Christopher and John Ross play dirty, but Harris' and Cliff's games could be deadly
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Dallas really needed to bring it this episode so those who feared the show wouldn’t be as juicy without J.R. would want to stick around. John Ross screwing the head of the DCT so Christopher could blackmail her and Cliff Barnes deciding to detonate a bomb on Christopher’s rig WHILE HIS PREGNANT DAUGHTER WAS ON IT should do it! Let’s start at the beginning.

“My father’s six feet under, and he’s still got us workin’ for him,” John Ross said to Christopher and Bobby, who were going over the documents that J.R. had left them. Those included a summary of financial reports for Barnes Global dating back to its inception by Cliff’s mother, who’d divided the company between her three children: Cliff, Pam, and Catherine. Catherine’s dead, so Pam could be a silent partner in Barnes Global and help them take Cliff down. That’s why J.R. was looking for her. Christopher vowed to find Pam if she’s still alive. John Ross, meanwhile, wants to find out why Harris Ryland’s trucks were in Mexico. Bobby said he has Carlos del Sol working on it. John Ross also wants to know what J.R.’s letter said to Bobby and what the gun is for. Bobby said only after they implement all of J.R.’s masterplan would he reveal it. Bobby and Christopher left for the will reading, and John Ross offered to lock the files up. Really, you’re gonna leave him alone with those? Okay, actually, he did put them away. He stayed behind in J.R.’s room to quietly reflect… until Emma came in and took off her top. Sex in J.R.’s bed? Lovely!

It wasn’t so much a quickie, as everyone gave John Ross the eye when he showed up late for the will reading at Ewing Energies. J.R. bequeathed his entire collection of boots to Bobby on the condition that he take better care of them than he does his own. To Gary, he left his prize bottle of Scotch. He’s an alcoholic, you’ll recall. To Christopher, he left his copy of The Prince by Machiavelli, because being smart and sneaky is an unbeatable combination. (That was actually nice, right?) To Ann, he left his favorite dove-hunting gun, “unless she is the reason you’re reading this will.” Ha! To Sue Ellen, he left his heart, because she’s the only woman he’s ever loved — along with half of his rights to the oil under Southfork. The other half went to John Ross, the best man J.R. ever knew. Ah.

But here’s the twist: Long ago, Miss Ellie had given orders that an envelope not be opened until after J.R.’s death. He’s not a rancher, so that’s why she gave Southfork to Bobby, the letter said. But not wanting to punish her grandson for his father’s sins, she instructed that half the deed to Southfork transfer to John Ross. That certainly shook things up!

As J.R. predicted, Cliff did try to team up with Harris. He visited him at his home and made a deal: In exchange for Harris’ muscle and friendship with the governor being used to help take the Ewings down, Cliff would give him enough money to buy Ryland Transport out from underneath his mother’s control. “I’m in,” Harris said.

Christopher was out to dinner with the head of the DCT, who wanted to polish off a bottle of wine and flirt. She said Barnes Global’s bid for the city fleet undercut his. She could get her colleagues to see his rig in action and prove the technology is viable. When Christopher said he needed more time to get everything up to speed, she asked what he could do for her and touched his hand. All he could do was get her press. She did not look happy. He had one week.

NEXT: Ewings unite!

Hearing that Barnes Global was making a play, Bobby decided to turn back on the oil at Southfork because they’ll need all the money they can get — and he needs John Ross on board. They have to stick together if they want to survive. They have to make Allison Jones see things their way again. And with J.R. dead, they have to find their own inner junkyard dog. John Ross had an idea.

Harris’ muscle found a guy to sabotage the Ewing rig. Harris also asked him to look after Emma, thinking Drew Ramos was a bit too quick to be her savior when Harris visited the ranch. We found out Drew doesn’t know he was driving truck for Harris, who’s trafficking stolen goods. Fun!

Speaking of Drew, he asked Bobby to let him buy his father’s land. Bobby said no, until Elena stepped in and promised she’d keep Drew on track so he didn’t suffer the same fate as their father. She’d take full responsibility for whatever happens. Sold! Only they never talked money. But hugs all around!

It was great to see Christopher and Bobby working together to send Pamela out the door from which she entered. She insisted she had no clue about Barnes Global trying to steal the DCT contract, but the cousins both know she’s a liar so they were tough to convince.

John Ross went to see Allison and told her that he wanted her to tell Christopher that methane will never get that contract. A lot of double entendre-filled track talk that made me giggle followed. John Ross said she’d make a great senator, even better than her husband, and that he has a lot of oil man friends willing to bank her campaign if she throws the DCT contract to the oil side of Ewing Energies. She was almost convinced. He offered to get her there. Boo! We cut away before that got good.

