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March 05, 2013 at 05:43 AM EST

TNT is promoting next week’s episode as J.R.’s funeral, but aren’t you hoping that the letter he sent Sue Ellen this hour says he was going to fake his death? Who deserves the honor of killing J.R. Ewing, really? If he’s really dead, I hope the letter says that he was going to Venezuela on his way back from Abu Dhabi to make sure no one would come after the Ewing family again to avenge Vicente’s death (and that he wanted Sue Ellen to know where he was in case he never returned). J.R. dying trying to protect the family — specifically John Ross, who Vicente had wanted to suffer — would be a noble exit.

(Update: If you just want to see J.R.’s final scene, watch it below.)

But let’s back up.

We opened with J.R. calling to check in with John Ross, who’d gotten tied up moving Sue Ellen into Elena’s office. John Ross told him they’d won, and that he would wait until J.R. was there to tell Bobby and Christopher that he was giving his father a corner office so J.R. could see their faces. J.R. was allegedly in Abu Dhabi closing some oil leases, but he said he had to take care of one thing before he came back. WHAT?

We got unnecessary slo-mo as John Ross and Sue Ellen, Christopher and Bobby, and Pamela walked to the boardroom. Christopher and Bobby made a bold play: They had Bobby and Gary yank the mineral rights so there would be no more drilling for oil on Southfork until Bobby and Christopher regained controlling interest of the company. Pamela said they’d bankrupt the company, and John Ross said they’d just find another way to make revenue — like selling off Christopher’s methane patent. So whoever Pamela sides with wins. John Ross was confident Pamela would side with him, because, you’ll recall, she told him she would. But Christopher took Pamela to the track to see Ricky Rudd drive their methane-fueled car. He told her how they’d sign a multi-million dollar deal with the city if their car won a race he was organizing to wow the City Council committee in charge of transportation contracts. He begged her to believe in him now.

Sue Ellen, meanwhile, told John Ross that J.R. said without the revenue from the oil, he won’t be able to close the deal in Abu Dhabi. John Ross still wasn’t worried about Pamela going against him. Instead, he went off to behave like a brat in front of his Uncle Gary, who’d come to Dallas to tell Bobby that he fell off the wagon a year ago and his wife left him and now he’s strapped for cash. He needs the profits from the oil, so he wants to know Bobby’s plan will work. Bobby offered to float him a loan. Christopher’s DCT contact had also dropped by the office to see Christopher, who promised her that the race would show the committee that methane was more efficient, reliable, and powerful.

Elena was not at the office. I guess she can’t even work at Ewing Energies now. She was running and didn’t want Drew to join her. But he did. Saving her from Vicente did get him off the hook for giving John Ross and Sue Ellen the ammunition to screw her out of her shares. He finally told her that he was driving those stolen goods so he could save enough money to do 3-D seismic testing on the land that their father died drilling. She said she’d talk to Christopher.

John Ross had gone to see Pamela, and she told him that she and her father agreed that Ewing Energies was stronger with both oil and methane. If he made her choose now, she’d side with Christopher, she said. She was on John Ross’ side until the boys decided to play chicken with the company — fair enough. John Ross told her when Christopher loses this race, her decision to side with him would be easy because without the DCT contract, Christopher has nothing. So from that moment, we knew John Ross would sabotage the car.

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