked him if he thought this was karma for all the bad things she’s done. “Darlin’, if there were karma, I’d have been run over, shot, struck by lightning years ago,” he said. And she laughed. Oddly sweet. Bad things just happen, he said, and the doctors would figure a way out for her because she has nine lives. Enter her mother, Afton (Audrey Landers), who John Ross had called. She started lecturing right away.

A man from the Texas Environmental Safety and Hazards Administration found Christopher and told him preliminary results made it seem like his carbon dioxide theory was accurate. Bobbby kindly told the guy to get out. John Ross yelled at Christopher, feeling guilty for inviting Pamela to the rig. Afton overheard.

John Ross calmed down and started to tell John Ross this wasn’t what J.R. predicted. WHY DIDN’T HE THINK THEN THAT CLIFF AND HARRIS COULD HAVE SABOTAGED THE RIG, WHICH WOULD FALL UNDER WHAT HIS DADDY HAD SAID? Sue Ellen, to her credit, said Bobby was right — they all have to stick together — and she said she’d look up her old friend Ken Richards (Lee Majors), who’s one of the chairs of TESHA and see if she can get inside information on the investigation so they can start to manage it.

Because we needed to see a crazier family, we cut to Emma visiting with Judith, who told her she was afraid of Harris and that he’d tried to killed her. She promised to give Emma the company if she just took her back to London. Harris and the staff arrived in time to get her drugged and restrained. “She’s out to get you,” Emma said. Oh s—, Judith’s plan is gonna backfire and Harris will have Emma’s pity.

Harris got a call from Cliff, who apparently was still fine with his decision to have the bomb go off with his daughter onboard the rig. Everything is still a go. Meanwhile, Sue Ellen met Ken for a drink, and we found out J.R. had stolen Sue Ellen from him during her Miss Texas days. Sue Ellen was better at faux-flirting with Ken than she was with Gary, perhaps because she admitted exactly what she wanted business-wise (but claimed she’d been thinking about making a personal call for a while). He’s in.

A little layer, while Afton and John Ross were visiting with Pamela, the aneurysm started. They had to do surgery now. While her mother and John Ross wanted them to save Pamela and sacrifice the babies if necessary, Christopher kept his promise. While they waited for word on her, Bobby told Afton to retract her claws, and Emma tried again to get John Ross to sneak away for sex. He wouldn’t go, he wanted to know how Pamela was. HOW SWEET! Pamela and the babies had made it.

Emma drove Bobby and Pam home, and since Elena had mentioned what a good time Drew said he’d had with Emma, she paid him a booty call. I just can’t care about this relationship because it was out of nowhere. She could tell he was planning to leave and lying when he said it was just for a couple of days. She threw some of his words about kicking life’s ass back at him and then kissed him. Later, we’d see him wake up beside her and go see Harris’ guy and tell him he was staying: Drew said if he goes down, he’ll take that guy with him. PROBABLY NOT THE SMARTEST THING TO SAY, DREW!

In recovery, Pamela asked Christopher if the explosion was his fault, and lack of response was interpreted as a “yes.” Emma came back to the hospital and Harris told her that her grandmother was someplace healing where she couldn’t hurt either of them now. That is a scary family. You almost felt bad seeing Judith slur her words and being drugged more in the back of an ambulance to quiet her. Almost.

At Southfork, Bobby got a report delivered that said Christopher mother, Pam, had been in Abu Dhabi in 1989. There was no record of future travel and her passport expired. Ann was not pleased that Bobby is looking for her.

Ken gave Sue Ellen the scoop on the findings, which would not be made public for a while: There were sounds of two explosions. Think they they’ll find explosives. NOW, John Ross finally contemplated the notion that this was Cliff and Harris sabotaging them. Christopher couldn’t comprehend why he’d do that — Pamela was there, it hurts the company that Cliff know owns shares of. And there it was: He wants to devalue the company.

And then, we heard the announcement of the code blue. I want to erase that from my DVR immediately, it’s just too sad. Will this make Pamela someone we root for? Will she believe them when they say her dad did this? Your turn. Go!