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February 26, 2013 at 04:45 AM EST

Before we get into this episode, tell me the promo for next week‘s episode touting “the end of J.R. Ewing” drove someone else to eat an entire sleeve of Girl Scout cookies with two glasses of milk. There may have been tears involved. Now I can’t tell if my stomach is upset because of the piece of my childhood that’s being taken away or because of the cookies. Probably both.

The reason I liked this hour — besides the ridiculous slow-mo shot of Christopher tossing the prototype at Vicente’s henchman — was because for a moment, you thought it was designed to bring the family closer. But then, twist, Sue Ellen is still going to take Elena’s shares and Bobby’s saying, “I never go looking for a fight, but when one finds me, I sure as hell finish it. And they are in for the fight of their lives.” So much for peace!

We started with Sue Ellen visiting Ann in jail before her sentencing hearing began to tell her not to give up on Emma forgiving her — or the jury not giving her the maximum sentence of 20 years. On her way out, Sue Ellen ran into Christopher and Elena and she fought with Elena over the lack of updates about the Henderson well. “I shouldn’t have to keep asking for something that’s mine,” Sue Ellen told John Ross. Ding, ding, ding! It’s the moment he’s been waiting for: Next time we saw them, he was telling her how Drew’s arrest for smuggling stolen goods would trigger the morality clause in her contract with Elena. She could seize her assets, including her shares of Ewing Energies. Sue Ellen knew John Ross had used her, but he played it well: He said he wants her to be his partner. She’s in.

After it was teased that Vicente was planning something for the next day when he was to be transported to the airport for his one-way flight back to Venezuela, we cut to Christopher and Rebecca’s mediation. She only wanted half of his stakes in Ewing Energies, if he wouldn’t fight her on custody. He offered her 7 percent, if she agrees to joint custody and an annulment after the deal is signed. Pamela settled for 10 percent and his other conditions. The annulment will go through after the babies are born.

J.R.’s only appearance in this episode was him with his female computer tutor, who made sure he had email and Apps including Angry Birds on his tablet. “Honey, I don’t need anymore angry birds,” he said. Ha. Bobby was in his home office on his computer when he got an IM from J.R.: Check your email already. “J.R., stop messaging me from your room. I’m trying to get some work done before I go to Ann’s sentencing!” Bobby yelled. “Then check your damn email. I’m trying to cheer you up!” J.R. had typed back. Bobby opened a video of a man and his dog. Bobby laughed. “It’s a dog playing basketball. Doesn’t that beat all!” J.R. typed. “Yeah, it’s great. Now leave me alone. And get a hobby!” Bobby yelled back. “;) That’s a wink. Get it?” J.R. wrote. Ah. I should’ve known what J.R. was up to, but I was too busy enjoying the idea of J.R. on YouTube. Bobby smiled. He didn’t guess it either.

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