John Ross plots against J.R., while Harris' mother proves she's just as evil
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Yet again, Larry Hagman’s smile made me tear up, and yet again, Judith Light’s creepy, venomous delivery gave me chills. Let’s dig in.

Harris’ mother found him bleeding out and called to Emma to phone 911, because apparently that house is so big, Emma didn’t hear the shot. Ann came home and told Bobby what she’d done. The police got to Southfork right away. “He’s not dead?” Ann asked. ANN! HELP ME HELP YOU. Bobby could tell Ann was about to confess, so he confessed instead. Bobby was arrested and taken away — but not before the cops let Bobby have a moment alone with Ann and Christopher. Really, cops? Bobby was in control, but you know that house is full of guns. He explained that Harris had hurt Ann enough, and if her daughter found out that Ann tried to kill Harris, Ann would never be able to repair that relationship. Yes, that secret is never going to come out. Please, Bobby.

Over at Pamela’s, she was freaking out about the police having found some of Tommy’s blood in her condo when Frank arrived. John Ross made his entrance stumbling through in his tank, boxers, and socks asking Frank (who he assumed was the butler) for orange juice and strawberry pancakes. John Ross does love his pancakes. Pamela reminded Frank it would be him answering to her father if this blows up in her face.

At the police station, Christopher heard that Bobby had confessed against his attorney’s wishes and that the detective still hadn’t questioned Pamela again. The more Christopher yells at that detective about it “obviously” being Pamela behind Tommy’s demise, the more guilty he makes himself sound, I thought. Frank, meanwhile, was digging up Tommy’s body. Frank should wear a white T-shirt and jeans more often! Lookin’ good, sir, even as he gagged from the stench of the corpse. He phoned J.R., whose eyebrows made a glorious first appearance. Bravo to the director and DP for that angle from behind, and to Frank’s cell carrier. He had a great signal to be able to call J.R. from Tommy’s graveside to tell him he has a deal — he’ll give him the body as long as it doesn’t come back to him. As a bonus, Frank threw in the information that John Ross is sleeping with Pamela.

Next, it was time for Bobby’s hearing, and bail was set at $1 million. I hope they make it so we don’t have to look at him in that orange jumpsuit, I thought. Harris’ mother was back to being her ice queen self, trash-talking with Ann about Bobby being less of a man than Harris and being the one who’ll rot in prison. J.R. heard the news and was appropriately solemn, but John Ross was elated when he heard about Bobby’s arrest. He asked if it’ll help get him out of Ewing Energies. “When the family’s in trouble, we don’t take advantage,” J.R. told him. J.R. was, however, really upset about John Ross not having learned his lesson about “cavorting” with crazy ladies. John Ross told J.R. he had a plan to get Pamela’s shares after the divorce, and J.R. told John Ross that he and Frank were working it so there’d be no divorce because they were going to take Pamela out of the picture. J.R. should never have let that slip. John Ross asked what they were planning, and J.R. asked if he had feelings for Pamela. John Ross said no, but the way he sped off phoning his mommy said different.

NEXT: “Be careful, because this could change everything”

Sue Ellen met him at his office, and John Ross asked her to put him in touch with Cliff. She thought it was something bad he was doing with J.R., but John Ross told her he was going around J.R. this time. Sue Ellen said he better be prepared to face his father’s full fury if he made this move, and John Ross said, “What I’m protecting is worth it.” Damn, Pamela must be great in bed, because that’s all John Ross knows about her. (Or did he mean the shares in Ewing Energies?) Sue Ellen gave him a speech about his decisions being his own and then handed him Cliff’s private number. “Be careful, because this could change everything,” she warned.

As we suspected, Drew figured out the foreman (John Ross had bought) had changed the drilling angle at the Henderson well. They weren’t going to clear the salt dome. Drew asked him to tell the crew to correct the angle, and when the foreman wouldn’t, Drew fired him. The foreman came to the office to see John Ross, but said he was there to see Elena when Christopher busted them together. Christopher was suspicious — and he really should be smart enough to piece two and two together since he knows Sue Ellen is currently pressuring Elena to strike oil. Also as we expected, John Ross called Clyde to dig up dirt on Drew so he can get him fired. Elena went to the site and assumed Drew had a chip on his shoulder from all the times a foreman fired him and was in the wrong, but after she actually looked at the angle on paper, she agreed with him. When Drew drove off, he was tailed. Later, Clyde saw him hop into a rig for some kind of shady transport job. I just don’t have it in me to care about Drew. Sorry.