Back at Harris’ house, Judith tried to get an apology. “You will apologize to me, I promise you that,” she said. That frosted white suit was befitting the Ice Queen. Well done, wardrobe department!

Gary went to see Sue Ellen, who was getting teary-eyed over a picture of her and J.R. on her desk. He came to check on her drinking. She insisted it was just that one moment of weakness (that lasted the entire night before J.R.’s funeral). She told him she had been playing him to get the oil turned back on at Southfork, but now that Bobby has done that, she doesn’t need him. He took it well, thinking she’s just pushing him away because she doesn’t want to admit her drinking is a problem. She called Valene, Gary’s wife, and told her that he’s too proud to say he misses her. And oh look, she poured herself another drink and winked at J.R.’s picture.

John Ross was where, at a hotel with matching robes and a kickass balcony off the room? Or was that his place? Either way, Allison ran her hand across his butt. More of that, please! He said he was getting his wind back and had to double up his cardio. Actually, he was kissing her so Bum could photograph them from a neighboring building. Nice. Bum called Christopher and said that John Ross wanted him to tell him “welcome to the dark side.” Did Bobby sign off on that portion of the plan, too?

Pamela was waiting outside for John Ross when he got home. She told home that Allison flipped because Cliff promised to back her political career. John Ross assured her he was way ahead of her. But now he believes that she wasn’t in on that. He apologized if he was tough on her and sent her home to get her rest after inviting her to the rig demonstration.

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What is Emma’s deal? She invited herself on a date with Drew and his motorcycle. Does she want to screw everyone now? Why isn’t John Ross enough? Valene showed up at Southfork with daughter Lucy, and Gary was not happy to see her.

At the park, Emma told Drew about growing up in a giant glass bubble that she couldn’t escape and no one could enter. Harris’ guy saw them and reported back to Harris, who said to put Drew on the rig job. What’s happening?!

“Once a bitch, always a bitch,” Valene said to Sue Ellen when she confronted her at Ewing Energies. She said she’s not leaving Southfork until she shows Gary what a manipulative monster she is.

Harris’ muscle found Drew at a bar and told him “they” need him to put a remote detonated bomb on Christopher’s rig so the boss can make Ewing methane technology look bad. He said it’d go off on a shift change so no one gets hurt and that Ewing Energies is insured. Drew said no. So the guy threatened to kill Elena. He’s in.

Christopher dropped off the incriminating photos to Allison and told her to kill the Barnes Global deal and let the rig demonstration do the rest. We watched Drew making the bomb.

At home, Christopher “celebrated” with a drink and told Elena about what he’d just done: He saw it as making Allison keep her word; she saw it as blackmail and him turning into John Ross. He said he’s not going to apologize for winning. She told him she was going into business with her brother and wants no part of this. They still love each other in that way where they don’t actually like each other at the moment.

That night, we saw Drew sneaking out to the rig in a raft and hiding the bomb. Sue Ellen insisted to Gary that she was genuinely trying to get him back with Valene so he didn’t regret the moments he didn’t spend with her after she’s gone. (I almost believed her.)

This is when things got even better: Judith told Harris that she was leaving for London and the moment she lands, she’s going to freeze his assets and remove him as head of Ryland Transport. Do not have this conversation on the stairs, I thought. She told him he’s dead to her. She turned to leave, and he grabbed her. I don’t think he pushed her down the steps; I think in pulling herself away, she lost her balance and fell. He didn’t seem too quick to run to her aid though.

On the rig, Christopher’s presentation went well. Pamela said she never thought she’d see the day when John Ross and Christopher worked together. “Me neither,” they said simultaneously. Christopher now believed Pamela was on their side, too.

Harris’ guy was in his vehicle, watching all this courtesy of two cameras on the rig. He saw Pamela, looking very pregnant, and called Cliff. Cliff asked if they could wait until she left to blow the bomb. It looked like they were all going to leave together. Cliff said they needed witnesses, so they should just do it. The guy stated the obvious: “But sir, she’s pregnant.” Cliff just hung up. THAT IS HORRIBLE! (BUT GREAT TV!)

After Allison told Christopher the deal was his if the numbers check out, and the hugs started, the bomb was detonated. The cameras went dark. DAMN, DALLAS! Next week’s episode is going to look like a low-budget Grey’s Anatomy!

Your turn. What did you think of the episode?

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