Bobby did get out on bail, and then he did what we’d all want to do in that moment: Have a drink with J.R. Ewing. J.R. guessed that Bobby was covering for Ann, but he wouldn’t try to change his mind. “Try to talk Bobby Ewing out of what he believes is right? I got a better chance of winning the Good Samaritan award,” J.R. said. Bobby laughed, J.R. smiled, and I teared up. And that was even before J.R assured Bobby that he’d figure out a way to win the trial. “You will. And if things get sticky, just give me a wink,” J.R. said, “and I’ll pay a visit to the judge and tug a string or two. No baby brother of mine is going to spend his twilight years in jail.” Did they cut a little quickly because Patrick Duffy was about to tear up? It was such a sweet moment between Duffy and Hagman, I’d have liked to linger for a few seconds more.

John Ross met with Cliff and told him Frank was conspiring with J.R. against Pamela. Cliff didn’t want to believe him because of Frank’s 25 years with him and the unlikelihood that John Ross would risk his daddy’s wrath. But John Ross told him he’d be foolish not to check it out. Cliff would also be foolish not to investigate why John Ross is concerned with Pamela’s well being. That should come back and bite John Ross in the ass — that says they have a deal, too.

NEXT: “Get your rest, and when you wake, you will be king once more”

Christopher showed up at the bar to ask the foreman if John Ross had bribed him, but the foreman didn’t squeal. It was as Christopher was leaving that news broke on the TV of Tommy Sutter’s body being found. Cliff saw it. Pamela saw it. She phoned Frank, and when she couldn’t get him, she tried to reach her father.

At Southfork, Ann was back from her ride (and parenting pep talk from Sue Ellen), and Bobby was out for one. He wasn’t there to hear lawyer Lou’s great news: He has to remove himself from the case because Harris had filed a complaint against Bobby after Bobby threatened to rip his head off a few days earlier, which Lou had witnessed. That being the second altercation between Bobby and Harris, it was looking like Bobby wouldn’t be able to argue self-defense. Now, the prosecution would say it was premeditated and he could face up to 20 years in prison.

At the hospital, Harris’ mother was turning into a villain to rival J.R. Ewing. Judith Light is actually scaring me. “Get your strength, and I will make sure Bobby goes to jail, taken from Ann the way she took you from me so many years ago. Make her know what it’s like to look at the one you love in pain, and hurt. Get your rest, and when you wake, you will be king once more,” she said, close to Harris’ face and breathing tube. She kissed his forehead as a tear ran down her face.

John Ross showed up at Pamela’s place, but security wouldn’t let him go upstairs. He phoned her and told her that Frank and J.R. were working together because J.R. doesn’t want her to get any shares of Ewing Energies. She asked why he was helping her, and when he said to protect their deal, she told him she could handle it herself. So she wanted him to say it’s because he cares about her? He must be great in bed, too.

We watched the ballistics team at work as Pamela packed her suitcase with her passport. I was thinking this had to be a misdirect. As the detectives knocked on a door, she opened hers. Cliff was there. The detectives were at Frank’s, arresting him. Thank you, daddy. I guess he somehow put Frank’s prints on the gun. Now Frank was the one wearing prison orange. Cliff visited him and wanted to know why Frank betrayed him. Frank told him about Pamela treating him like a dog, and Cliff said he should have come to him and they’d have worked it out — that’s what families do. Crime families will abandon you but tell you that your family will be taken care of. Sorry, Frank. No more white T-shirt and jeans.

John Ross met the foreman at that bar that guy never seems to leave to give him his severance package. That’s decent of him. The foreman told him that Christopher is on to him. “Just ‘cause he’s a pussy doesn’t mean he ain’t smart,” John Ross said. But he’s not worried: “It’s good that he thinks he has a chance. That’ll make it hurt more when he loses.” Oh, John Ross, your threats have nothing on Harris’ mother.

I hate how everyone is surprised that Bobby is in for “quite the fight” in his trial WHEN HE CONFESSED. Christopher suggested Bobby tell the truth, since it has a way of coming out, and it would be horrible for them all to keep this secret from Emma. Christopher is the voice of reason on this show. After Lou showed up to tell them Harris was now awake and talking, Ann begged Bobby to let her take responsibility because she assumed Harris would out her. So they told Lou the truth, right as Harris told the police a lie — he said Bobby did it. Harris’ mother orchestrated that. Well done, mom. Man, I hope J.R. gets a scene with her in next week’s episode.

Lou also delivered the news that Frank had been arrested for Tommy’s murder, not Pamela. Christopher made it to the hearing where he heard Frank confess to killing both Tommy and Rebecca because they had threatened Pamela. Frank said he hoped that the family he disgraced would one day forgive him. As Christopher threw a fit saying Pamela was getting away with murder, Frank took a cyanide pill from inside his shirt and suffered a slow-motion death. I presume that’s what Cliff had meant when he pointed to that same spot on himself during their visit and told Frank he should do the honorable thing for him. Bye, Frank.

Your turn. What are your theories for how Bobby will stay out of prison? Is it possible Emma DID hear something?

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